Which color are you attracted to?

Mini color test: what does your favorite color say about your personality?

Nobody who has a preference for sunny yellow and happy orange will look gloomily out of the window in their spare time and write pages of melancholy poems. And nobody whose declared favorite color is pensive dark blue usually tends to leave everything behind in order to spontaneously set off on a backpack tour through the Caucasus.

Our favorite color says a lot about our personality and our needs. It is no coincidence which shade we are attracted to. Because every color has its own personality and in a certain sense is like a real person - some you like to have around you, others you want to go to the next pole. In color, that would mean: The neighbor with the shrill voice, who has a rather caustic nature, would be pungent chartreuse green. Grandma with the cozy little house, where everyone is welcome and comfortable, would be inviting terracotta.

Take the test to see which color suits you - and whether your self-image corresponds to your choice of color and its message. To do this, let all the color fields work on you one after the other - the best way to do this is to cover all fields except for the one you are looking at with a sheet of paper. When you have looked at all the shades, make your choice, if possible without analyzing, for the color that appeals to you the most. And don't worry ... There is no such thing as a “bad” color - even black, with its sometimes gloomy image, like all colors, has its strengths.

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RED: strength, courage, passion, vitality
Red is the first color in the spectrum, the numero uno and therefore likes to be in charge. If you love red, you are probably the natural born leader because red is the color of confident, vital personalities who enjoy being the center of attention. It denotes people who have both feet firmly on the ground and exude an inviolable self-confidence - feel good all round in their skin. You are sensual, have a strong, extroverted personality and are bursting with vitality and zest for action - you want to live every moment, get the most out of it. In part, you may be prone to acting hastily if the unbridled, primal power of red gets away with you.

ORANGE: happiness, creativity, togetherness, fun
One code word at Orange is "new". Color is inextricably linked with modernity and with an interest in everything that is innovative or different. If you love orange, you are always open to unusual ideas or experimental designs. People also like to be extravagant and inappropriate, in a good mood and humorous. You are a free spirit who loves adventure, feels comfortable with friends and usually looks at life with a wink. Those who love orange also know strong emotions, but have a flexible mind and a very good gut feeling that they can rely on. You are also spontaneous enough to go about things with ease. The focus is on you to (experience) yourself and life with an unstoppable agility that is thrilling.

YELLOW: cheerfulness, intellect, knowledge, curiosity
If you have a preference for yellow, you have a sunny and contagious energy, you are optimistic and mostly cheerful. Those around you probably describe you as lively, communicative and self-confident. You are open, generous and interested in those around you. However, since yellow stands for the mind and promotes rational thinking, one can tend to analytically break everything down into small individual parts. The positive side effect of this: With the love of yellow you can easily grasp connections, it comes with an almost detective instinct and a great thirst for knowledge - you don't give up until you know everything about a topic. You are therefore curious in the best sense of the word, and you always find learning something new to be an enrichment.

GREEN: balance, harmony, constancy, growth
Green is the center of the color wheel and therefore also the color of the balancing center, the balance. Green-accentuated people are not only very close to nature and find their own center in nature, but they also always try to restore harmony in their environment and have a calming effect on others. Since you are able to see both sides of the coin, you are a natural mediator. You can understand both positions and will always advocate a peaceful, harmonious solution that creates a fair balance with which everyone is satisfied. If you have a preference for green, it will also be easy for you to create a calm, balancing atmosphere in which things can actually be viewed "in peace". In this sense, green lays the foundation on which something can develop, flourish and grow.

BLUE: serenity, humility, security, sense of duty
To push yourself to the fore is far from you. It is better to observe what is happening from a distance, draw your conclusions in peace and only speak up when you have come to an informed judgment. Those around you appreciate your calm demeanor, your self-control and your patience. They are considered reliable, responsible and loyal. You can also have a very calming effect on others and bring clarity to the thoughts of angry people with your calm presence. On the one hand, blue gives you security and the feeling of being able to let yourself go; on the other hand, people who love blue radiate thoughtful prudence and reliability.

INDIGO: intuition, contemplation, calm, introspection
Typical for Indigo is the deepening in oneself, the trust in one's own intuition as an inner compass that gives security. The color tone leads to a deep self-knowledge, because indigo lovers maintain an uncompromising honesty towards themselves. They simply accept each other for who they are. This is also what makes you so fascinating: something deeply established emanates from you - a sovereign presence. You feel calm and safe in your presence. With a love for indigo, you are honest and have integrity, which, however, you also expect from others. In order to be able to indulge your thoughts in peace, you need a calm, almost meditative atmosphere, in which nothing distracts and which is like you: structured. Minimalistic. At rest.

VIOLET: mysticism, mystery, creativity, luxury
Violet is the magical combination of worldly red with heavenly blue. Under the influence of violet you seem to be constantly connected to something outside of this world, but without losing your grounding. If you love violet, you are extremely subtle, sensitive and probably artistically gifted, as you can easily turn to the richness of your inner worlds in order to draw from it. In the real world, on the other hand, you feel uncomfortable more often, especially when it is loud and chaotic. They are capable of deep feelings, very compassionate, but in return they also need emotional security in order to feel good.
If the purple tone tends towards the blue side, you feel drawn to everything mysterious, mystical, worldly things are not particularly important to you. With a penchant for red-violet purple tones, you too radiate something glamorous, have undeniable charisma and love to surround yourself with precious and beautiful things.

ROSA: tenderness, romance, charm, fairy tale
One can hope for sensitive understanding and compassion with you - you are so empathetic that you feel nuances and emotions in conversations that the other person may not even be aware of. Pink next to it stands for unconditional love, and pink-colored people are characterized by a soothing warmth. You will never appear rumbling and dominant or ruthlessly assert your interests, but rather put those of your counterpart before your own - also because you want to feel accepted. If you have a love for pink, you have a graceful, charming being with a romantic streak and a tendency to crush - you are always on the lookout for a touch of fairy tale in life. The glitter on the bottom of the facts.

OLIV: Reliability, servility, a sense of reality, closeness to nature
If you have a preference for olive, you have certainly not pitched a military tent in the garden, but you are still very close to nature and have a practical disposition. You are a team player and a reliable, helpful colleague who does not push yourself to the fore, but can still assert his point of view. You have mastered the rare art of appearing humble and self-confident at the same time, are honest, not easily disturbed and resilient in the best sense of the word.

BRAUN: Reliability, comfort, stability, tradition
Warm brown is the color of the earth, solid and stable. It appears original and reliable, conveys a sense of security and therefore characterizes people who cannot seem to be shaken by anything. With a preference for brown, you are pleasantly unpretentious and definitely not a capricious diva. On the contrary, you are a sympathetic family man who has both feet on the ground. You like to stick to the tried and tested and love a cozy home. There you prefer a solid, perfectly handcrafted leather armchair three times more than a fragile designer chair. You always prefer a good conversation with a salary to irrelevant small talk.

WHITE: purity, flawlessness, perfection, innocence
White is the purest of the pure. Untouched snowfields. The flawless white starched doctor's coat. Glistening whitewashed house walls in the south. We associate the color white with everything that is clean, pure and pure - perfect. With white as your favorite color you are on the one hand more critical of yourself and constantly strive for perfection. On the other hand, you are able to bring clarity to your thoughts and approach things in an organized manner. White has been shown to help clear up your thoughts and gain an overview. You are also able to reduce things to the bare essentials. Psychologists have therefore observed that people are particularly drawn to white when they are moving in a new direction in their lives.

BLACK: complexity, magnetism, prestige, power
Black is the unwritten dress code of artists and intellectuals who either do not want to distract themselves from their art or who do not want to distract themselves from their thoughts. If you love black, you also value the absolute, have clear, irrefutable ideas and a strong will. The preference for the "non-color" even has a nice side effect: in black you seem downright magnetic and attractive. The frequent comparison of black with the mysterious has to do with its impenetrability: black appears mystical, intangible, it defies any classification - just like its wearer, who is reluctant to be pigeonholed.

GRAY: neutrality, objectivity, calm, elegance
They have nothing in common with the inconspicuous gray mouse. People who choose gray as their favorite color rather appreciate elegance without frills and timeless shapes. You love genteel restraint and would never shout anything out loud - if only because you usually keep a cool head and look at things from a distance. But even when you've got your judgment, you want nothing less than to be shoved into focus and glaringly lit. You are a fan of deliberate, quiet tones, and you prefer to stay out of everything. You are like Switzerland: noble and neutral in the best sense of the word.

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