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What was her best moment as a medic?
That should be yours best moment be in your life.
Walter is Ralph's friend and a great help, but it wasn't his best moment.
Walter es amigo de Ralph y es de gran valor para nosotros, pero este no fue su mejor momento.
Yes. Not yours best moment.
And that was mine best moment as a medic.
That wasn't mine either best moment.
My best moment was probably in the second year of the clinic, on New Year's Eve.
Trial elements mi mejor momento fue en mi segundo año, en vísperas de Año Nuevo.
It's just ... this, right now, with you ... this is mine best momentI've had for the past couple of weeks.
Es sólo ... esto, justo ahora, contigo ... es el mejor momento que he tenido en un buen tiempo.
That wasn't exactly mine best moment.
That wasn't exactly mine best momentbut life goes on, right?
And that was mine best moment as a medic.
El ritual de Ted para subir su autoestima.
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