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Work atmosphere more important than salary These are the top 10 expectations of the new employer

| Updated May 11, 2021 Author / Editor: Antonia Röper * / Antonia Röper

Employers have to work harder to convince suitable applicants of themselves. Above all, due to the current corona pandemic, employers have to offer their employees more security. You can find out which top expectations employers have to meet in this article.

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Work-life balance is probably one of the buzzwords when it comes to developing expectations of employers. Because the constant availability via mobile phone, WhatsApp, e-mail and Co. has shown in recent years that employees work more overtime and separate their work less from their free time. As a result of this increased workload, not only does the free time of employees suffer, but also that of family and friends. Such intangible working conditions are becoming more and more important, especially for younger generations. This is also shown by the study by the General Association of Communication Agencies (GWA) published on Statista: “What young agencies expect from entry into the profession”. For the study, women and men were asked separately about what they expect from their future employer.

For women, a good working atmosphere (46 percent) and fun / fulfillment (41 percent) are the most important expectations they have of their new job. Close behind in third and fourth place is the work-life balance (36 percent) and an attractive starting salary (33 percent).

The men rate the work atmosphere and fun / fulfillment as the most important criteria, but with 48 percent fun / fulfillment comes before the work atmosphere (34 percent). In third place follows an attractive starting salary (33 percent) and in fourth place the chance of a high income in the future (28 percent).


Good collaboration is the most important factor for employee loyalty

The top 10 criteria for choosing a future employer

On the one hand, the infographic shows the top 10 criteria for men:

  • Fun / fulfillment (48 percent)
  • Working atmosphere (34 percent)
  • Attractive starting salary (29 percent)
  • High income in the future (28 percent)
  • Work-life balance (26 percent)
  • Further development opportunities (26 percent)
  • Flexible working hours (23 percent)
  • Job security (16 percent)
  • Flat hierarchies (9 percent)

And on the other hand, the top 10 criteria for women:

  • Working atmosphere (46 percent)
  • Fun / fulfillment (41 percent)
  • Work-life balance (36 percent)
  • Attractive starting salary (33 percent)
  • Further training opportunities (27 percent)
  • Flexible working hours (21 percent)
  • High income in the future (20 percent)
  • Job security (17 percent)
  • Overtime pay / compensation (9 percent)

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Corona creates additional expectations for the employer

As a result of Corona, there have been some expectations of the employer since 2020. Due to the pandemic, many people are currently worried about possible financial difficulties, for example due to short-time work. An online survey by StepStone shows that Corona has made some job topics more relevant. Employees in Germany are primarily concerned with the respective economic consequences of the current situation for the company (48 percent) and with job security (37 percent). In third and fourth place are health protection measures in the company (35 percent) and teamwork (35 percent). Since the current exceptional situation creates an enormous amount of uncertainty, it is important for employers to clearly communicate two factors in advance: How the company is dealing with the current situation and what security it can offer its employees.

One thing is certain: the corona pandemic will not only change everyday working life in the long term, it will also change expectations of employers.

3 tips to become an attractive employer

  • 1. Encouraging working atmosphere: As the study has shown, the working atmosphere is one of the most important for new employees these days. Therefore, build an encouraging and positive working atmosphere in your company. Everyday work should not feel like a competition in which your employees have to compete with each other. It is better if everyone pulls together, employees build each other up and work towards a common goal. You can, for example, help you by setting team goals, organizing team events or promoting employee ideas.
  • 2. Work-life balance: Nowadays, the compatibility of family and work is a basic requirement for many employees before a new job is accepted. The days of the 9-5 job are slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past. You should therefore introduce flexible working time models and give your employees more freedom, because they themselves know best when they are doing the best work. Corona has also made it clear how well remote working works. So let your employees decide for themselves where they work as often as possible. That makes them happier and more productive!
  • 3. Fair salary: For many, an attractive salary is still a decisive factor in choosing an employer. If you lose top applicants to the competition again, it is best to always ask why you made the decision. If the problem is the reward, then you have to offer more. It is also a good idea to offer bonuses or future salary increases to make a job more attractive to an applicant.

Employer branding

Employer branding and personnel marketing in B2B - definition, measures and examples


Whatever measures you take to increase your attractiveness as an employer: You will only be successful if you, as a company, implement and exemplify the desired values ​​and content.

To do this, create an employer brand through successful employer branding that you communicate uniformly both internally and externally wherever your company presents itself as an employer: in job advertisements, online exchanges, in social networks and other target group-specific media.

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