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There are people who love every form of technology - regardless of whether it is computers, cars, vending machines, machines or motors. If you are also enthusiastic about the mix of cables, buttons, switches, gears and drives, you should think about a technical profession. Depending on the job description, you can concentrate on a specific technical device and determine whether you prefer to develop, repair or operate technology. IT specialists and graphic designers, for example, mainly sit in front of the computer and work with special software. Specialists in mechanical engineering design, plan and calculate new machines, engines and technologies. Mechatronics technicians and mechanics in particular have to show significantly more physical effort: They assemble components on vehicles or machines and rectify faults.

You should bring that with you

If you want to pursue a technical profession, you should have a penchant for math, chemistry and physics. In addition, it is particularly advantageous as a trainee if you are not afraid of getting your hands dirty: As an agricultural and construction machinery mechatronics technician, for example, you will come into contact with oil and grease, among other things, as an industrial mechanic you will be waiting Drilling, milling and turning machines and as an electronics technician you will lay pipes and power lines and either dig out earth or mill a slot in the wall plaster. It is also good if you enjoy working on the computer and can use software. Because specialists with technical knowledge almost always have to instruct users on the functionality of the automatic machines, machines or systems, communication skills are also required. And to ensure that everything runs smoothly technically, careful work and precision are of course a must.

Study technology

For all those who want to prepare for a career with technology at the university, there is a large selection of courses. The engineering subjects include, for example, those that deal with vehicle technology, production technology, industrial engineering or aerospace technology. Even in the large field of technical professions, the following applies: the right course can be found for every taste. For example, those who are interested in digital design options can choose the subject of digital media, those interested in fashion may find their dream course in textile and clothing technology, and technology freaks with a medical affinity can enroll in pharmaceutical technology.

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