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List of recurring characters and sketches of the Bubble gear - List of Bubble gear recurring characters and sketches

segment Years broadcast description 4 oras 2004–07 A parody of the GMA Network's prime time newscast, 24 oras . Michael V plays Michael Ricketts (parody by Mike Enriquez), Ruffa Mae Quinto as Bel Tiongco (parody by Mel Tiangco) and Ogie Alcasid as Papaya Guano (parody by Pia Guanio). In 2006, Mike played Enriquez from 24 oras Guest in a sketch with Ricketts & Bahay Mo Bato? Character Mang Enriquez. Ang Dating Doon 1998–2002, 2007, 2011–2017 A parody of a popular religious program Ang Dating Daan that interprets fairy tales and children's literature instead of religious scriptures. The sketch was moderated by Isko Salvador as Brod Pete, Cesar Cosme as Bro. Willy and Chito Franscisco as Bro. Jocel. In the 2007 version the sketch was called "Doon Dati" or "Du'n Dati", with Ara Mina as Kapatid na Rosa, Wendell Ramos as Kapatid na Mel, Ogie Alcasid as Kapatid na Toto and Michael V as Kapatid na Auring as hosts. "Du'n Dati" is a parody of Iglesia Ni Cristos "Ang Mga Nagsi-alis sa Samahang Ang Dating Daan". There is a running gag that Kapatid na Auring takes along every time "wala" answered, if she is asked by Kapatid na Toto if there are any additional comments on the topic under discussion. (see below)

As of 2011, the sketch was renamed "Ang Bagong Dating Doon" (later "Ang Bagong Dating Doon International") and focuses on questions or opinions of others Bubble gang Performers (and later "foreign" guests) and social media websites, which are answered by the hosts with song lyrics and interpreted in a more humorous way by Brod Pete. The sketch includes new technologies using Macbook laptops and iPads as reference material. She is shown for reference using Facebook and sometimes plays games, especially Temple Run.

Ang Bagong "Diks" 2004–07 Contains portmanteaus of English and Tagalog words that apply to everyday Filipino culture. Ay witness 2010 A parody of a late night public affairs program I-witness . Baklantica 2006 Parody of Atlantica by GMA Network. Bakokang 2006–07 A parody of Bakekang by GMA Network. Betty La Kea 2002–03 Parody of the telenovela Betty La Fea . Buwang Jini 2007 A parody of KBS drama Hwang Jin-Yi Sinus Sinta Kita (formerly Box Office Okray (BOO) ) 2002 A sketch that was shown during or after the Metro Manila Film Festival and in which all film entries for this year are criticized. Captain Gargle 2006 Parody of Captain Barbell by GMA Network. It shows Michael Ricketts, a parody of Mike Enriquez. Channel B. A parody of the 24-hour music station Channel V. Commercial parodies 1996 - today Commercial advertisement parody. Michael V. and Ogie Alcasid are the most viewed characters in the commercial spoofs. Diego Llorico is also moderately visible. Di Ba ate with the mare in Panget 1999 Parody of the network's debate show, Debate with Mare at Pare . The hosts are Diego Llorico and Mykah. D moon new 2009 Parody of Twilights continuation New moon with Ogie Alcasid as Eduardo (parody of Edward Cullen), Rufa Mae Quinto as Mella (parody of Bella Swan), Antonio Aquitania as Jacol (parody of Jacob Black) and Michael V as Daniel, Mella's new love interest that later emerged as married Womanizer turns out. Therefore his wife calls him Demonyo (demon / devil). Hence the title. Appeared only once and aired exactly one week before Christmas. Faxmimar de Amor ' 1996 Parody of the Mexican telenovela Marimar. GNA Splash Report 2002–05 Parody of GMA Network's hourly news update, GMA Flash Report . Before and after the segment, they will splash water on presenter Ivan Submarina, a parody by GMA news anchor Ivan Mayrina. Hayop Man ay Tao Rin 1998–04; 2015; 2020 A debate about two animals in the Chinese zodiac (especially the Chinese New Year) whether it is the year of the goat or the year of the sheep (reincarnation 2015). The sketch made a brief return in 2020 with the appearance of the bat, which references the rumors of the origins of the coronavirus pandemic. Di Ako Bading 2011 A three-part sketch showing a man portrayed by Michael V who is easily upset about people who treat him as gay. Towards the end of each episode, he is held back by his best friend, portrayed by Wendell Ramos. Hello men trio 2006 An acoustic duo consisting of Ogie Alcasid and Boy2 Quizon. Their songs are made up of poorly written lyrics either composed or broadcast by viewers across the country. Horrorscope 1998-2004 Michael V acts as Madam Rocha, a clairvoyant who tells horoscopes, but with a ridiculous twist. She has two white crystal balls in front of her instead of one and only stops making hand movements (like a real crystal ball) when "she" sees the viewer "face to face". Iskulto finish 1998-2000 Ogie Alcasid acts as Prof. Ben in Schwarz, who teaches bizarre word patterns. Itsura Mo! 2005–06 A sketch showing facial expressions in different situations. Iyo tube 2007 A parody of the video upload website YouTube. The sketch contains various videos uploaded by certain people who all wear tube tops. Five videos are played regularly: (1) Francine Prieto and Maureen Larrazabal play two large breasted women who flaunt their beauty and hype themselves as perfect and unreachable; (2) Wendell Ramos and Antonio Aquitania make political comments in tube tops, in which they raise or lower their tops when they say "Upload" or "Download". (3) Ogie Alcasid plays "Jun Tukmol," a political activist; (4) Diana Zubiri and Michael V make various comments, but as a couple with an unkempt appearance; and (5) Francine and Maureen flaunt their self-beauty. Later replaced by Moymoy Palaboy's lip-sync music videos. In 2011, IyoTube began faking the Talking Twin Babies video, with Ogie Alcasid & Michael V. playing as twin babies. Jowa in the palace 2005–06 Parody of the koreanovela Jewel in the palace . The story revolves around Jang Kyu, Lady Han Dyob, Lady Pacho Choi, King Gung Gong and other parodies of Dae Jang Geum. Kamandog 2007–08 A parody of Kamandag by GMA Telebabad . Rich children 2010 A sketch with four rich boys portrayed by Michael V., Ogie Alcasid, Boy2 Quizon and Dennis Trillo discussing and complaining about people who care for the poor and ignore the rich.

Running Gag: At the end of each episode, they protest along with their rich friends by saying, "Let's do baka, don't be takot". This is a rich version as well as the parody of the protest scream Makibaka, huwag matakot!

Kung Mabawi Man ang Ulam 2007 A parody of Sine Novela is presented Kung Mahawi Man Ang Ulap, the was previously broadcast on the GMA Network (only appeared once). Sinasampal day care center 2007 A parody of Sine Novela is presented Sinasamba Kita that previously broadcast on the GMA Network. (It featured two of the show's cast, (guest) Valerie Concepcion and (regular) Wendell Ramos) (appeared only once). Starts when Diego finds his eyeball partner played by Wendell Ramos but he spots Valerie and hugs her while hitting Diego while mentioning Valerie 'sinasamba kita' while saying Diego 'sinasampal kita'. Kunsensya 2007 Michael V. plays the conscience of characters that lead to different circumstances. This sketch shows Michael V's ability to impersonate his colleagues. So far, Antonio Aquitania, Diego Llorico, Mykah, Ruffa Mae Quinto, Keempee De Leon and Ogie Alcasid have been parodied in this sketch. Ang Huling El Video 2008 A short sketch whose title is a parody of the Eraserheads song Ang Huling El Bimbo is in a man is involved, portrayed by Michael V., who is making a suicide video that leads to an error because the battery of his camera is empty and, due to the interruptions during the video, even though he managed to commit suicide. Litos night of music 1998–04 Lito (Michael V.) plays classic world songs with Ogie Alcasid on the piano. The title is a parody of a defunct GMA music show "A Little Night of Music". Marilawin 2004–05 A fake combination of Marinara and Mulavin , both defunct Telefantasia series from GMA Network. It's about a gay half mermaid, half mulawin named Marilawin, who is the son of a mermaid and a mulawin. He has his human form in which he has a male torso and a female lower body, so he has always been seen dancing with his hips (due to the fact that the woman's movements were gentler and more graceful than a man's, and that his lower body came from a woman). Maika 2007 A parody of Majika (only published once). MEV (Miyusik English Versiyon) 1997–00 Michael V's parody of the popular Tagalog song has been translated verbatim into English. The songs were later called into an album in 2006 Bubble G. Anthology compiled . Mga Tenga Ni Panghelita 2007 Parody of the Primetime GMA Network Tele series Mga Mata ni Anghelita . Which shows that Panghelita (Michael V.) is deaf and dumb. However, she can speak but not hear. MTB (Miyusik Tagalog Bersiyon) 1997–00 Michael V's parody of popular English music videos translated literally and often humorously to Tagalog. The songs were later called into an album in 2006 Bubble Ganthology compiled . Muchas Grasas 2003–05, 2007 This sketch is about Taong Grasa's family, where they were a "high class" family by speaking in English and they proved that the rich people are "low class" and (in contrast) dirty. OPM parodies 2005 Music video parodies of well-known Filipino artists and bands. The lyrics are usually composed by Michael V.

Some notable parodies are:

  • Mamaw by Kayo Kasi Eh! ( Narda from Kamikazee) from Darna. With Diego Llorico and an ugly man who makes progress with others.
  • Ulam from Douche ( Ulan by Cueshe). With leftovers.
  • Di Na Magigisa from "'Regine' (ang bilas ko)" ( Di Ka Nag-iisa by Regine Velasquez) Darna . Features for cooking in the Guisa style.
  • Chaka Nya by 'Churang Cuneta ( Sa Kanya by Sharon Cuneta) by Attic Cat. Properties Diego Llorico.
  • Wag na wag by Kitchie Na Day ( Wag na Wag Mong Sasabihin by Kitchie Nadal) from ABS-CBN's hit acquired the K-Drama program Lovers in Paris . Places in a bar. Kitchie's fans ended up beating her up. Highlighted a keychain-sized doll as a mock advertisement.
  • Isaw Nga by Shout Boarders ( Ikaw Nga from South Border) from Mulawin. Puts in a grill stand, eats isaw, roasted chicken intestines.
  • Don Don by Shame Rock ( Hold on by Shamrock) from Jumong. Properties Diego Llorico.
  • Mai BO Na Ako by Shame Rock ( Nandito Lang Ako by Shamrock) by Captain Barbell. Talks about a person / superhero named Captain Gargle who has body odor.
  • Mas thong 'ko Sa'yo by Rey Bolero ( Pangako Sa'yo by Rey Valera) from ABS-CBN's drama of the same title of the song. Regrets after getting married. Properties Diego Llorico. In an anniversary concert, Rey Valera sang this song together with Rey Bolero.
  • Kung Kailangan Mo Bato (?) By Rey Bolero ( Kung Sa sandal Kailangan Mo Ako , also by Rey Valera). It is about a drug user who felt regret about using drugs that nearly destroyed his life. Rey Valera sang this song in an anniversary concert, but beats Rey Bolero with his guitar because he intervened.
  • Hala pack-up by Eraseyourheads ( Alapaap by Eraserheads). It is about a real-life incident during an Eraserheads reunion concert, at which some former members never performed during that time.
  • Takubets by Eh Gago ( Tara Let's from Imago). Talks about finding an unoccupied toilet room while feeling empty in the middle of the area.

Most of them are in Michael Vs latest album Michael V .: The Bubble G. Anthology included .

Ortigas versus Mendiola 1995–00 Pambansang Panggulo 2004 A recurring sketch focused on Ongpong Dela Cruz's campaign for the 2004 Philippine presidential election. Paningite 2007 Francine Prieto explains derivatives of Tagalog and English words. Pinkantadia and Eateria 2004–05 Parody of Encantadia and Etheria by GMA Network. Pinoy Gago and Pinoy Jenyo 2010 A parody of Pinoy Henyo, Eat Bulaga's most popular segment of games. RAMPAGE: Gulat ni Bel Tiongco 2000–04 Parody of the defunct newscast from GMA Network, Title page: Ulat ni Mel Tiangco , Ruffa Mae Quinto plays Bel Tiongco (parody of Mel Tiangco) saying "Bel Tiongco po, nag-gugulat". One of his 2003 logos has a design similar to Frontpage in that it was used from 2002 to 2003. Remember who 1998–05 Moderated by Evilyn Magpayo (Abs Ebs for short). Based on ABS-CBN's Maalaala Mo Kaya and GMA Magpakailanman . It was made by the sketch Tita replaces Herminigilda . Super Masa 1998–2000 A superhero loosely based on former President Joseph Estrada. His strength comes from a bread that he made. Masa is a Filipino word for Dimensions , a large number or amount or extent. The word was used in his 1998 presidential campaign (Erap para sa Masa) . The word also means to knead when used as a noun. Tips ahoy! 1998 Ogie Alcasid moderates this segment and shows his viewers how to deal with different situations, from everyday to important, e.g. B. Delaying Work and Preventing Electric Shock While Showering. Yabang o Panget 2002–06 Parody of Eat Bulaga's late gaming segment Laban o Bawi . Ogie Alcasid hosted the sketch, but in the end nobody wins the question. Starsborn 2003 Parody of the GMA talent show StarStruck . There is a running gag where nobody is eliminated during the sketch and instead new entrants have been added to the competition. Hence the slogan: Dream, Believe, Multiply, which is a parody of the actual show's slogan: Dream, Believe, Survive . The sketch only aired during the original counterpart's first season. The sketch a pun on the phrase "A star is born" Okrah 2006 A parody of Oprah . Idakdak Mon 2007 Parody of Eat Bulagas Game segment Itaktak Mon. (only published once). Travel Ko Lang! 2005–08 A parody of Wish Ko Lang . Sincerely, Junee Lee 2002–04 An interview segment by Junee Lee (a fictional character from Michael V). The segment launched a talk show entitled Celebrity turns with Junee and Lani . Pulis Pang-Kalokohan 2007 Parody of Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan . This sketch is about the two cops who are planning to arrest someone with funny jokes. Lavandera in the palace: Pulis Pangkalooban 2008 Combined parody of Zaido: Pulis Pangkalawakan , La Vendetta , Jewel in the palace and Jumong . Copy princess 2008 Parody of GMA Network's K-Drama program, Coffee Prince . Set at a Xerox Copy Center. Bad factor 2008 Shows parody of American reality Fear factor, in which the characters from the Muchas Grasas- Segment originate. (Only published once) Ang spoiled 2008–2009 A brutal little Angelina (Ogie Alcasid) who is so brutal and directs various orders to her nanny (Michael V.). Her orders always bring her nanny to the worst. Angelina's notable quotes are " Yaya you are such a loser! "," Big Deal "and" Whatever "in which she has her own finger gestures (i.e. that L. ; Y , which resembles the peace sign, and W- Finger gestures, what each Loser , Yaya and Whatever means ). Sketches show Angelina and her Yaya in many places, such as the mall, school, and elsewhere, but most of the sketches show them both in Angelina's house, especially her room. Angelina's character was created by Angelica Pickles from the Nickelodeon TV series Rugrats while the Yaya was inspired by The Nanny. Yaya's name is revealed as ChaCha Lucero in the movie "Yaya & Angelina: The Spoiled Brat Movie". Moymoy Palaboy (second Iyo tube) 2008 - today Moymoy Palaboy is a duo doing a webcam performance "singing" local and international hits with their lipsynch acts. The duo were spotted on YouTube where they uploaded their webcam videos of Filipino and overseas songs with lipsynch acts. Sumbong Sumbong Kay Bonggang Bongbong (Mas Pinabongga) 2008-2013; 2016 - today A fake reality investigation program created by Bongbong, a gay parody by Ben Tulfo, producer, director and host of Bitag , as well as his brothers Mon, Raffy and Erwin Tulfo. It focuses on everyday mannerisms of society like multiple people pressing the elevator button, talking on the phone on the escalator, Balikbayans speaking in exaggerated American English while only being away for weeks, etc. In the end, it will be them by you Hammer hit. Although the segment is a parody Bitag and its sister program Bitag Live! It is also a parody of other Tulfo Brothers programs, such as Isumbong Mo Kay Tulfo , Wanted and Mission X (now Tutok Tulfo). Bongbong was derived from Bongbong Marcos. It was by T3 Nyo succeeded ! another Tulfo parody. It will be revived in 2016. Gagambala 2008 A parody of GMAs Primetime drama Gagambino and Spider-Man. This skit is about a heroic "villain" named Gagambala who tries to distract people or to go mischievous ways with his own tambourine.
Notable quote: "Ako si Gagambala at gagambalahin ko kayo." (lit. "I am Gagambala and I will disturb you.") Chikadora D'Exploiter 2008 A parody of Dora the explorer . Portrayed by Michael V as Chikadora (parody of Dora Marquez) and Diego Llorico. Tsimoy Records 2008 A parody of Pinoy Records . Tulis! Tulis! 2008 A parody of the TV5 show Pulis! Pulis! . My husband is a woman 2008 A parody of the Korean drama My Husband's Woman , which was shown on the GMA Network in 2008. (Shown only once) Carton Karpers 2008 A sketch of normal people lives in a house made of cardboard boxes and personalities who wear cardboard boxes as clothing. Kwarta o carton 2008 A parody of the previous game show Family Kwarta o Kahon . (Shown only once) Family few 2008 A parody of the game show Family Feud . (Shown only once) Tio Petto and Panopio 2009 A parody of Mister Geppetto and Pinocchio. 7 episodes were shown until July 10, 2009. Dingga 2010 A parody of Darna starring Michael V as Ading, a lame man who turns him into a gay superhero named Dingga whenever he ate a magical chewing gum. The enemies featured in this parody were also inspired by Darna's early enemies and the character from Dark Horse Comics, including Baklang Impakta, a parody of Babaeng Impakta, and Hellgay, the parody of Hellboy. Misspellings Gee 2010 A parody of a spelling game show (spelling bee) where the host gives an English word and pronounces it incorrectly and 2 students misspell the given words. Haka Haka (Bukakabukaka) 2010 A parody of the science television program Mythbusters from Discovery Channel. Starring Michael V. as Jamie Hyneman and Ogie Alcasid as Adam Savage. They test the validity of various superstitious beliefs held by Filipinos. Don't bother me 2010 Parody of Showbiz Central doesn't lie to me. It is moderated by Michael V. as Sweat (parody of John "Sweet" Lapus). On February 3, 2012 there is another parody called Don't Die To Me where the guest is tortured instead of a polygraph to admit the rumors about him / her. Father and Sam 2010 Parody of ABS-CBN's hit primetime religious drama, May Bukas Pa . Queen Sang joke 2010 Parody of GMA Koreanovela, Queen Seon Deok . CheChe Bureche 2010–2012 A comic sketch with Ogie Alcasid as Art Cheche (nickname "Che") and Michael V. as the mean Bureche (nickname "Bure"). Cheche and Bureche were twin sisters who lived with their father (played by Antonio Aquitania). Whenever her father goes to work, Bureche usually terrorizes Cheche with her hideous antics, but usually falls victim to her own schemes. In a running gag she shouts "Argh!". Wendell Ramos plays her love interest, a boy next door with a Justin Bieber-inspired hairstyle. TLC (Tender Loving Championship) 2010 Parody of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and the slogan is "Ditto Sa TLC, Walang Sakitan at Puro Sarap" (here at TLC, no pain, but pure relaxation.) Instead of wrestling, they gave each other massages. Bubble gang fliptop 2010 With the Filipino rappers from Flip top , the first Filipino Rap Battle League to be involved in rap battles with the cast. It only has three episodes. Pinoy Gago 2010 Parody of Eat Bulaga's gaming segment Pinoy Henyo . After watching a game show, a man (Michael V.) decided to practice with a mirror and confetti, but failed after the timer stopped. Balitang news 2011–2012 An interdialectic parody newscast used in Tagalog and then English. Eleuterio Ignacio (played by Ogie Alcasid), wearing a Barong Tagalog, speaks in Tagalog, while Electronic Ignition (played by Michael V), wearing a suit, speaks English. These two personalities are (literally) the same in translation, including their names. Both also wear black pants and glasses. During the 16th anniversary of Bubble Gang, GMA anchors Mike Enriquez & Arnold Clavio were guests as the show anchors of the sketch. The Balitang News logo is similar to that of GMA News TV, but the font was Arial Black. Collection lines 2011–2013 A reboot of Fliptop which, instead of a rap fight, is a verbal fight using romantic puns commonly known to Filipinos as "pickup lines". Since this is from the fliptop sketches, the characters are still wearing hip-hop clothing. The Pickup Line Battle consists of a preliminary round in which two participants try to name the presenter Neneng Bakit or simply Neneng B., played by Sam Pinto, impress with their pickup lines. The winner of the game is determined by the impact of the crowd and kicks off the "undefeated" pickup called the Liner Boy pickup on played by Ogie Alcasid. In the end, Boy Pickup, who sometimes shows its Zippo trademark more easily, remains unbeaten, despite the fact that its pickup lines are so deep that only a few can understand its true meaning. He is named by one of the viewers Boy backup (played by Eri Neeman, who is also the show's writer), giving Boy Pickup enough leverage over the audience to win the fight. Michael V. plays meanwhile the role of MC bits , the moderator of the sketch. Other characters are Bagwis (Dennis Trillo), Pushback (Boy-2 Quizon), Dahon [Antonio Aquitania, who always pick up leaves, hence the name. He's the mortal competitor of Boy Pickup and has one too Substitute called Kasuy (Baba-Gee), Sukli (Moymoy Obeso, who always brings coins, hence the name "change") and Bagoong (Roadfill Obeso) never wins a single pickup fight, hence the name, which refers to the word "Balagoong" and means always to lose. Bisugo (Betong Sumaya), who later became a regular guest, is one of the guest pickers. Boy Chicha (Chris Tiu), Reynang B (Regine Velasquez), who promoted their concert with Alcasid named Mr. and Mrs. A, and Pusoy (Paulo Avelino, who later switched to ABS-CBN). Court Ko Lang! 2011 Another parody of GMA Network's nonprofit program, Wish Ko Lang . Dan and Serye 2011 Parody of the time of my life by GMA Network, in which Michael V & Ogie Alcasid played as Dan & Serye. Boxing trainer / Ang boxing trainer 2009 A two-part boxing sketch with Michael V as Johnny Santos and Ogie Alcasid as Benjo. In the first episode, Johnny was training for an amateur game at the Wildbox Boxing Gym (an obvious parody of the Wild Card Boxing Club, a Hollywood boxing gym run by Manny Pacquiao's head coach Freddie Roach) until he met Benjo, his backup coach, after finding out that the boxer's trainer has the flu. During training, he says a few words that Johnny cannot understand, such as "himu jaba" which is actually one of the boxing combination moves. Towards the end of practice, Johnny was upset when his trainer said a lot of gibberish and beat up Benjo, which Johnny interpreted as an order from the trainer.

In the second part, Ang Boxing Coach, the amateur game between Johnny Santos and Ricky Marcelo (Dennis Trillo) begins. Before the start of the game, Benjo came and shared the bad news that Johnny's trainer had H1N1 (interpreted as "Hini" by Benjo) and was hospitalized. Benjo replaced again, but Johnny disagreed because of his misunderstood words. Benjo said to forget and make up, focus on the game and listen to every move he says. Johnny was doing pretty well until the trainer said "himu jaba", one of the words Johnny can't understand (the other two words were "himo dede boobi" and "katumachiku jumama poompoom") which causes the Boxer holds back and knocks out from his opponent until he lost after the third knockout. After the fight, Ricky thanked Benjo for his "professional" coaching because of his "simple" words that Johnny cannot understand. In fact, he was telling Johnny one of the true meanings of the "movements" (ie Katumachiku Jumana Poompoom, which means jab, straight, hook, uppercut).

The second episode is in fact a parody of the fight between Ricky Hatton and Manny Pacquiao, in which Pacquiao knocked out the British fighter twice in the first round and KO'ing him in the second round. The second episode shows exactly the opposite, as Ricky Marcello (parody of Ricky Hatton) took out Johnny Santos (parody of Manny Pacquiao) in the same order in the original fight.

Ba't Ganun? 2011 A brief sketch that asks questions about society and its mannerisms.

For example Ba't Ganun? Hotcake ang tawag kahit malamig na ito? Ba't Ganun? (Why is it called hotcake even when it's cold? Why is it?)

Taiko 1999 Parody of the famous Tae-Bo workout. Trainer Calmado 2012 Formerly known as "Mr. Calmado". A sketch about a disciplined but overly angry basketball coach (despite his name, despite trying to be as calm as possible) portrayed by Michael V. He is quick-tempered and semi-psychotic about threatening students and other people in schools. At the end of each episode, he almost strips out some faculty members like referees, teachers, librarians, etc., and destroys the school's materials and facilities every time he compares "disrespectful" students to people who strip other people. He's an obvious parody of MadTVs Coach Hines. Subsequently Lamay ( Wake up ) dated June 29, 2012, it is revealed that his first name is Hector, which makes his name a piece by famous PBA player Hector Calma. Dad dearest 2012 An obvious parody as well as a teaser for the then-coming drama-comedy My Daddy Dearest. The sketch tells of a father (Ogie Alcasid) telling his son a story about what really happened to the mother of the latter (i.e. the wife of the former). In between storytelling, several women kiss "Daddy Dearest" (Alcasid) and then "Daddy Dearest" clarifies who they really are. job interview 2012 - today A short segment that shows a typical initial interview for applicants. It begins with a boss / interviewer portrayed by Michael V. who is supposed to conduct a first interview / examination with a candidate named Mr. San Lazaro portrayed by Diego Llorico. However, a recruiter shows a questionnaire that is not suitable for an interview. This is actually a Filipino culture questionnaire as well as media references (e.g. What is the world's number 2 shampoo? This is a reference to the Head and Shoulders commercial). The boss asks the recruiter to change the questionnaire and instead he (the boss) asks the applicant personality questions in the form of an essay. Makapili Kang Muli 2012 Parody of Makapiling Kang Muli of the GMA network. Talks about a traitor, a play on words for Makapili, Japanese collaborators and sympathizers during WWII. Di Ka Na Maggigisa 2012 Parody of the afternoon drama of the GMA network, Hindi Ka Na Mag-iisa Lino Blanco 2012 Parody of the drama of the GMA network, Luna Blanca . ProteJail 2012 Parody of the talent show protege the GMA-7. As the title suggests, the sketch is a talent show for prisoners. Prisoners can stay in jail if they lose. But if someone wins, they can be released. Susi problems 2012 A parody and a teaser for the film Sosy problems . The girls in the sketch also include Bianca King, who is also part of the cast of the film mentioned. The sketch was only about the keys. It was shown on December 21, 2012 My husband's driver 2013 A parody of the controversial drama of the GMA network, My Husband's Lover . Baklang Sisiw 2013 A parody of the GMA-7 drama Mga Basang Sisiw, which shows the evacuation scene of the drama. Another sketch with the same scene called "Batang Titiw" shows Diego and Michael V, the former having a language difficulty similar to that of Cecilio Sasuman. Adventure of Rufa Mae Kwento 2013 A quick sketch on Rufa Mae Quinto telling stories based on her experiences hence the name which is a parody of her own real name. Atlit 2013 - today A short sketch that shows Diego being proud of himself despite criticism from others and always answering "atlit" (which is a parody of the expression "at least") at the end of the sketch. In Tunay na Buhay by GMA was revealed that Diego's segment was not a fake, it finally happened in real life. Ikaw at ang Ina 2013 - today A sketch about a mother named "Donya Ina Moran" (inspired by the Mundo Mo'y Akin character Donya Charito) portrayed by Michael V who doesn't like modern mannerisms of young people, especially when it comes to social websites. She always criticizes her daughter "Selphie Moran" who is played by Sef Cadayona for what she does. The famous lines were "Paki-EXPLAIN" (Taglish version for Please Explain) and ended with "Labyu" (Love You). In later episodes, Ina Moran met her match in the form of her sister named Ate Patty (guest star and played by Jaclyn Jose, who previously played Donya Charito from Mundo Mo'y Akin). Eye believe 2013 Parody of the infotainment show iBilib by GMA Network. Appeared only once. D 'adventure of James Wang 2011–2013 An investigative crime sketch that is a parody of the James Bond series and Sherlock Holmes. Jacky Woo played the role as James Wang. There is a running gag that he is always the victim of plans he did not commit and is often arrested for it. Rich child poor child 2013 A sketch in which a rich child (Paolo Contis) and a poor child (Michael V) are involved acts in certain situations. Their fathers are represented by Antonio Aquitania and Betong. Istambay Sa Looban 2013 - today A sketch of the situation that takes place in a squatter area (or barangay) and is told through a song. The singers are portrayed by Michael V. (vocals and guitar), Sef Cadayona and Antonio Aquitania (in guitars). There was a running gag in which the song was interrupted by the squatters. In September 2015, due to the popularity of food Bulaga's KalyeSerye and AlDub, makers of Bubble Gang decided to continue adding this sketch by adding the parody of KalyeSerye IstambaySerye the stars Juancho Trivino as Alfred and Denise Barbacena as Yaya Badel, make up their parody love team from AlDub called "AlBad" and Betong Sumaya as Lolo Nidoro. The Sleep Over Show 2013 A parody of the defunct midnight talk show The Tim Yap Show of the GMA Network Over time 2014 A parody and a teaser for the then upcoming Richard Gutierrez film of the same name in 2014. Don Cantoni 2014 - today A Mafia-themed sketch that is an obvious parody of it Represents the Godfather. Mr. Matapobre 2014–2015 A sketch of a rich man with an Elvis Presley-inspired hairstyle, portrayed by Michael V. As his name suggests, he hates mannerisms of low-class people. He calls his two bodyguards Ron and Jojo (played by Paolo Contis and Antonio Aquitania) to investigate lower-class mannerisms in the rich man's house and blames his poor butler Berto (played by Betong). At the end of the sketch, however, it becomes clear that Mr Matapobre's daughter, Jennifer (played by Denise Barbacena), is the real culprit (who spares Berto), whom her father cannot accept, and tells viewers that high-class people commit Do not use low-class mannerisms.

An example is this line: Hindi maaring ikaw ang kumain ng cake, dahil ... walang mayamang matakaw, magana lang kaming kumain ("You can't be the one who ate this cake because ... no rich person is greedy, we're just lively eaters")

An exception is the special for the 19th anniversary, in which Berto was not spared from being beaten by Ron and Jojo after the houseboy had not admitted street children (from the GMA afternoon drama Yagit) who would later become nephews and nieces of Mr Matapobre became known in The end of the special sketch.

Pag-Ibig hotline 2014–2015 A scripted reality talk show that is a parody of the Love hotline by Paolo Contis. T3 Nyo 2014–2015 Parody of the TV5 investigation show T3 , Michael V, Paolo Contis and Jan Manual play Daffy, Bearwin and Den Tolpu (reverse side by Putol or Cut), a parody by Raffy, Erwin and Ben Tulfo. Starpok 2014–2015 Parody of GMAs Showbiz talk show, Startalk , moderated by Angelo Santos (Antonio Aquitania), who doesn't like showbiz-like answers to his questions (as he wants his guests to tell the truth behind the rumors) and beats them up while answering them. Tsugi o Chorva 2015–2016 A sketch involving several prisoners who invaded an island where a group of gay cavemen (led by Betong and / or Michael V) live. Each prisoner is asked a riddle or a logical question. If the answer is correct, the prisoner will be spared punishment and will be released. Otherwise the prisoner is asked whether "Tsugi" or "Chorva". If the prisoner chooses "Chorva", the prisoner must feel like the gay cavemen and is then released. If the prisoner chooses "Tsugi", it follows the same condition as "Chorva". This also happens during the opening or before the show closes, where the segment is reformatted in a daring play format. The sketch then shows the entire cast (in their normal appearance). The game moderated by Michael V. selects an actor who chooses a name from a glass. then the selected actor answers a very difficult question within 3 to 5 seconds. If answered correctly, he / she is safe, otherwise the performer has a consequence with his / her most feared animals like spiders, cockroaches, snakes, frogs, worms, etc. blindfolded. As of October 2015, questions are based on Bubble Gang's 20th anniversary (i.e. questions about the previous cast, sketches, and segments since it premiered in 1995). May Araw Ka Rin 2015-2016 Hugot 2015–2016, 2019– today A sketch of the situation in which Chariz Solomon (later Michael V.) speaks in romantic analogies in a conversation and at the end of each conversation a group of dancers dances under the direction of Michael V. PARD's song "Hugot". Let's duet! 2015–2016 A sketch of the situation with two men, Rene and Jay, represented by Michael V. and Betong Sumaya, speaking in the form of a linguistic chorus. The title is a play on the Ministry of Health's slogan "Let's DOH it!" by the late Senator Juan Flavier Expectation vs. reality 2015 A number of scenarios with a comparison illustrating an obvious discrepancy. The "expectation" part shows a positive scenario. While the "Reality" part shows the negative version of the same scenario. AlDav 2015 The sketch is a parody of Karen Davila's controversial interview with Alma Moreno on the ANC show Head start in the form of a game show. The sketch aired on Christmas 2015. The title is also a play on words by the phenomenal tandem AlDub (shown just a day and two before Christmas). Wag Kang Judgmental 2016 A sketch that parodies ABS-CBN's successful legal drama program, Ipaglaban Mon! showing several unfinished scenarios and what would really happen if the scenario weren't immediately judged by humans. Moderated by Judge Arturo Mental, portrayed by Michael V. Magtanong Kay Mang Tañong 2016, 2019 - today This segment usually includes a scenario in which the title character Mang Tañong (Michael V.) often interrupts a conversation between a group of drinking friends (played by Paolo Contis, Boy-2 Quizon and RJ Padilla) to tell stories about his past, which is related to the said conversation, although it is filled with inaccuracies and incorrect information. To the dismay of the drinking pals who always tried to correct him (for example, Quizon's character cited Wikipedia articles on the subject to back up the group's point of view), Mang Tañong often insisted that his flawed stories are 100% real.

To take one example, Mang Tañong once claimed that he "jammed with the Eraserheads" with front man Chito Miranda, when Miranda is in fact the front man of another band, Parokya ni Edgar. In another example, Mang Tañong claimed he saw Pokémon which was about a feline robot helping a boy named Nobita who was bullied by his colleagues, although his testimony, according to the trio, concerns Doraemon.

Buhay ng Bakla 2016–2017 Sketches about gays / bisexuals / gays in the closet that activate the combination of music and poetry to emphasize their discomfort in a bar. Features a local band called Onyx. Pool Señorita 2016 A parody of that poor senorita . About a rich girl who lounges in the nearby pool and always runs into her rivals. Basa Basa of Spades 2016-2018 This is a segment that airs before the end of the show, in which the cast would take part in games, and which is often hosted by Michael V. himself. Balitang Ina 2016 - today This segment is a parody of women-oriented talk shows like Mars and Magandang Buhay and is hosted by Mama Vicky (Valeen Montenegro) and Mama Karen (Chariz Solomon). It usually includes several examples of puns and puns, particularly with the word "tangina". (Motherfucker). Several MMA parodies 2016 Several parodies of MMA games, especially between the duel Baron Geisler and Kiko Matos, with several twists and turns and an interview after the fight. Jungle Belles 2016-2017 Engkantodo 2016 Parody version of Encantadia Requel. About the four great and healthy Hang'gres (combined pun of Sang'gres and hungry) who will ascend the throne of Engkantodo. "Kaen ng Todo" (literally "eat more") is a portmanteau of the title segment. Alyas Ruben Tagalog 2016 Parody version of Alya's Robin Hood and the famous Kundiman singer Ruben Tagalog. Played by Michael V. Patikim ni Kim 2016 - today A sketch segment about a Kim Domingo cooking show. The mini-show consists of her interaction with most of the viewers, who are mostly male fans, whom she randomly selects to try her newly made recipes. In the show's early episodes, the running gag focuses on her picking mostly male viewers who are married or in a relationship, much to the chagrin of their partners. Eventually the running gag was scrapped and focused only on Kim's recipes, which were interspersed with doubly meaningful recipe names and allusions. Manyikas 2017 Go go Pareng Roger 2017 Parody of the mighty Morphine Power Rangers Hapitot 2017 - today Ngetflix 2017 - today Parody of Netflix Caribal Pandesal 2018 Parody of the prime time drama of the GMA network, Kambal, caribal Misis communication 2018 - today Dear Uncle Jak 2018 - today Parody of Papa Jack's popular radio advisor show "True Love Confessions", which previously aired on MBC's Love Radio FM station. The recurring gag in this segment lets Uncle Jak (Michael V.) entangle female listeners in a little nod after giving advice that causes listeners to get stuck with him. TOTGAY: The one who has Ahaz ... Yummy! 2018 Parody of the Star Cinema film DOTGA: Da One That Ghost Away and the GMA drama The One That Got Away Prettina versus Uglytta 2018 Crazy poor Asians 2018 - today Parody of the film Crazy Rich Asians from 2018. Denotes a poor family complaining about their needs and livelihoods. Spades spades bato 2018-2019 Sundo't Balita 2018 - today Peping Seksi 2018 - today Dramakata 2018 - today A musical segment in which two groups of mothers, Pasing (played by Denise Barbacena) and Kristal (played by Chariz Solomon), rap together with their sons (played by Michael V. and Archie Alemania) in various dramatic situations in combat. Usually a third party (either played by Betong or Sef Cadayona) would rap and stop the fight and explain their circumstances correctly. Familia Boses 2018 Parody of the drama of the GMA network, Pamilya Roces Tonight with Arnold Kambiyo 2019 Parody of the GMA News TV talk show Tonight with Arnold Clavio Marjorie's diary 2019 IncrediBakla 2019 - today Parody of the Marvel character Incredible Hulk. Denggay 2019 - today A segment that parodies the now popular vlogging uploads "Do it yourself". The focus is on Denggay, a heartbroken fashionista vlogger who uses "Hugot" words in her games. Raf-Raf in action 2019 - today A segment that Raffy Tulfo In Action Program parodies. In this segment, Michael V. portrays Raf-Raf (an obvious parody of broadcaster and action man Raffy Tulfo) and Denise Barbacena as Cherry Ramon (a parody of Sharee Roman, Tulfo's co-host). This segment resolves complaints from people, often in comical ways.