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Laura Glaser

I run a small inn near Berlin with my husband. As a trained cook and mother of one son, my focus is on the kitchen and household sector. Since I've been with ExpertTesten.de I've been able to test a 3-digit number of household products and I'm happy to share my expertise with you.

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Laura Glaser

I run a small inn near Berlin with my husband. As a trained cook and mother of one son, my focus is on the kitchen and household sector. Since I've been with ExpertTesten.de I've been able to test a 3-digit number of household products and I'm happy to share my expertise with you.

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What is a stain remover and how does it work?

Make up for a mishap on your textiles - with one Stain remover! The removers available on the market are different in theirs Quality and mode of action. Recommended spot devils work immediately and can remove the mishap 100 percent. Due to the different effectiveness and success rate in removing stains and paint with the various stain removers, it is all the more important to choose the right product. We have therefore taken a closer look at the most successful products on the market.

The How the stain remover works is basically very simple: put the remover on the stain - let it take effect - rinse off. With many products, the only difference is the duration of application. Also the question “pre-treatment or not?” mostly depends on the product. In any case, it is best to treat the stains fresh and not to wait to remove the stain.

There are also countless products for removing stains from carpets:

Vanish Oxi Action is a tried and tested product that can also be used on carpets as a gel or powder. To multiply the effect on textiles, the stain can be pretreated with pre-wash power gel or pre-wash spray.

Another way to remove stains is with LimD’or Universal Orange Cleaner Concentrate. Together with a microfiber cloth, every stain comes out very easily with this product.

However, the treatment of the stain always depends on the material the fabric is made of.

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What types of stain removers are there?

There are many different types of spots. The stain removers are correspondingly diverse.

Especially red wine stains are stubbornthat should be treated as quickly as possible. A home remedy for this is lemon juice. Spread juice generously over the stain and cover it with salt. It is best to leave it on overnight. Then brush out the stain with a brush and wash out with mineral water. Just give it a try and compare the effect with a professional stain remover.

Professional stain removal usually works a little better. However, not everyone is in favor of it Medium biodegradable. The Vanish Oxi Action Gel, which is applied directly to the stain and can usually completely loosen the stain, is particularly popular.

Other types of stains are for example Ink stains, that too Treated with lemon can be. Next time, try to remove the mishap with the coffee on the tablecloth with baking soda! Not the fastest or most elegant solution - but at least a very ecological one. Rinse blood stains from your textiles with cold water. Lipstick stains remove with one alcohol and a cloth.

Next time, try your Deodorant traces on the shirts with citric acid to remove! The advantage of citric acid is that it is usually quickly available.

That's why a lot of people still do Stain remover in the cleaning cabinet to have. Even if the environmental thought is so prevalent: clean laundry is a must. In general, as far as the favorite pieces are concerned.

Three common pros and cons of stain removers

Home remedies are good in many cases. However, this will unfortunately not completely remove all stains from your laundry.

The How the stain remover works is different. The quick-acting stain removers are best. They are usually effective immediately. Home remedies are free from for this toxic ingredientsthat could have an impact on humans, animals and the environment.

One of the highly effective stain removers Vanish Oxy Action. It is highly effective, works quickly, and can be applied directly to almost all types of stains.

Bactador not only removes stains but also odors.

It is gentle on stains and the environment Universal organic stain removerr.

Dr. Beckmann Fleckenteufel
can also be effective quickly on certain stains. This agent is gentle on paint and fabric.

This is how the stain remover providers are tested

Among other things, we compared the general satisfaction of customers and checked the reliability of the agent.

Vanish Oxi Action got the best ratings. The satisfaction Using this stain removal product is really great. Only Bactador can keep up here. The stain remover received an equally good rating. The customers are very satisfied with the effect of Bactador.

Satisfaction with the Universal Bio Stain Remover is generally good.

Above average satisfied are customers also with the Dr. Beckmann Fleckenteufel.

Let's weigh it up. Overall, different customers have had different experiences with the same products. Your judgment is not always positive.

We recommend the products listed here as they are some of the best. In the first step we have the Evaluated customer reviews, checked the manufacturer's information and compared the product data. This creates a precise picture of the individual product, which we express in a note.

In the Comparison of the products Individual stain removers have certain strengths with which they can particularly score. Vanish Oxi Action in particular can collect many PlusPoints from buyers. The success rate when cleaning textiles is impressive. The Vanish Oxy Action stain remover is suitable for polyester and cotton laundry.

Brief information on the other three service providers / providers

The Sil stain remover rate customers as very good. It reliably removes stains from textiles.
Overclean organic enzyme cleaner is highly effective and receives an almost as good rating from customers as Sie stain remover. This magic cleaner reliably removes them all Types of stains from textiles.

Just as often found in German households: The Mellerud stain remover. This stain remover is also completely reliable. Impurities don't stand a chance.

Also the Nuth stain remover rate customers very positively. It can be used reliably for cleaning textiles. In comparison, these stain removers are absolutely reliable. The customers are really satisfied with his performance. Even feces, urine, blood and vomit are simply magically removed by the Nuth. This is how this rather unknown brand comes up with a clear test result.

The products are priced in the same category. Serious price differences does not exist here. In the practical test, the following are particularly useful:

  • Vanish Oxy Action
  • Bactador
  • Universal organic stain remover
  • Dr. Beckmann Fleckenteufel, Sil stain remover
  • Overclean organic enzyme cleaner
  • Mellerud stain remover
  • Nuth stain remover.

Which spot devil for what?

There are specialty stain removers that can be used specifically for particular types of stains.

Also very special ones Cleaning agents such as AEG Expert Touch stain removerUltrasonic, with the targeted directly with sound is cleaned. Ultrasonic cleaning is uncomplicated and quick and can be used at any time. In this way, the fabric can also be cleaned in depth as required. The stain removal is also very easy with ultrasound and all dirt particles can be removed in a targeted manner.

Havon Power, in turn, is used to remove Curry, red wine and fruit stains. The ArmorAll stain remover is used to remove stains in automotive upholstery. This stain remover comes on the market together with a brush and the stain remover. The agent is ideal for stubborn dirt and grease.

serves to remove grease, oil and protein stains. Havon RUSTEX is used to remove rust, deodorant and lime stains.

The Mellerud stain remover is for cleaning textile surfaces and carpets.

The Overclean organic stain remover can especially stain in Mattresses and remove upholstery.

The Nuth stain remover awayTar, butter, fat, resin, shoe polish, oil, turpentine and Smudges.

The Sil stain remover is intended for white and colored Textiles, also for wool and silk.

The Universal organic stain remover is suitable for Oil stains,Red wine stains, Tea stains, coffee stains, blood stains, chocolate stains, baby food stains, pencil stains, egg white stains, ink stains, sauce stains, and paint stains.

The Dr. Beckmann Fleckenteufel is suitable for Cooking oil stains, Sauce stains, ketchup stains, and chocolate stains.

can also be used for stubborn stains in Garments can be used.

Interesting facts & advice

It is important that the Stain remover can also be used properly. The fibers can quickly suffer from use, especially in the case of textiles. The procedure also differs among the stain removers.

The Vanish Oxy Action stain remover already cleans effectively at the first application. The stain remover is intended for pre-treatment - i.e. for soaking. This agent can be added as an additive to the main wash detergent. An additional use of active oxygen is possible. The stain can be removed even at low temperatures.

The Bactador stain remover is for Household, Animal environment and car thought. The universal organic stain remover - test winner at Amazon in 2019 - is applied in advance before the laundry is put in the washing machine.

With theDr. Beckmann Fleckenteufel Liquid, the stain must be properly moistened. This represents a preliminary negotiation before the wash cycle. Then wash the laundry as normal.

AtDr. Beckmann Fleckenteufel andVanish Oxy Action the liquid must be carefully applied to the garment. The ingredients are moderately aggressive, so be careful not to get the liquid in your eyes.
In which Stain remover Sil you have to spray the stained textile specifically for pretreatment before the wash cycle. Sprayed-in textile round10 mins let rest, only after that Textile wash normally.

With the Overclean organic enzyme cleaner all you have to do is spray the textile and wash it immediately.

The Mellerud stain remover can also eliminate odor. This remedy should be around5-10 minutes act. Ideally, clean beforehand with a cloth, then work on the stain with a sponge or a soft brush. In the next step the solved one pollution absorb with an absorbent cloth or paper. Repeat the process until the stain is gone.

The powerful oneNuth stain remover is not only used to remove fat and butter. It even creates tar, resin, shoe polish, oil, turpentine and smudges. Be particularly careful with this product: The Nuth stain remover is flammable and should only be used in well-ventilated rooms. Be economical with its use.

One step stain remover is particularly effective Tar, oil, chewing gum, wax, glue residue and cosmetic residue. This agent can be used for upholstery, vehicle seats and carpets.

The Trixie stain remover removes stains Upholstery and Carpets.

To Deep cleansing work best with a brush. Depending on which stains have formed, you use the special means to remove stains. Spray heads are another useful accessory.

A gentle removal of stains is especially importantOrganic stain removers possible.

The stronger stain removers can be used for stubborn stains. You can use the stain remover quickly and easily as required.

Lots Stain remover have their own strengths with certain types of stains and should carefully and gently can be used.

The AEG Expert Touch eIt is equally suitable for large and small stains of dirt. The AEG Expert Touch can also be used regardless of the type of dirt particles.


What should be considered when removing stains?

The stain must be worked on very gently so that the fabric is not damaged. It is better to treat the fabric gently and slowly remove the stain.

Which stain removers are particularly gentle on textiles?

In particular, organic stain removers, citric acid and oxygen treatment are particularly gentle and therefore particularly recommended.

Is the stain removal non-toxic?

The oxygen treatment and the organic and lemon products in particular are completely natural, effective and non-toxic. With these agents, the stain can be treated safely without special precautions having to be taken. Tip: Ultrasonic stain removal is also non-toxic.

How long does a stain treatment take?

All that is required is a treatment of several minutes with the usual remedies. With pre-treatment and regular washing, the treatment takes half an hour to an hour.

Are there also universal cleaners?

Yes, there are also universal cleaners that can be used on any stain. Most stain removers can be used for specific types of stains and cannot be used on every stain.

Which stain removers can also remove odor?

The Bactador stain remover and the Overclean Bio Enzyme Cleaner can also effectively remove odor.

Are there stain removers with natural ingredients?

Yes, organic stain removers are only available on the market with natural ingredients and are popular with all customers.

Which stain removers are particularly recommended?

Especially the highly effective stain removers that were listed here in the test can be recommended.

Which stain removers can be used on clothes?

The AEG Expert Touch ultrasonic stain removal, havon stain remover, Dr. Beckmann Fleckenteufel, Universal Bio Stain Remover, Vanish Oxi Action, Sil 1 and Overclean Bio Enzyme Cleaner can reliably clean clothes and textiles.

Which stain removers are suitable for upholstery and carpets?

The Trixie cleaner, One Step stain remover, Bactador stain remover and Mellerud stain remover can be used for upholstery and carpet cleaning.

Which stain removers are suitable for car textiles?

ArmorAll stain remover can be used on textiles in vehicles.

How quickly should a stain be removed?

It usually becomes more and more difficult to remove a stain the longer it is in the garment. Therefore, the stain should be removed as soon as possible.

Which stains appear more often?

Red wine, white coffee, goo, blood, grass, fruits, ballpoint pen, oil, sauce, chocolate, ketchup, tomato sauce, paint, ink, tea, ice cream, juice, rust, lubricant and cocoa.

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