What percentage of Google employees are women?

Diversity report: Google is male and white

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Google has published a diversity report - and is more than disappointed with its own numbers. "Google is not as far as we want to be," said the IT group in a statement. The reason for Google's dissatisfaction: more than seventy percent of employees are male, more than sixty percent are white.

Women in technology: nonexistent

Overall, only two percent of all Google employees are black, only three percent Hispanic. Almost a third of the employees are of Asian origin. Google also has a problem when it comes to gender equality, especially in the technology and management areas: In technology, only 17 percent of employees are female, in the management group the proportion increases marginally to 21 percent.

Transparency as the first step

So Google is not as colorful as its logo - and wants to change that quickly. The top management sees the publication of the report as the first step. "It is difficult to talk about such things if no figures are public," said Google Vice President Laszlo Bock to the US television station PBS.

Well kept secret

Large IT groups have recently come under increasing pressure to address the issue of diversity. Google is the first large Silicon Valley company to publish such a report. According to PBS, data on the composition of the workforce is still a well-kept secret in the IT industry. (fsc, derStandard.at, May 29, 2014)