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19 things from our childhood that we will miss forever

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Peter Pan was right: growing up and staying there is probably the toughest challenge of our life! No wonder that most of us regularly dream back to our carefree childhood days. We miss these 19 things in particular ...

Most people put off their childhood like an old hat. You forget them like a phone number that is no longer valid. They used to be children, then they became adults, but what are they now? Only someone who grows up and remains a child is a person. Erich Kaestner

Let's bet that your adult self can still remember these 19 things from mini-me times very well?

1. Unrestrained snowball fights

Meeting or being hit - that moment when absolutely NOTHING else matters. As a child there was no separation between play and reality. Our entire wellbeing depended on whether we win or lose - whether it was a snowball fight, hiding or a game of Mau-Mau.


2. Blind trust

... in us and others. We all had to learn caution, self-doubt and failure first. As Pablo Picasso said: "As a child, everyone is an artist. The difficulty lies in remaining one as an adult." How much we would like to have this absolute confidence again: Of course I can build a house out of branches. Of course I'll be a superstar, a firefighter, an astronaut and when I grow up I'll definitely marry a prince and live in a castle.


3. Being lazy is beautiful

We were only too happy to make Pippi Longstocking's motto a personal concept of life. But how long has it been since you were really bored again? Or that you didn't jump off the couch on Sundays to do a quick wash of the dishes, hang up the laundry, take down the rubbish, clean the bathroom or go through the to-dos for the next week?


4. Puddle jumping

Digging pants and rubber boots were mostly at the start anyway, so why not jump into every puddle, no matter how small? The main thing is that it splashed properly!


5. Responsibility? A foreign word!

How nice was it when the day's work was done after homework? No to-do lists (which never get empty), no tax filing (which grows threateningly from month to month), no empty refrigerator (and if they do, mom and dad have filled it again) and and and ... You can be sure go on forever, right?


6. Limitless imagination

A good story has an opening, a main part and an ending? Not for a child! That’s not interested in storytelling or dramaturgy. Children's imagination is limitless. Figures come to life in the mind's eye. Unicorns really do exist and after Harry Potter Volume 1 you can wait for weeks at the window for your own Hogwarts owl.


7. School holidays

Explains itself ...


8. Enjoyment of the smallest things

It's so easy to make a child's heart bounce: a stone, a feather, the neighbor's dog or a fire truck on the other side of the street - everything used to arouse our enthusiasm. Something you should definitely keep!


9. Unbridled curiosity

"And why and why and why?" A questioning process with which the little ones drive us adults crazy sometimes. This insatiable thirst for knowledge is actually something wonderful, isn't it? Under 13 there is still no tunnel vision, no technical idiots, no gaps in general education or filter bubbles.


10. No money worries

As a child, two marks pocket money was still a sum with which one could buy the world - or at least a huge bag of candy in the nearest supermarket.


11. Brutal honesty

"No, I don't want to play with you - you're stupid." What used to easily come off our lips is unthinkable today. Sometimes it would be so good to tell colleagues, friends or family straight to the face what we think.


12. No limits of shame

Pee in public when you have to. "Why do you smell so weird?" ask if the person on the bus next to you stinks of sweat. "Why is your leg made of wood - may I touch it?" Children are not embarrassed, which allows a wonderfully naive approach to all kinds of topics and situations.


13. Mountains of gifts on public holidays

The adults agree: We're not giving each other anything for Christmas this year. And you? As a dwarf, you still really dusted off. In return, there were a few self-made absurdities for grandma and grandpa - clapping together five minutes before the presents were in doubt. Tears of joy flowed anyway. Good deal!


14. No drawers

Male, female, black, white, German, not German - it doesn't matter to any child, as long as you can play great with the other. A basic attitude that many people have unfortunately lost.


15. Pure emotions

Nothing is as honest as a child's laugh, nothing as heartbreaking as child's tears. Wouldn't it still be good today after a shitty day to just let the dams break on the spot, yell unrestrained, howl and stamp your feet?


16. Only the moment counts

A child has no fear of the future. It first has to learn the consequences of its own actions. Time plays a subordinate role. There could be years or days between New Year's Eve and Easter, Monday could also be Sunday - and why is breakfast followed by lunch? A state of complete carelessness that we will never be able to restore once we have grown up.


17. Looking forward to the birthday

As a child, it is clearly the most important day of the year - from the mid-twenties onwards, a rather superfluous proof of the physical and mental decline that is inevitably celebrated.


18. Free taxi rides

It's not for nothing that people speak of "Taxi Mama" or "Taxi Papa", right? How wonderful it would be to be driven back and forth so luxuriously today. And nothing to pay for it!


19. True security

We will probably always miss this feeling - especially in moments when we are not feeling well. Sick, sorrow, worries? Even at 30, the solution is still called "Hotel Mama" for many of us.



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