Can I sell downloaded games?

Sell ​​Xbox One, Digital Games Transferable?

Quote from cvzone:

So Chip says user B must not be deleted and that makes perfect sense. The delete can only work if the console is never online. How should the Xbox also provide licenses for other users if they don't even know which account is because they have been deleted.

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this statement is still wrong. The main user can easily be removed from the box and another profile can be activated and play. I tested it and saw that it worked, the console was online and also had Xbox Live Gold for 14 days. Nevertheless, everything works with the new profile.

But I think the whole thing has been dealt with in terms of the guarantee anyway. If the console sits on my home console, then I should also have a guarantee and I cannot jump into the fire for someone else and simply submit a guarantee application without knowledge.

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I know, but he's ruled out because he a) doesn't really show activity and b) the people here are significantly less willing to pay than is the case on Ebay, and c) doesn't do a transfer if he doesn't know someone . Thus, this marketplace falls completely off the grid.