What are monocular cues in vision


What is a monocular actually !? What do you need monoculars for !? Here we would like to give you information for what this tool can help you.

What is a monocular?

A telescope for one eye. It serves as an optical visual aid for the distance. But there are also monoculars that can be used nearby. Sometimes even less than a meter away.

What do you need monoculars for?

With an existing visual impairment or visual impairment one usually has the problem of no longer being able to recognize street signs, house numbers, people, train or bus displays. This makes this easy again.

How is a monocular used?

You hold it relatively close to the eye or directly to the lens (if you wear glasses you need a monocular that is suitable for people who wear glasses), focus (adjusts the focus by pushing or turning) and can see the desired sharpness.

The agony of choice!

Monoculars are in abundance! There are differences in quality, rubustity, magnification, also suitable for people who wear glasses, can be adjusted for distance or close range, size and weight and ease of focusing. The LowVision specialist is required for this! Because only he can work with you to find the optimal monocular. To do this, the required enlargement requirement is first determined. Then the situation of the person concerned must be addressed in terms of age and dexterity. The most expensive monocular does not have to be the best! The right thing can only be found by testing it on the road. If an exact result is not found, the person concerned gets two or three monoculars to take home and can then test them in peace. This is the only way to avoid wrong decisions.

Does the health insurance pay for this?

This depends on the visual performance. If you have a visual impairment according to WHO 1, basically yes, but it may also be that there is only a grant. A cost estimate brings security here. We would be happy to do this for you.