Which museums are worth visiting in Singapore

Despite its comparatively small size, the city-state offers Singapore a wealth of attractions - from shopping malls to botanical gardens. These attractions also include that ArtScience Museum, an ideal destination for families and visitors of all ages. In addition to the interactive and innovative exhibitions, there is a lot of interesting information to discover. The ArtScience Museum in Singapore is unique in the world as it skillfully combines art and science.

ArtScience Museum - building

The multi-faceted ArtScience Museum is housed in an impressive building that resembles an opening flower or hand. The museum has a total of 21 gallery rooms, which also house several large-scale exhibitions. The unique building was designed by Israeli-born architect Moshe Safdie.

ArtScience Museum - sustainable design

The innovative ArtScience Museum in Singapore is not only a symbol of the city, but also offers various sustainable design elements. The lotus flower-shaped roof of the museum catches rainwater, which collects in a reflection basin on the lowest floor of the building. The water is then used for the building's plumbing, which means that less treated water is used. Each petal in the building has skylights that ensure that the gallery rooms are flooded with daylight and that less artificial lighting is required. This reduces the building's ecological footprint.

Marina Bay Sands

The ArtScience Museum opened in February 2011 and is used by the luxury resort and casino Marina Bay Sands at the Marina Bay operated. The building complex has numerous shops, restaurants and entertainment options, such as the viewing platform Sands SkyPark Observation Deck, a theater and an ice rink. The ArtScience Museum is located on the Marina Bay waterfront promenade of Marina Bay Sands-Complex.

ArtScience Museum - exhibitions

The ArtScience Museum mostly offers temporary temporary exhibitions. Of the museum's 21 gallery rooms, only three are dedicated to a permanent exhibition. The exhibition themes range from particle physics, paleontology and marine biology to artists such as M.C. Escher, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol.

ArtScience Museum - permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition in ArtScience Museum consists of three interconnected parts. The three gallery rooms with the titles “Curiosity”, “Inspiration” and “Expression” show a mixture of art, science, culture and technology. The ArtScience Museum has set itself the goal of expanding and expanding this connection between the disciplines.


The first gallery of the permanent exhibition, Curiosity is intended to encourage visitors to question their surroundings and to think about the development process of art and science - especially with regard to whether the two disciplines actually differ from one another as much as it appears. The exhibition illustrates the role that curiosity plays in discoveries, innovations and creations.


The second part of the permanent exhibition, inspiration, focuses on six particularly important scientific and artistic achievements that have changed the world. These milestones include the Leonardo da Vinci propeller, Kong Ming lanterns, a model of the Buckminster fullerene molecule, an ancient Chinese scroll, a modern robot fish and of course a construction drawing that was made during the planning and development phase of the ArtScience Museum-Building was made.


The third and last gallery of the permanent exhibition, Expression, presents various achievements from art and science in the form of an oversized multimedia presentation in one of the largest wings of the museum. Here the artistic and creative process of creation is explored, which enabled innovations in areas such as robotics, architecture, nanotechnology, navigation and aviation.

ArtScience Museum - traveling exhibitions

Most of the extensive exhibition space in the ArtScience Museum is dedicated to traveling exhibitions. The museum works closely with other major museums, such as the British Museum in London, the American Museum of Natural History in New York or the Mori Art Museum in Tokyo to curate his exhibits in the alternating field of art and science.

ArtScienceMuseum - guided tours and workshops

In addition to temporary exhibitions, the ArtScience Museum also offers numerous workshops and guided tours. Guided tours of the galleries are offered regularly on the weekends in English, Mandarin and Japanese and are led by experts and experienced guides. The topics of the workshops change depending on the season and are often geared towards the current traveling exhibition.

ArtScience Museum program

School groups (from preschool to high school) are in the ArtScience Museum always welcome. Guided tours are offered that are tailored to the museum's current exhibitions. The innovative and adaptable program is adapted to the constantly changing content. The individual program items are led by experts and are interactive. Teaching material is also available in printed form for teachers and group leaders. The program topics range from the interplay between art and music to the relationship between light and color and the diversity of marine life.

Throughout the year there are educational programs for different age groups that invite you to explore. During the school celebrations, there are also events that, among other things, deal with various branches of science and use art to set an example against climate change. In some of the workshops you can become productive yourself and at the end take the finished work home with you.

ArtScience Museum - opening hours

The ArtScience Museum in Singapore is open every day - including public holidays. Entrance fees are charged separately for each gallery. Tickets are either online, at the museum ticket counter or at the ticket counter of the Sands Theaters available.

How to get to the ArtScience Museum

The ArtScience Museum is easily accessible by public transport. The dem ArtScience Museum closest Bayfront MRT Station is with that Marina Bay Sands-Complex connected.

If you want to travel by bus, get off at the nearest stop Marina Bay Sands Theater out.

Parking is also available and can even be used free of charge for purchases worth at least SGD 100 in the museum's souvenir shop.


ArtScience Museum - Events

The ArtScience Museum has conference and event rooms and regularly organizes special events.

ArtScience Late

The museum offers themed ArtScience Late Extended opening hours until late at night every third Thursday of the month all year round. You benefit from reduced admission prices after 7:00 p.m.

ArtScience on Screen

At the event ArtScience on Screen the focus is on filmmakers and artists. Works by local and international artists will be shown, including feature films and multi-screen presentations. On the fourth floor of the ArtScience Museum There are roundtables and masterclass courses to inspire participants to become creative and innovative themselves.

ArtScience in Focus

At the exhibition series ArtScience in Focus These are several temporary exhibitions and exhibits that focus on education, art, science and technological progress and are organized in conjunction with partner organizations. These take place quarterly and offer a mix of interactive and experimental activities.

Hotels near the ArtScience Museum

If you are in close proximity to the ArtScience Museum (Address: 6 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square), we recommend the 5-star hotel Marina Mandarin Singapore. It offers a sauna and rooms with air conditioning and free Wi-Fi.

Book a stay at the 5-star hotel The Fullerton Hotel Singapore (Address: 1 Fullerton Square, Marina Bay). It is conveniently located and features a spa, an outdoor pool and free WiFi in all rooms.

Check in. Discover.

Check into the hotel Mandarin Oriental Singapore (Address: 5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Bay) and enjoy a sauna, steam room, airport shuttle and free WiFi. In the immediate vicinity of the hotel is the Singapore Flyer, a ferris wheel that offers a breathtaking view of the blue waters of the Marina Bay offers.

Check in. Going out.

Book the hotel Pan Pacific Singapore (Address: 7 Raffles Boulevard, Marina Square) and benefit from an on-site fitness center, outdoor pool and free WiFi in all rooms. Visit that Esplanade Theaters on the Bay and watch a live performance in the theater or concert hall or take part in one of the workshops and family-friendly events.

Check in. Going out.

Check into the 5 star hotel Ascott Raffles Place Singapore (Address: 2 Finlayson Green, Marina Bay) and enjoy a fitness center, outdoor pool and free WiFi in all rooms. The hotel is located near the Thian Hock Keng Temple. This temple, decorated with detailed and ornate carvings of dragons and sea creatures, is dedicated to the Chinese sea goddess Mazu and is one of the most important temples of the Hoklo Chinese.