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10 no-gos at breakfast

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Unhealthy breakfast - something to watch out for!

We now know that it is not a must to have breakfast in the morning. It neither boosts your metabolism, nor does it help you lose weight. But if you like breakfast in the morning, you should pay attention to theright Grab food.

Rich in vitamins, protein and fiber Food helps get the day off to a good start and provides the body with important nutrients.

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And although many people are aware of the importance of a healthy breakfast, they often turn to foods and drinks that are very high in sugar or fat. It is even worse for the body unhealthy breakfast to eat than not to eat breakfast at all.

EAT SMARTER will provide you with ten Food before making your breakfast special unhealthy and explains which alternatives you should use instead.

However, the same applies here: balance is everything! Of course, you can still consume these foods, it's just a matter of reaching for the healthy alternatives.

You can also find many delicious and healthy ideas for your daily breakfast here:

Healthy breakfast

It is not a must to have breakfast in the morning. But those who eat breakfast should make sure to eat healthy foods that are rich in vitamins, protein and fiber.

The 10 Most Unhealthy Foods for Breakfast:

1. Cereals

Cereals with milk are a popular breakfast, especially in the morning. Whether chocolate muesli, corn flakes or cinnamon chips, cereals are available in all flavors.

Usually, the packaging advertises with added vitamins and minerals and with the fact that the flakes or muesli are made from whole grain, in order to make them a supposedly healthy choice.

Unfortunately, most cereals are actually made from, and consist of up to, highly processed wheat flour 45 percent from sugar.

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This sugar content is particularly unhealthy for children, as a bowl in the morning often already covers half of their daily needs.

Instead of the processed mueslis and cornflakes, it is better to use oatmeal with yoghurt and fresh fruit. Also take a look at our other muesli recipes.

Processed mueslis often contain a high sugar content of up to 50 percent. Instead, use oatmeal with fresh fruit and yogurt.

2. Butter toast

Toast in the morning is just as frequently eaten as cereals. Even if this meal can be prepared very quickly and easily, there are a few reasons that speak against it:

Unfortunately, white bread is a real fattening food. The wheat flour is very well processed and contains almost no fiber or nutrients, but all the more carbohydrates. As a result, the blood sugar level is pushed up for a short time and then drops again rapidly. This only leads to a very brief feeling of satiety and it encourages food cravings.

Instead of the white toast, use wholemeal or spelled bread. These contain a lot of important fiber and minerals, keep you full longer and thus prevent food cravings (1).

White toast is made from heavily processed wheat flour. As a result, it contains hardly any fiber or nutrients, but a lot of carbohydrates. Better: whole grain or spelled bread.

3. Fruit juices

There are many variations of fruit juices, but unfortunately not all of them are healthy. Be careful with multivitamin juices, ACE drinks and fruit nectars. Often, in addition to the natural sugar in the fruit, there are also added sugars and flavors hidden in the beverages (2).

You should therefore prefer not-from-concentrate juices or freshly squeezed fruit juices and pay attention to the list of ingredients: the shorter it is, the better!

Our expert Anja Boerner, qualified ecotrophologist from Hamburg, explains whether juices are suitable for babies and toddlers:

"Water is the first choice. If it has to be juice for toddlers, then unsweetened juices, preferably as a spritzer. Babies need nothing other than (mother) milk or possibly water, but no juice and other bells and whistles offered by the industry."

You can find out how to recognize good fruit juice and what to look out for when buying it in our article: How healthy is juice?

Juice is not just juice: Sugar is often added to juices, which makes them very unhealthy. You should therefore buy not-from-concentrate juices or freshly squeezed fruit juices.

4. Pancakes

Whether classic as apple pancakes or American pancakes with maple syrup, pancakes are extremely versatile and easy to make. Unfortunately, the pancakes also contain a lot of carbohydrates and, depending on the topping, a lot of fat and sugar.

So don't make pancakes too regularly, as this will make your breakfast unhealthy. As a delicious highlight for Sunday brunch, they are still allowed, because here, too, the following applies: balance is everything!

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But if you feel like pancakes not only on Sundays, why not try our low-carb pancakes.

Pancakes are high in carbohydrates and, depending on the topping, also high in fat and sugar, which is why they should not be consumed too often.

5. Croissants

The classic from France simply tastes delicious, but with a calorie content of over 400 kilocalories per piece, it belongs in the confectionery department rather than on the breakfast board.

Not only the highly processed wheat flour, but also the very high fat content make croissants an unhealthy breakfast.

As an alternative, try ours Oatmeal scones out. These contain only half as many calories and only a quarter as much fat as a croissant.

Croissants hardly contain any fiber or nutrients, but they do contain a lot of fat. That makes them a very unhealthy breakfast.

6. Reduced fat fruit yogurt

Actually, when you think of reduced-fat yogurt, you don't think about the fact that it contributes to an unhealthy breakfast. Natural reduced fat yogurt is also a great alternative, only in the reduced fat fruit yoghurt stuck the calories. Because to make the yoghurt sweeter and full-bodied, a lot of sugar is often added.

As a result, reduced-fat fruit yogurt often contains up to 15 grams of sugar per 100 grams and thus contributes to an unhealthy breakfast. Normal reduced-fat yogurt, on the other hand, only contains five grams of sugar and is much better for breakfast.

So rather use normal reduced-fat yoghurt and cut fresh fruit into it. So you not only consume less sugar, but also a lot of vitamins.

In contrast to regular reduced-fat yogurt, reduced-fat fruit yogurt often contains three times as much sugar and is therefore not healthy.

Here you can find out how you can easily make yogurt yourself!

7. Granola bars

Packaging on, granola bar eat and you have already eaten your breakfast. In advertising, people often want us to believe that it is enough to eat a certain bar for breakfast to start the day with a lot of energy.

The truth is, however, different: Many granola bars contain a very large amount of sugar and therefore also of carbohydrates.

There are also various flavorings, emulsifiers and fat additives. A granola bar has an average of 125 kilocalories, which is roughly the same as a chocolate bar of the same size.

Instead of using the muesli bars you bought, you'd better bake some yourself. This is how you determine how much sugar you want to use and which ingredients go into your bars.

Store-bought muesli bars often contain a lot of sugar, flavorings, emulsifiers and fat additives. Instead, it's better to make your own bars.

Read in our article how you can make delicious and healthy muesli bars yourself.

8. Sausage

Especially with the heavily processed types such as meat sausage, liver sausage and tea sausage or mortadella, in addition to the high fat and salt content, there is also a lot of preservatives, flavor enhancers and colorings.

According to the recommendation of the DGE (German Society for Nutrition), a maximum of 300 to 600 grams of meat and sausage should be eaten per week so that sausage consumption does not have a negative impact on health.

It's not just the high fat and salt content of sausage that is a problem. Sausage and meat lead to an increased risk of cancer, which results from excessive consumption (3).

Make sure you eat less processed and less fatty sausages such as salmon ham or turkey breast for breakfast.

Heavily processed sausages in particular contain a lot of fat, salt and additives that are very unhealthy for our body.

9. Latte macchiato

With countless fully automatic coffee machines, nobody has to be a barista to conjure up a delicious latte macchiato or cappuccino in the morning.

Unfortunately, the sweet coffee specialties have a lot of calories and make breakfast quite unhealthy.

If you add caramel or vanilla syrup to the coffee, the drink will quickly reach 200-300 kilocalories.

Therefore, in the morning it is better to choose a normal coffee with a dash of low-fat milk. This means you have around 50 calories per cup and you can start your day relaxed.

We'll tell you how to order the right coffee in a coffee shop and which types of milk add the least amount to your calorie account.

Unfortunately, many delicious coffee specialties are real calorie bombs. In the morning, choose a black coffee with just a dash of milk.

10. Nut nougat cream

It should be clear to everyone by now that nut nougat cream is not one of the healthy foods due to its high sugar content. Two slices of bread are already spread with the chocolate cream and an adult has already consumed the amount of sugar recommended by the DGE in the morning for a whole day.

In addition to the high amount of sugar, nut nougat creams also contain a lot of fat in the form of palm oil. The relatively high content of saturated fatty acids in palm oil can lead to a deterioration in blood lipid levels. This increases the risk of vascular calcification and diabetes.

A bread with nut nougat cream is perfectly fine. In everyday life, however, it is better to use homemade ones jam. This contains hardly any fat and no preservatives.

Nut nougat cream has a very high sugar and fat content. As a sweet spread, it is better to use delicious homemade jams.

This is how you can easily make jam yourself!

We have summarized all information for you in this video:

Knowledge to take away

In order to avoid having an unhealthy breakfast in front of you, you should avoid high-sugar cereals such as cornflakes and chocolate mueslis and avoid store-bought muesli bars. Often there is a lot of sugar in all of them.

Products made from heavily processed wheat flour such as toast, pancakes and croissants are also not suitable for a healthy daily breakfast.

Pay attention to the cold cuts on the fat and sugar content. Heavily processed sausages contain a lot of fat, salt and additives that are very unhealthy for our bodies. Those who prefer to eat sweet in the morning should avoid nut nougat cream and prefer to eat homemade jam instead.

Both drinks you should also be careful. Sugar is often added to ACE and multivitamin juices, which makes the juices very unhealthy. Make sure you buy not-from-concentrate juices and freshly squeezed fruit juices.

Many delicious coffee specialties are also real calorie bombs. In the morning, choose a black coffee with a splash of milk, which will keep you awake and not hit the calorie account.

In contrast to normal reduced-fat yoghurt, reduced-fat fruit yoghurt often contains three times as much sugar and is therefore too unhealthy for breakfast despite its low fat content.