What are Google Maps entries

Create Google Maps entry: How to add your company to Google Maps in just a few steps

If there is already a Google Maps entry for your company, Google will notify you of one Ownership Conflict. Only one owner can be confirmed for each entry. In this case, your entry will be counted as a duplicate until the ownership has been transferred to you by the current owner.

Owner conflicts can arise, for example, if another person in your organization or a commissioned agency has already created a Google My Business entry for your company.

Follow these steps to get the Request access to the Google Maps entry:

  1. In the event of an owner conflict, you will see the message “This entry has already been claimed” during the process of setting up your Google My Business listing.
  2. In this case, click on "Access request" and fill out the form.
  3. Send the access request by clicking on "Send".

The current owner has now seven days Time to respond to your request. Google will then inform you by email whether your application has been granted or whether the current owner has refused to transfer ownership to you.

If the current owner does not respond within the seven-day period, you may have the opportunity to register yourself as the owner. In this case, a corresponding button will be displayed after you have logged into your Google My Business account.