Is it necessary to create generational wealth

How real estate can help you create a lasting legacy

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It is one thing to dream of getting rich, but quite another to create and grow your wealth steadily through many years of hard work and discipline. Why do so many people - even the very successful ones - leave their legacy to chance and hope that it will survive them? Despite the tremendous effort it takes to build a fortune, it takes surprisingly little for him to escape, and even less for each generation after you. More than money that is lost are the interesting things you can accomplish when wealth needs to be passed on and a plan to keep it for generations.

Living and leaving a legacy

It was my first time working together at the beginning of my career, focusing on survival and driving DLP through and out of the Great Recession. Then it was about business success and growth. My focus now is more on influencing and making a legacy for my family and our causes. As I began to really focus on this long game - the future of my family and our world - I realized that all of this generational wealth anyone can afford and how strategic real estate investments can help make those dreams come true .

Build and protect your heritage

With anything that can bring about generational wealth, there are significant headwinds that can hinder production. The rising cost of living is a stumbling block that 47% of Americans said TD Ameritrade owned, and that was before the pandemic. Despite the challenges, it is still possible to build an inheritance and pass it on to your heirs as long as you have a specific plan to maximize every dollar you make saving and investing through smart strategies:

Evaluate your portfolio.