How Much Home Insurance Do I Need

Tenant or landlord: who pays the building insurance?

Of course, as a layperson, it is not very easy to assess which costs are appropriate for building insurance and when the insurance premium is overdrawn. A tenants' association can help you here and also support you with correspondence with your landlord. There are also legal service companies that specialize in checking utility bills.

Formalities and deadlines when objecting to the utility bill

Important to know: If you want to complain about your utility bill, you have exactly twelve months to do so. The period starts on the day on which you received the statement and ends exactly twelve months later. This is stipulated in Section 556 of the Civil Code. This deadline will not change if the statement contains a clause stating that any objection must be submitted within 30 days. Nevertheless, it can make sense to file the objection as soon as possible. Because in this way the matter can possibly be clarified in your favor before you have to transfer the additional payment. Normally, the 30 days are also the payment deadline for back payments.

Your objection to the billing must be formulated specifically. Simply explaining that the additional costs seem too high to you will not get you anywhere. State exactly which item you object to and why. The objection should in any case be made in writing. It is best to send the letter by registered mail, so you can clearly prove that you have met the deadline for the objection should a dispute arise.

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