How many people use the London Underground

London Underground - The London Underground - The Tube

The London Underground is the fastest mode of transport in London. It is also called by the Londoners the underground or the tube designated. 275 stations are spread across the entire city (63 of them in the city center). A subway station is always nearby. Most people use the subway. The London Underground is the oldest in the world. On January 1, 1863, the first section between Paddington and Farrington Streets was opened.

Operate in London today 11 underground lines. Between 5.30 a.m. and 12.30 a.m. from Monday to Saturday and between 7.30 a.m. and 11.30 p.m. on Sunday, the lines run every few minutes. There is also the DLR, the Dockland Light Railway. These trains go e.g. to Greenwich.

Maps of the lines are available free of charge at all ticket offices. Smoking is prohibited in the entire subway area. This affects the trains as well as the stations. Smoking is also not permitted on buses.

In order to find your way around the subway, it is important to know which direction the train is going. The following terms are important: Eastbound, Westbound, Northbound or Southbound. This means that you have to remember the direction in which the train is going. The last stop of the line is usually found on the railcar as well as on the station's display board. Since some lines only run to the final stop during rush hour, it is important to find out about the travel times.

If the station you want to get off at is not on the same line, you have to change trains. Several lines cross at a transfer station. Before changing trains, you should find out the direction and the terminus of the new line. Otherwise it can happen that you drive in the wrong direction. However, that doesn't matter on the Circle Line (yellow). You just stay seated because this line goes in a circle.

Each subway line has its own color. This makes it much easier to find your way around.

A special recommendation for tourists is the Travelcard, which is also offered in travel agencies in Germany. This makes it possible to use the subway and buses indefinitely on one day (or on several) for relatively little money.


Map of the subway