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Speech by the Reichsführer SS at the SS group leaders conference in Poznan on October 4, 1943.

Speech by the Reichsführer SS at the SS group leaders conference in Poznan on October 4, 1943.

Honor for the Fallen.

In the months that have passed since we were together in June 1942, many comrades fell and gave their lives for Germany and for the Fiihrer. First of all - and I ask you to stand up in his honor and in the honor of all of our dead SS men and dead German soldiers, men and women - first of all, our old comrade and friend, SS group leaderEicke. (The group leaders have risen from their seats.) I ask you to sit down.

At the beginning of the fifth year of the war, which will be a very difficult year, I have considered it necessary to summon you, the high-ranking SS and police officer corps. Sober as we have always been, truthful to ourselves, we want to deal with a few things in this troop leaders' meeting. As I was used to in long years of peace, I will give you my opinion of the situation as I see it, of our tasks, of our tasks, of what we have done and achieved so far, and what we have achieved in the future, in as short a word as possible.

The Russian leadership

First of all, the war situation. I'm starting with Russia. When - I think it was 1937 or 1938 - the big ones in Moscow Show trials took place and the former tsarist ensign and later Bolshevik general Tukhachevsky and other generals were shot, we were all over Europe, we too in the party and in the SS were of the opinion that this was the Bolshevik system Stalin would have made one of his greatest mistakes. We were absolutely mistaken in this assessment of the situation. We can truthfully establish that once. I think Russia would not have held out the two years of war - and it is now in the third year of the war - if it had kept the former Tsarist generals. It has, I presume, that political commissioner made a general or the one who came out of the Red Army Grown up as a commander, as a general, so selected that he could also be a political commissar. The most stubborn will-bearer of the Bolsheviks - I would like to call it doctrine, not worldview - is there both commander and leader.

The 1941 attack

In 1941 the Führer attacked Russia. As we can probably see today, that was briefly, perhaps a quarter to a half year [,] before Stalin made his great invasion of Central and Western Europe. I can sketch this first year with very short lines. The attack hit. The Russian army was rounded up in great cauldrons, wiped out and captured. Back then we did not evaluate the mass of people as we do today as raw material, as labor. In the end, if I think in terms of generations, it is not a shame, but it is regrettable today because of the loss of manpower: after tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands, the prisoners died of exhaustion and hunger.

The winter of 1941/42

The summer and autumn of 1941 came, the triumphal march that took us to Moscow, the winter of 1941/42. The winter of 1941/42 with its consequences was on the one hand the work of fate, which weighed heavily for the first time, on the other hand it was the work of the political commissars, the Politruks, their hardness and intransigence, their fanatical, brutal will the raw material of drove Slavic, Mongolian crowds to the front and not let them out of it.

The year 1942

In the spring of 1942 our attacks came again on the Crimea, via the Donets to the Don and the Volga. The arc of the front of Germany and its allies was broad. The war could have ended for Russia in 1942 if everyone had held out. Because according to all calculations and according to all probability, which should not be ignored in war, with which one has to reckon, sooner or later the Caucasus would have fallen into our hands. Russia would have been cut off from its main oil sources and hunger would have hurt its people even more than it does today. Our allies collapsed. First came the breakthrough with the Romanians, then the breakthrough with the then already very little valuable Italian army and then the breakthrough and running away within the framework of the Hungarian units: the total failure of around 500 km of the front. This failure required the withdrawal of the German front in order to be able to close it again at all. Because of this failure, the victim is Stalingrad was fatefully necessary. It is not our job to rethink every detail today. Personally, I am convinced that this sacrifice - that sounds terribly crude when I say it - was necessary, because without the binding of enemy forces around Stalingrad, the closing of the German front would no longer have been possible. I am convinced that this will be the result of research on the history of war 10, 15 or 20 years after the war. A very late consolation, as it were.

The year 1943

Then came the first big battle for Kharkov that spring. Kharkov was evacuated under sometimes - this is known to every one of our associations outside - very peculiar circumstances. At the right time, on the orders of the Führer, the Panzer Corps came under the leadership of our old comrade SS-Obergruppenführer Hausser to Kharkov. The scheduled evacuation of Kharkov by the Panzer Corps was carried out by Hausser. A glorious week-long campaign began, which this corps waged in a seldom agile manner in the open field, as I consider it to be really right and downright proper for motorized and tank formations. Our tank corps drove the enemy, Sepp Dietrich broke with his Leibstandarte first entered Kharkov, Kharkov was taken again and the German front was re-established.

In the late spring and summer of this year we responded to attacks by the Russians with a major counterattack on Byelgorod. We can proudly state that the only corps that really penetrated the Russian deep position system was our SS Panzer Corps, ahead of the old one Division "Das Reich" the Standard "Germany". The Russian had built a 7 km deep position, a pattern and example that we Germans cannot keep in mind strongly enough: to be diligent, to dig in and to build positions. Because this hard work and the sweat that is shed in the process would save the lives of tens of thousands. We Germans have not yet fully learned this, even after four years of war. If you had to give a school grade for it, it would be best to drop it between 4 and 5 for the Germans' position building. One thing I have to acknowledge here is that our SS divisions have learned a lot over the past two years and are generally busy building positions.

The human potential of the Russians

I would just like to say a few words here to judge the overall strength of the Russians. An important basis for the overall assessment is the question of how many people the Russian has. That is the big puzzle. The estimates of this people in this hermetically sealed country for decades are between 170 and 250 million. I tried very hard to answer this question and had work done that began with the first tsarist censuses, that is, the first censuses that were ever made in Russia. At that time there was no Bolshevik tendency to hide everything in Russia from Europe and the world, from the construction of a road that is not marked to the concealment of the great industries that made the tanks and planes, the European one Intourist visitor when tractor factories were shown, while tanks were being built in the adjoining hall. I have now asked for the censuses that were not taken under this law of camouflage and concealment decades before the Bolshevik rule. From this a certain progress, a progressive growth can be calculated. Based on our calculations, we came to the conclusion that Russia must have two hundred and, in the best case, 220 million people. Enumerating the individual calculations here would take too long and maybe too boring. I have come to the conviction that the Russian, in addition to the divisions on his western front today, i.e. the front facing us, will at the beginning and in the course of this year also withdraw another 4 million soldiers Folk body has squeezed out. That means 400 times 10,000 men, so 400 new divisions. I work it out something like this. He brought up the 1926 and some of the 1927 vintage. It is a tragedy based on natural laws that the Russian cohorts from 1925 to 1927 each make up between 1.5 and 1.8 million men, while our cohorts for this period are only 500,000 to 600,000 men, i.e. a third of the Russian number.

In addition, the Russian has undoubtedly put a lot of people into his companies from even younger years, including those from 1928. The division "Das Reich" reported that it was partially facing divisions in which entire companies consisted of 14 and 15 year olds. The Russian is completely indifferent to that. With him it is only the mass that makes it, and this mass has to be trampled and stabbed, butchered. To use a very brutal example, it is like a pig that is stabbed and gradually has to bleed to death. Without a doubt, the Russian has reinforced his army by another 1 million people by taking on auxiliary workers, i.e. mainly women and boys in the hawser, even in the battalion headquarters and as a machine gun post. Obviously he did not get any Chinese. However, he has brought together another 1 million from these small national splinters such as Afghans (2 to 3 million people), Mongols from Outer Mongolia (2 million people) and Kyrgyz, who may not have been exhausted in terms of defense. I believe that all in all he raised an additional 4 million men as an offensive army. As you know, I am an optimist about the big picture. I know we will win the war. That is a law of nature. However, I have always been very sober when it comes to calculations, and I believe that I can prove here that I never made false predictions in these matters. So I believe that the Russian has consumed around 2 million people dead, prisoners and disabled in the current offensives. So we have to reckon with another desperate and total offensive by the Russians in the winter, with 200 divisions, that is, about 2 million men. We must and will withstand this onslaught and impetus. Nothing on earth is endless, nor is the potential of the Russians endless. If those Brusilov-Offensives, to use the comparison, once come to an end, the potential of the Russians is also approaching its natural end. The Russians are very hungry. It is interesting that with his mass of people he thinks it right to keep officers and commissioners physically strong and happy by giving them American food while the little ones Ivan is very poorly fed with some bread or similar stuff. He just makes the whole war with his brutally trained leadership of political officers, of officer-commissioners or commissioner-officers, of Politruks or NCOs, NCOs or Politruks: it has gradually become one and the same thing.

The gang war

Now I come to another type of war in Russia that is talked about so terribly. When you come to the east, in the high bars, you are generally presented with a map on a 1: 1,000,000 scale. In this map with a scale of 1: 1,000,000, every mine that was found that day on railway tracks of many thousands of kilometers is deliberately marked with a ring. Every attack, whether it is an attack on an ammunition transport or whether it is a customary cattle theft, is marked with a cross or something similar. Then you will only see such a card in red. One is tempted to say: "End! End! There is nothing to be done." - Transfer that to a map on a normal scale and compare that with the criminal cases that our guarded German fatherland, which is still well supplied with police today, has, then it sinks into an unpleasant trifle. But if you want to hear it, every member of the staff will tell you, especially in the stage: "Terrible, the Army Group Center is cut off from home by partisans by a belt of 400 kilometers. "If someone tells you this, then pass the handkerchief to the man so he can wipe his tears. I always ask people like this:" Is the Army Group Middle starved to date "Answer:" No. "-" Didn't she get any more ammunition? "" No, she got everything. "- Of course the trains are canceled, for hours, half days. But is that why there was a lack of people? No, the Army Group got it.

The Vlasov Hype

Then you will hear the next prayer. That reads: "We were wrong about the Russian." The prayer comes from men who are mostly of some sort of Eastern provenance, who were over there in their youth, some of whom wrote very good books, had a Russian mother and who now tell. It is also based on such little political vagabonds, whom we got to know earlier in the Eastern struggle against Poland and who were thrown out of our house, who have now been drafted as soldiers, as captains and majors, and who now continue their intellectual work using the clothes of our decent German armed forces Drive mischief. Spurred on by this propaganda tendency - I can't call it any other - tell you so and so many, write it home in letters from the field post (and it seeps through from top to bottom): Yes, we were wrong about the Russian. The Russian is not at all that robot (this expression is mostly used) that we looked at him for in 1941. Now that we are here in the East, our eyes have opened. They are a noble people, and what do I know, a paragon of all virtues. We just have to educate them to be National Socialists, ideally do an NSRAP or something like that. Then - now comes the next - they would represent the Liberation Army under General Vlasov. Then comes what General Vlasov always tells us: Russia can only be defeated by Russians. Germany has never been able to defeat Russia before. Therefore: Give the Vlasov 500,000 to 1,000,000 Russians, arm them well, train them as well as possible according to German principles, and the Vlasov is so noble that he will attack the Russians and kill them for us.

You can pinch a lot of rubbish and nonsense, that wouldn't be dangerous at all. But if such nonsense has such an effect that a glorious army like the German, looking back on a centuries-old tradition, then begins to doubt its own strength through the chatter of small, politically uneducated officers of higher or lower rank, and if the small one a single bag of slogans who talk like that doesn't even notice how devastating it is when you say: "We can't defeat the Russians, only the Russians themselves can do that" - then that's dangerous. Anyone you ask: "How is the Russian infantry?", Will tell you with touching thoughtlessness (logically, one thing doesn't match the other): "The Russian infantry is filth. We are vastly superior to them." - But: Russia can only be defeated by Russians.

I would not have objected if Mr Vlasov, like any other Slavic subject in a Russian general's uniform, had been employed by us to do propaganda with him against the Russians. I wouldn't have anything against that. Wonderful.

Brigf.Fegelein and the Russian general

Our comrade Fegelein once caught such a Russian general. Look, they're cheap. They are Slavs. Humorous as he is, Fegelein said to his staff: "Let's treat him well now. We pretend that we recognize him as a general. So when he comes in, stand up, stand still, Mr. General, Mr. General, and showed him the respect we have for him. " - Of course it worked. You don't need to teach a Russian general any political ideas, political ideals or political plans for the future, that can be cheaper, gentlemen. This is what the Slavs are known for. The Slav is never able to construct anything himself.In the long run it is not. I will come back to this later. With the exception of a few phenomena, which Asia brings forth over and over again every few centuries, through a mixture of two inheritances that is happy for Asia and unhappy for us Europeans, with the exception of one Attila, one Chinggis Khan, one Tamerlane, one Lenin, a Stalin, this mixed people of the Slavs is built on one Subrace with sprinkled drops of blood from our blood, a leading race, unable to control itself and keep order. It is capable of discussing, capable of debating, capable of decomposing, capable of resisting and revolting against any government. This human inferior commodity is just as incapable of maintaining order today as it was 700 or 800 years ago when these people were Warags when they called the Ruriks called.

Every Russian and every Slav likes to hear himself talking. An old thing. If you ask them: "Please tell me, we attach the greatest importance to your judgment. We can only learn from you," you will not find a Russian inspector who does not fall for this tickling with the peacock feather. Our Fegelein treated his general like that, and he told us everything that such a brave, brave commander shouldn't really tell: from the position of the batteries to the deployment plans and orders for his divisions (he had a whole shock army) . He gave us everything ready for slaughter. It was clear to him that after the chat - he was never touched sharply, not with a single word - he could no longer return well to Father Stalin. And that although he had the Stalin Order, around No. 700, the great Knight's Cross from those over there, which he then gave to Fegelein. Fegelein handed this medal to the Fuehrer, and the Fuehrer gave it back to Fegelein in a very nice silver case. Just on the side.

Vlasov again

When Fegelein told me about the story with the general, I said: "Of course we can do everything. Everything is promised to the man, and everything is kept. He gets the pension of a German lieutenant general. (He is a Russian lieutenant general). He gets good food , Schnapps, women. " - That’s terribly cheap. A torpedo costs what I know how much 10,000 marks if we shoot it. The preparatory fire of the combined artillery of only one division or one corps costs many hundreds of thousands. We have no idea whether this is always as effective as buying a Russian general cheaply. Of course, that doesn't work in the form of being told: You are now getting 100,000 marks, now you are going to reveal it. - Of course he doesn't. Comrade Slav has some point of honor there. You just have to do it differently. Do the math for yourself. What's his pension? 1,500 marks a month, that's 18,000 marks a year. Let him live for 10 years and it'll be 180,000 marks. Other expenses still 20,000 marks. That is all together 200,000 marks. It's cheap if you can get a Russian shock army for it. You can do that with any Russian general, with anyone. You just can't take them so seriously. If we could do that, then things were going right. But we Germans do it so wrongly, I have to say, in the state and the Wehrmacht, and also some Party member crawled on the glue and fell in.

Mr. Wlassow has given lectures in Paris, in Brussels, in Berlin. Members of the German leadership sat at his feet in amazement, opened their mouths and let their noses hang in their mouths in amazement at what such a Bolshevik can do. And they let themselves be told about this butcher's journeyman. I took the trouble to read through his entire speech. I will also comment on this speech and I will send it to you in the near future. - So Mr Vlasov says: It's a shame the way the Germans treat the Russian people. We Russians have abolished corporal punishment for decades. (They abolished them. For that they shoot now. That is a different kind and a different irritant effect.) You Germans have reintroduced corporal punishment - ugh how mean, how barbaric. - Everyone in the auditorium is ashamed. - A few minutes later the man tells: How national the Russians are - you must appeal to this national soul - you can see from the fact that the victor of the Field MarshalPaul, General X. (I don't remember his name), who for years from the GPU was imprisoned, who was beaten, beaten and tortured, so that he still has a hip problem and a serious head injury today, defeated Field Marshal Paulus near Stalingrad out of sheer nationalism. - Nobody disagrees. I thought the Russians had abolished corporal punishment after all. Obviously, the Russians only beat the generals so that they can perform better. This Vlasov hype in Germany went around without contradiction. Instead of cleverly turning it into propaganda to disintegrate the Russian army, this propaganda has partly turned against us and paralyzed the resistance and the will to resist in our own ranks through errors and misconceptions.

Rule with a minority

I have found myself obliged not to speak these things openly against anyone at all. All the things that are still done wrong in our country today, that we cannot yet, that is, the behavior towards foreign peoples, the domination of the foreign-blooded masses with a small minority upper class, all these things have to be learned. We in Altreich - I mean Little Germany now - have only been an empire for 70 years. We have not yet had the opportunity to rule large political minorities or even majorities with a German minority like them Ostmark ruled 40 to 50 million members of foreign peoples in the Balkans in old Austria with the minority of 12 million Germans. We have not yet had the opportunity to rule millions, hundreds of millions of people with a minority, as England does and has learned in 300 years.

You have to take things as they are. We will learn that too, and if we could get up again in 100 years we would see that our grandchildren and great-grandchildren could do better already. I want to teach the SS about all of these things. I believe that based on our more confident racial attitudes, we are best immune to mistakes. We still have a lot to learn ourselves. We do it, I believe - to put it modestly - relatively the least bad and the least flawed.

Psychology of the Slavs

Now back to the Slavs! I think it is necessary for us to discuss this too. Whether it Peter the Great was or whether it was the last Tsars whether it is Mr. Lenin or Mr. Stalin, they know their people, they know very well that the terms "loyalty", "not betraying someone", "not conspiring" are not part of the vocabulary that the Russians have. Whatever you hear about a Russian, it's all true. It is true that some of these Russians are fervently pious and fervent to the Mother of God Khasan or from anywhere else believes absolutely true. It is true that the Volga boatmen sing splendidly, it is true that today in modern times the Russian is a good improviser and a good technician. It is true that to a large extent he is even fond of children. It is true that he can work very diligently. It's just as true that he's stinking lazy. It is just as true that he is an unrestrained beast who can torture and torment other people in a way that a devil cannot imagine. It is just as true that the Russian, high or low, is prone to the most perverted things, to the point of devouring his comrade and storing his neighbor's liver in his haversack. This is all contained in the emotional and value scale of these Slavic people. It is often a matter of luck which lot he draws, and for those who do not know this beast very well, it is a very big mystery: what is the guy up to now.

The Russians themselves know each other very well and have invented a very practical system, whether it was the tsars with the Uchrana or Mr. Lenin and Mr. Stalin with the GPU or the NKVD. When four Russians are together with fathers, mothers and children, none of the four or five knows who is telling whom, who is the informant who says the father, is it the mother or is it the daughter? And who, conversely, specifies this? In case of doubt there are two, sometimes even three informers in the family. I'm not saying too much with that. For the city, this statement applies unconditionally. For the country, our comrades over in the east will be able to tell them that there are still 20 to 30 NKVD informers and agents in every village, even after the Bolsheviks have withdrawn. This gives absolute certainty that no conspiracy can arise because everything is always reported to the top through this spy apparatus. Then comes the pistol or the dispatch, and that is how this people is to be governed.

Mind in the wrong place

It is fundamentally wrong if we put our whole harmless soul with mind, if we carry our good-naturedness, our idealism into foreign peoples. That applies starting from Herderwho the "Voices of the peoples"Probably wrote in a drunk hour and brought us, the descendants, so immeasurable suffering and misery. That applies, starting with the Czechs and Slovenes, to whom we brought their national feeling. They ourselves were not capable of this, we were invented that for her.

One principle must absolutely apply to the SS man: we have to be honest, decent, loyal and comradely to members of our own blood and to no one else. How the Russians are doing, how the Czechs are doing, is totally indifferent to me. What good blood of our kind is available in the peoples of our kind, we shall get by robbing them of their children, if necessary, and bringing them up with us. Whether the other peoples live in prosperity or whether they perish from hunger, that interests me only insofar as we need them as slaves for our culture, otherwise I am not interested. Whether or not 10,000 Russian women fall from exhaustion while building an anti-tank ditch is only of interest to me insofar as the anti-tank ditch is being finished for Germany. We'll never be raw and heartless where we don't have to be; that is clear. We Germans, who are the only ones in the world to have a decent attitude towards animals, will of course also adopt a decent attitude towards these human animals, but it is a crime against our own blood to worry about them and to bring them ideals, so that our sons and grandchildren have a harder time with them. If someone comes to me and says: "I cannot build the anti-tank trench with the children or the women. That is inhuman, because then they die from it" - then I have to say: "You are a murderer of your own blood, because, if the anti-tank ditch is not built, then German soldiers will die, and those are sons of German mothers. That is our blood. " That is what I want to inoculate this SS and - I believe - inoculated as one of the most sacred laws of the future: Our care, our duty, is our people and our blood; That is what we have to worry about and think about, work and fight for, and nothing else. Everything else can be indifferent to us. I hope that the SS will face the problem of all foreign, non-Germanic peoples, especially the Russians, with this attitude. Everything else is lather, is a betrayal of our own people, and is an obstacle to winning the war earlier.

Russian soldiers on our side

It goes without saying in this war; better a Russian dies than a German. If we use Russians, it applies to us that they are mixed with Germans in the ratio 1: 2 or 1: 3. It is best to use individual Russians, then you can ride with them in the tank. A Russian with two or three Germans in a tank, wonderful, doesn't do anything. You are only allowed to not let the Russians meet the other tank driver Russians, otherwise the Russians will conspire. But if, for whatever reason, you want companies consisting only of Russians, then make sure, gentlemen, - and that is not just any idea, but that is an order, gentlemen - that you use your spy apparatus, your NKVD- in this company Have apparatus. Then you can sleep peacefully. Also - this is one of the earliest teachings I have given - make sure that these subhumans always look at you, always look your boss in the eye. It's like with the animal. As long as it looks its tamer in the eye, it does nothing. But always be clear about it: it is a beast. With this attitude we will be able to take advantage of the Russians, with this attitude we will always be superior to the Slavs. Not with any other setting.

The Russian theater of war today

Now on to the situation! Today we are in a shortened position. It's a shame that we had to give up the Donets area. We gave up. That decides the war or does not affect the decision of the war in any way. It is advantageous that this gives us a short and straight front that will be expanded, must be expanded with all our might, and we will then be ours East wall with shortest and straight connections backwards. Overall, this has a very big advantage. Now the enemy has been pushed back the space that we had to deal with up to now, the large space that we have largely destroyed. I look forward to the Russian offensive this winter with calm. I believe we will withstand this last great blow from the desperate beast. And then, he wouldn’t have to be a Slav if he didn’t suddenly show very strong signs of fatigue, namely mental fatigue.

Theater of war Italy

Now to Italy, the other theater of war! We have to be clear about this, the weakness of this people lies in their blood, in their race. In considering this problem, one has to distinguish between what is comfortable or uncomfortable for us today and what is comfortable or uncomfortable for us in the future. Italy was a weak ally, from Greece and Africa to Russia. After all, there is no people who have not beaten the Italians, from whom the Italians have not been beaten. One can immediately anticipate this end result, Italy will be the most reviled people in the world, because no one, no Albanian, no Montenegrin, no French, no American, no English, no Russian, no German will have respect for them because they were everywhere as soldiers, as cowardly men. That is the most pitiful judgment that can be made of a people and a race. So you have to differentiate between what we are today and what would be pleasant for us in the future. If Italy were a really close neighbor to us, it would be very nice if it had stayed strong. With a constantly weak neighbor who is not holding anything back - I have to say that - the condition as it is today is better. He's a lot better. It's uncomfortable at the moment, it hit us at an uncomfortable time. If the betrayal had come a quarter of a year later, it would have been better for us. You can't choose that in a war. Fate does not ask at all. It throws such a chunk at you. With a view to the great future, let's be grateful to fate and God for how it turned out.

The failure of the Italians

I said the Italians failed everywhere. Pantelleria - to name just one typical example - was handed over by 12,000 men after 36 men had been killed and 120 wounded in the course of 6 weeks. They had water - the report from the honorable commander of Pantelleria was incorrect - for the garrison of 12,000 men for probably 10 to 12 days. Personally, I believe they have had water for a long time. Every expert says the island could not be conquered at all, because even the aircraft boxes were housed underground in rock casemates. They could no longer be extracted. One has to say something here: The handover of Pantelleria is tragic in so far as the Duce this island had it expanded, just as he had the Italian air force, just as he created the fleet. This fleet was his work, was his fleet. All of this people - you can really say that - are Italians, and they are the only ones who carried and embodied the great Roman tradition.

The Italian army in Sicily did not resist; she immediately showed the white flag everywhere. The betrayal came. That was very difficult for us because we were in the middle of transporting our divisions. In terms of news, I was already convinced of the disintegration of Italy a year and a half ago. The army was contaminated by communists and was Anglo-American. We could not carry out the counter-attack until enough German divisions had crossed the Alpine ridge.

The Liberation of the Duce

Then came the actual implementation of the Armistice Treaty. And then this - how should I put it - came about by our SS men and the men of the Luftwaffe, the liberation of the Duce. I was very pleased that once in these years the work of the Security service could be mentioned, because just the work of Security police and the security service happens in silence. It is never named, cannot be named. The man dies just as well as our man at the front, but it must not be talked about. What he brings in important news and important documents, what he has done important, can never be mentioned. So I was very pleased that the security service - the work of our friend Heydrichthat his successor Kaltenbrunner continues in a dignified and energetic manner - was able to show the public once that he is strong and that he is doing something.

As far as I could see everywhere, the liberation of the Duce had an unheard of echo among our people and gave them an unheard-of boost. But this was also interesting because we can learn the lesson from it that virtues such as loyalty and comradeship are emotional values ​​that are deeply rooted not only in German, but also in the entire European group of people. Never underestimate the value, the only lasting value of these ideals. The way our people responded to this act of friendship, camaraderie and loyalty was a shining example and proof of it.

The Balkans

I will briefly list the individual countries in the Balkans. - Croatia - e.g. Currently in serious disarray - is a state made up of 6 1/2 million people, 3 1/2 million of whom are Croatians. 2 million are Bratislava, so a kind of Serbs, and 1 million are Bosniaks. It is a state that has very large minorities. His leader, the Poglawnik, took up his position as a result of the difficult conditions Italy imposed on him, burdened with the mortgage that he had to cede the largest and most valuable part of his country. It was clear that he couldn't get any authority like that. The Italian army was in large parts of the country. The gangs under mr Titowho has become a kind of folk hero there and under Lord Draha Mihailovich - Tito is the communist man, Draha Mihailowitsch is the Yugoslav-English-American man - had the best life there.

The situation is similar in Slovenia. - We have now recognized Albania's independence. - Serbia is of course the center of conspiracies in the Balkans, but it is relatively quiet. - Greece has calmed down a bit at the moment.

It is clear that we had to gather large numbers of troops in the Balkans in order to shield and protect this part of Europe that had been exposed by the failure of our ally. We have to reckon with attacks by the Anglo-Americans there.

It is, of course, interesting that the Balkans is one of the main points of contention between Russia and the Anglo-Americans. Russia declares: this is my area. And the Anglo-Americans say: this is our area. The best fruits for us will grow out of this dispute between the noble allies.

The remaining occupied territories

France, the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Poland, Bohemia and Moravia - the location is well known. We have to be careful everywhere, that is clear. We have to reckon with acts of sabotage, parachutists, minor uprisings, strikes, insubordination and timidity everywhere, even among the positive sections of the population. One thing is very clear to me about the Germanic countries: the bulk of the people of these Germanic countries can only be won deeply when the die has been cast and it is clear in this battle between the two Germanic empires, namely the German and the English empire, who is the stronger. They will then fall to him. It is uncomfortable for us that they do not come to us with a full heart. But it is simply beyond discussion that the political prerequisites for this did not exist.

There are - and that is the tragedy of Renewal movements in the Netherlands, Flanders, Norway and Denmark - the brilliant minds were not present who were able to win over their people according to their own political laws and to bring them into the Germanic community today. Perhaps, even probably, historically speaking, it is correct that it is so difficult to do. To the selection that comes to us and that in the Germanic volunteer associations, in the Germanic Corps (in the III. SS Panzer Corps) naturally belong to the most valuable members of the Germanic countries. Within the 30 million Germanic people, these men who made their way through to us, who were brought up with us, will be the old fighters of the greater Germanic community.

The war of sabotage

Of course, we have to reckon with an increase in sabotage in the most unpleasant forms of sabotage war, with the use of poison, with explosions, in short everything. These are things that you have to take care of and that you have to take seriously down to the last detail, but which should never achieve their purpose of getting our nerves down or spoiling our humor. I say with full awareness that in this war every little thing has to be taken seriously. But you shouldn't take anything tragic, because none of these things kill us. They cannot kill us at all, they are pin pricks, they are uncomfortable, they inhibit us here and there, but none of them can affect us in terms of life. In terms of life - I would like to emphasize this here for the first time - only one thing could affect us if our will to resist would weaken. Whoever does not give in spiritually and willingly cannot be defeated if he cannot be starved, which is not the case with us, and if he remains humanly, militarily strong when he has his weapons and cannot be overcome with them .

The air war

Since the Luftwaffe, which in the first years of the war had absolute control of the air, had to expand to the major theaters of war across Europe, it has of course become thinner. The fact that we had to step in in the most sacrificed battles to secure supplies in Italy, because neither the Italian fleet nor the Italian air force could somehow adequately secure supplies to Africa, made us very worn out in Italy.

The Terrorist attacks of our homeland have undoubtedly hit us hard in some places. I have the firm conviction, I would almost like to say, I can say that we have overcome the low we had, that we have found a tactic to break up these air strikes, that by working we can increase our production on aircraft and can improve their armament. I am firmly convinced that by the end of this year and the beginning of next year we will have gotten rid of the main danger and that we will take action again in the course of next year.

The naval warfare

We have had bad days for a while this year. Fate has weighed us once again. At the same time, when the difficulties were on the Eastern Front, when the betrayal of Italy was just around the corner, when the air raids were getting so colossal, the submarine war ceased. As is always the case in war, it goes back and forth. Once the attack weapon is stronger, once the defensive weapon. We had just got the period when the English defensive weapon was stronger and technically superior to us. Submarine warfare therefore had to be kept to a minimum for months. As you have seen from the reports of the last 14 days, we have now become active again. The offensive weapon has caught up with the technical lead of the others, has overtaken them, and now the offensive weapon is back in front. This is an example and a lesson that one must never give in, that something technical, military, spiritual or other is only lost if one gives in. If in the air force or in the navy the Reichsmarschall or the Grand Admiral Doenitz after the low would have said: It's no good, the others are overpowering, are technically better, they have overtaken us technically, the submarine is outlived, our air force, this or that technical development is outlived - then they would others have triumphed. If you don't give in, but give the order, as has happened here in both cases: Now more than ever! - then, as this example with the Air Force as well as the Navy shows, things will move forward again. You just have to have the nerve to do it.

The inner front

I now come to another side of this war, the internal front. A part of the German people, namely the older generation, is already participating in the second four-year World War. Years before the war the German people were already very tense due to the armament, the Four year plan, the retrieval of the Ostmark, the Sudetenland and through the Occupation of Boehmen and Maehren. There is no doubt that opposing propaganda is pouring in and trickling into this German people from many sides. Unfortunately, we are not in a position to shield the enemy broadcasters completely or at all to any significant extent. The temptation has grown to listen to the hostile stations, which have become better in their psychological effect, unfortunately sometimes very good. As in all cases in which a prohibition or law cannot be given the emphasis of the executive and the punishment, the prohibition also has a detrimental effect on authority. Although we have forbidden to listen to enemy broadcasts, we are and were not in a position to significantly punish violations of this prohibition. Today we went over to it a little more, because at the moment when Mr Badoglio was doing his mess, when the betrayal was rampant in Europe, there was of course a defeatist wave in Germany. Shortly before, the prevailed Air raids on Hamburg a mood of crisis in many cities, which was downright panic for days, especially in our dear capital Berlin, until it calmed down and subsided again. As a result of listening to foreign stations, the talk spread through many channels that always exist in a large people: Oh God, the war, you can actually no longer win it. Wouldn't it be better then, etc. - Then this absolutely interesting thing: Oh, you can arrest a Duce, that's interesting. - At the moment the Duce was arrested, I said to myself, we will be very careful now. The people who find it so interesting are interesting to me.

Since that time you have been experiencing the messages from the Reich Minister of Justice and in the next few weeks you will see that the government councilor so-and-so and the factory owner so-and-so and the waiter, the chauffeur, the fitter and the employee have a pretty little head in front of them Feet was laid because, as a defeatist, he destroyed the mood of the German people, undermined the power of resistance and committed treason. It really doesn't matter to us that we kill anyone. When you have had as many people shot as we had to do or as I have to, then it is harder and harder to sign a death warrant. When I became Minister of the Interior, everyone said (because it is so incredibly easy to say): Lord, take action, be tough. The German people expect tremendous severity from you. - I already have it, so I don't need a reminder at all. This is very easy to say, but: a death sentence means immeasurable misery for a whole family, means the desecration of a name that was previously honorable. Just imagine what it means for the sons and grandchildren of this family when they say later (you must always see this in the projection of 10 to 20 years after the war): The father of this family is in the great war, who was about the fate of the Germanic nation, was beheaded for treason. (In a distant future, everything we do today is considered heroic. Everything human - all too human is then forgotten. All cowards have now died, and ultimately everyone is considered heroic). Such a family will be violated for all future. I know all of this. I know how difficult it is, and that's why I try to limit the necessary educational measures.

I know that a lot is stolen in Germany and that the term property has become very loose, out of necessity, out of the loosening of all terms that every war brings with it, or out of a poor upbringing that the German people have on this Area had. I can and will never catch every thief. I don't want to grab it either, because otherwise I would have to grab too many thousands. I won't catch every defeatist either. I know exactly when in a year or two our divisions and regiments will move into the garrisons - some of the old people with their 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 wounds by then, while the other part will no longer go with them because they are under the Lawn is lying, but what I hope is a considerable remnant of the old SS streamed back into Germany - then, I know, thousands cheer us, who then feel much more heroic than we maybe were or when we - we don't even imagine that we are heroic - were decent. That will always be the case. I am not offended. We can't take that offense either. We must never lose our sense of humor. It is necessary, however, that an example be made of this series of cowards that every people has. Unfortunately for God it is the case that these cowards are more and more found in the upper class than in the lower class or in the middle class of a people. Obviously, intellect somehow corrupts character, at least will formation and energy. For this upbringing, it is completely enough for me if I always grab one of 100 defeatists who shout "Hurray" afterwards and lay my head at his feet. Then the other 99 will be quiet for a quarter of a year. Then all the mothers say: For God's sake, don't kill yourself, don't make us miserable. They recently beheaded our colleague. It's in the paper. So just be quiet, shout out loud hurray. - Well, it should, then the purpose has been achieved. With that we won't become a fort anyway, none HKL storm. We know that anyway. But the main thing is that these people don't spoil our decent people. Whenever necessary, brutal and merciless measures are taken. None of us are happy about this. Although it is no pleasure, gentlemen, regardless of relatives or acquaintances, status or previous merits, regardless of whether a party member is or not, you have to act mercilessly when the fate of the nation so requires. Always rather grab a big one than a seduced stupid little one. The inner front will always be okay if we have the nerve to keep it in order and to act when we don't ourselves enjoy it.

Foreigners in the Reich

We also have to be clear about the fact that we have 6 to 7 million foreigners in Germany. Maybe 8 million now. We have prisoners in Germany. None of them are dangerous as long as we hit hard on the smallest thing. It is a small thing to shoot 10 Poles today, compared to the fact that we might later have to shoot tens of thousands in their place, and compared to the fact that shooting these tens of thousands would also cost German blood. Every little fire is put out immediately and put out and put out; otherwise - as with a real fire - a political and psychological conflagration can develop among the people.

The communists in the empire

I do not believe that the communists could dare to do anything, because their leading organs, like most criminals, are in our concentration camps. Something must be said here: one day after the war it will be possible to ascertain what a blessing it was for Germany that, in spite of all humanity drudgery, we locked up this entire criminal underclass of the German people in the concentration camps; - I claim that for myself.- If they were running around freely, we'd have a harder time. Then the subhumans would have their NCOs and commanders, then they would have theirs Workers 'and Soldiers' Council. But as they are, they are locked up and turning grenades or making bullets or other important things, and they are very useful members of human society.

The situation on the enemy side

Now I would like to give a brief overview of the other side. We Germans always fluctuate between extremes. Either we are up there cheering and can't wait until we achieve everything in a blitzkrieg of 18, 16 or 15 days, or we let our jaws hang and say: Yes, everything is wonderful with the opponent. The English - everything is fine. With the Russians - everything is fine, just not with us. - We completely forget that on the other side, as everywhere, one only cooks with water.


I would like to briefly list our various opponents. Russia again. I can be very brief here. In my opinion, Russia will be at the end of its human potential when the next big offensives are over. You can of course move in sixteen-year-olds, you can even anticipate fifteen-year-olds - I am absolutely in favor of us doing the same with us if the fate of the nation demands it, because it is better for the fifteen-year-old boys to die than for the nation to die - but you can't go on and on indefinitely, because at the end of the day you can't wage war with thirteen and twelve-year-olds. In my opinion, human potential is one of the Russian's weakest points, although it was once his greatest strength. Second, I am convinced that the Russians have an unheard-of hunger that we cannot really recognize. The front is even better fed than the people behind the front. Nevertheless, in many cases it is very bad even at the front. The Russian had great transport difficulties for a long time. These have not yet been overcome either. I don't think the Russian is weak in terms of material. But I believe that he will die of blood loss and starvation.


England has been at war for four years now. It has not yet had very high bloody losses. In England, however, there is a constant fear, the very justified fear, that the moment the submarine war resumes in full force - and I am convinced it will do so for months now - the whole balance of nutrition, supplies and landing possibilities are shaken. Because all military operations that England and America want to carry out stand or fall with the tonnage. The landing operations in Italy at Salerno no doubt it cost half a million tons. I very much doubt whether England can afford long and long such landing operations. I do believe, however, that England may still be carrying out landing operations this autumn - they don't have much time for that anymore - but certainly in the spring. But I also believe one thing further: at the moment when the war for England - and this applies later even more to America - really goes to the blood of his sons, the war in England and America becomes even more unpopular than it is now .


America is waging a war on two fronts even more than England Pacific War against Japan, which fortunately is a stronger and more belligerent ally, and the war in Europe or in the Atlantic. I don't think things are the best in America. One has to imagine that America has always had a very large number of Jews and a brutal plutocratic economy. It is unimaginable how pushing is done in America. I think we were orphans from 1918 against it. It is also unimaginable what difficulties and hardships in America are gradually approaching the population. In addition, we are Lord Roosevelt, who will have to be re-elected next year, has taken his best electoral propaganda punchline by liberating the Duce.

The monster trial against Mussolini and the fascism that should be the start of his election propaganda.

The following applies to both countries: The war will become terribly unpopular in England and America at the moment when England and America have to fight somewhere in Europe, be it in Italy, be it in the Balkans, be it in France, in Denmark or Norway. This is particularly true of America. England fought with its own people in the last world war. America, on the other hand, had, I believe, 60,000 to 70,000 dead in the past war. Unfortunately, that was far too little. I am convinced that if the Americans had died 500,000 in World War I, they would not have gone to war this time. A difficult point will come psychologically for the gentlemen when the number of deaths exceeds that of the world war. Once that number gets into the hundred thousand, or into the hundreds of thousands, Americans will be in the greatest trouble. The Americans are not as brave as they are. On the contrary, the American is by no means a brave soldier, he is well equipped, he has a very strong artillery, he is well paid in all things, but he is not a good infantryman.

Political difficulties on the enemy side

Now come the big political difficulties. England and America disagree. England says: America, you have to help me more in Europe. - Of course, a fraudster wants to cheat the other. One tries to use the strength of the other. America wants England to help them get rid of Japan. England tries to use the American to kill Germany. England is in an increasingly difficult position. Lord can also do this Churchill not bring his English away. What is it actually waging war for? And now come the difficulties with Russia. Stalin, brutal, an ice-cold power politician, says: I carry the heavyweight of the war. That's why I want to rule in Europe. Poland, the Balkans, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia are my areas of interest. Germany, when it is defeated, is also my area of ​​interest. Now you have a hard time on the other side. The war with Germany was actually started because Poland was guaranteed. I think it had to be like that, sir Sikorski dying for clinging to that old fairy tale. This, of course, brought terrible difficulties for England. So now England has one too Atlantic Charter published. But England still needs Russia as an ally. Because it is his best mainland sword. So while Bolshevik Russia wants to determine Europe, England would like - as it is so beautifully called - to maintain the European equilibrium and, for God's sake, not allow the Bolsheviks to come to Europe.

It's a jumbled mess of interests and opinions, intentions and plans. One wants to take advantage of the other for his plans and cheat in order to then bring home the harvest for himself. This is a system that will certainly last for a while, but which sooner or later will collapse one day. At the moment when this alliance breaks, the strength of our opponents is still considerable, but no longer threatening. The war is won by the one who always and always strikes back, who never surrenders. For us at the end of this war, when one day Russia is exhausted or leaves and England or America get tired of the war, the confirmation of a world empire comes out. Then you can really say comparatively - even if every comparison is limping - that the Seven Years War the confirmation of Prussia as a major European power. The war was fought for 7 years to confirm that the already conquered province of Silesia remained part of Prussia. This war will confirm that everything that has been annexed to the German, Greater German and then Germanic Reich in the past few years since 1938 will remain with us. It is led so that the way to the East is free, that Germany is a world empire, that the Germanic world empire is founded. That will be the purpose of this war, whether it lasts 5, maybe 6, maybe 7 years. We don't know how long it will last. We don't even ask about it. It is carried on as long as it lasts, and we fought it with will and good humor for as long as it lasts. It will be won by those who stand, who do not give in or fall over even in the most difficult situation. It is our primary responsibility to ensure that this never happens.

The SS in the war

Now I come to our own development, to that of the SS over the past few months. When I look back on the entire war, the development was unheard of. She walked at an almost frenzied pace. Let's take a look back at 1939. At that time we were a few regiments, eight to nine thousand men Guard associations, so not even a division, all in all at best 25 to 28,000 men. We were armed, but practically did not get our artillery regiment as a heavy weapon until two months before the war began. We will recap which tasks, which duties and which orders we have received in the past 4 1/2 years. Before that, however, I would like to list some external changes and announce them again.

Personnel changes

In the Main offices the following changes have taken place:

The successor of our fallen friend Heydrich has become our comrade, SS-Obergruppenführer Kaltenbrunner. Unfortunately he is sick today. He has phlebitis, but thank God it is not dangerous. That's why he couldn't come.

Our old friend Daluege has such a severe heart condition that he is undergoing treatment and will now have to retire from active service for 1 1/2 to 2 years. - Tonight I would like to send a telex or telegram to our two friends, especially Daluege and also Kaltenbrunner, on behalf of all of us. We have the hope that Daluege will, as I said, be restored in around 2 years and then be able to go back to the front and step into the harness.

SS-Obergruppenführer leads in his representation Wuennenbergwho so far the Police division led, and then was destined for that IV. SS Panzer Corps to lead as commanding general, the general of Armed SS and the police is that Order police as chief of the regulatory police.

Successor to our old comrade and friend Sharp the SS-Gruppenführer Breithaupt Breithaupt became head of the SS court.

SS-Obergruppenführer Hofmann has swapped. He has given up the race and settlement main office and has become Higher SS and Police Leader Southwest.

SS-Obergruppenführer Hildebrandt has given up its upper section of the Vistula and is head of the Race and Settlement Main Office become.

SS-Obergruppenführer Schmidt has given up the main HR office at his own request and is mine for special tasks Personal staff kicked. His successor is SS-Gruppenführer v. Herff.

One of my closest and oldest employees, SS-Obergruppenführer WolffAfter a serious illness that endangered his life (the operation of a kidney stone), thank God he was completely healthy again and is now - it is a first-time position - the Highest SS and police leaders for all of occupied Italy. So he has to guard a human area of ​​25 to 30 million. He has SS group leaders Globocnik as Higher SS and Police Leader for the coastal country, as well as several SS and police leaders among themselves. He couldn't come today either.

Higher SS and police leaders have since been deployed as follows: in Croatia Kammerhofer, who is called the Croatian because of not higher SS and police leaders, but the representative of the Reichsführer-SS, in Serbia earlier Meyszner ; in Greece now Stroob - I would like to inform you about this right away - but which I will then take away from there Schimana , You will become a Higher SS and Police Leader in Greece, so you will not lead the Galician SS Volunteer Division. - SS group leader Hank becomes Higher SS and Police Leader in Denmark.

The corps and brigades

In the Waffen-SS, since we last saw each other, we have advanced to the next level of organizational development. At that time, 1 1/2 years ago, we were just setting up the I. SS Panzer Corps, which was headed by SS-Obergruppenführer Hausser, who is currently in charge of coastal operations in Italy.

The following corps have since emerged or are in the process of being formed:

The I. SS-Panzer-Corps under SS-Obergruppenführer Sepp Dietrich, consisting of the SS-Panzer-Division Leibstandarte-SS Adolf Hitler and the SS-Panzer-Division "Hitler-Jugend", which is being formed.

The II. SS Panzer Corps under SS-Obergruppenführer Hausser, consisting of the SS Panzer Division "Das Reich" and the SS Panzer Division "Totenkopf".

The III. SS Panzer Corps, the Germanic, under SS-Obergruppenführer Steiner, consisting of the SS-Panzer-Division "Wiking", which stands in the east, a newly established SS-Freiwilligen-Panzer-Grenadier-Division "Nordland" and the SS-Freiwilligen-Panzer-Grenadier-Brigade "Nederland".

The IV. SS Panzer Corps under SS-Gruppenführer Kruegerwho previously headed the division "Das Reich", consisting of two new divisions, namely the existing SS Panzer Division "Hohenstaufen", which we were 9th together with the 10th Division in February of this year in the course of 5 to 6 Weeks by SS-Obergruppenführer Berger and by SS-Obergruppenführer Juettner trained and set up. That was a feat, I can tell you, the greatest risk. It was the greatest anxiety I've had for a few weeks. The old Panzer Corps, consisting of "Reich", "Leibstandarte" and "Totenkopf", left France. In the second half of December the order came from the Führer: On 15.2. are two new SS divisions, in France, to be raised in the Labor camps from the year 1925. One could later write a book about it and tell a novel about how difficult it was and how it was bent. These recruits were fired from the very first day, because you never knew whether the Englishman might not come. After eight weeks it was already a lot better, and now the divisions have become extremely good. - At the moment we have the order to set up the 16th and 17th SS Divisions by January. We are now busy together with this hard work. The IV. SS Panzer Corps will consist of the SS Panzer Division "Hohenstaufen" (the 9th Div.) And a division to be newly formed, which will be called the SS Panzer Grenadier Division "Reichsführer-SS" receives. It will be built up from the "Reichsführer-SS" brigade, which we hope got away safely from Corsica today with the last man.

The V. SS Mountain Corps under SS-Obergruppenführer Phleps, consisting of the SS-Freiwilligen-Gebirgs-Division "Prinz Eugen" and a Bosniak-Gebirgs-Division (SS-Freiwilligen b.h. Gebirgs-Division (Croatia)).

The VI. SS-Freiwilligen-Korps, the Latvian, under SS-Gruppenführer Pfeffer-Wildenbruch , consisting of a Latvian brigade that has now been established, which has done very well on the Volkhov (Latvian SS Volunteer Grenadier Brigade) and a Latvian division that is being formed and will soon be complete (Latvian SS Volunteer Infantry Division (nA)) .

The VII. SS Panzer Corps, which is being set up, with an already existing SS Panzer Division in France (the 10th Div.), Which has been given the name "Frundsberg" and the (17th Division). ) SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Division, which at first sounds very strange, but - if you understand it correctly - gets a very defiant name: "Götz von Berlichingen". "Frundsberg" and "Götz von Berlichingen", that is a defiance from us against our opponents outside and inside.

We have also set up various brigades and storm brigades. Later, when it can be told in detail, what was squeezed out of the Waffen-SS and what could be squeezed out will show up as a remarkable achievement.

Chief of the gang fighting associations

In the meantime, I have also set up the office of the chief of the gang fighting associations during this time. The head of the gang fighting units is our comrade SS-Obergruppenführer from the brook. I have considered it necessary that the Reichsführer-SS be the authoritative commander for all these battles, as I am convinced that we are best able to tackle this extremely political struggle of our opponents. We have had very good successes, insofar as the units provided for this purpose and set up by us have not been taken away again and again to plug gaps at the front.

It is noteworthy that by setting up this department in the order of division, corps, army, we have reached the next level, namely that of the high command of an army or even a group - if you want to call it that - for the SS.

Order and security police

Now briefly to the tasks of the order and security police. They stayed within the same framework. I can only say that what has been achieved is enormous. We have around 30 Police regiments made up of police reservists and old police soldiers - police officers, as they were called in the past. The average age in our police battalions is no less than that in the security battalions of the Wehrmacht. The achievement is above all praise. We also have by merging the previously established Protective team battalions of the "wild peoples" police rifle regiments formed. So we no longer left these Schutzmannschaft battalions alone, but carried out a mixture of about 1: 3. That is why we have a much greater stability, especially in this time of crisis, than the other indigenous or indigenous associations have been able to show.

The tasks of the security police, like those of the order police, have grown with the growing area. It is precisely here that we can only talk about what was achieved after the war. It will definitely be a nice conversation when we meet up with our partners Secret Service speak out and put each other's cards on the table. On the other hand, life is not made easy for us. You must never forget that the fortunate situation we find ourselves in because we have occupied many parts of Europe also brings us the disadvantage that we have millions of people and dozens of foreign peoples among us and thus against us. We automatically have everyone against us who is a staunch communist, we have every Mason against us, every democrat, every staunch Christian. These are the ideological opponents that we have against us all over Europe and that the enemy has all to himself. But we also have right or wrongly understood nationalism - be it in France, Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands or Serbia - against us. The opponent can therefore use a wonderfully prepared floor at any time for his acts of sabotage or for the activities of his parachutists. We haven't had these opportunities so far, except in the Caucasus and Iran, which is very far away.

Our dear British and American opponents are now on the mainland. You have southern Italy, we have northern Italy. Now we're going to play. I am looking forward. It will be a wonderful opportunity for us to show what we can do in this area. It is the first opportunity for us to face the English with the same weapon in this field. - England itself is the only foreign nation to have only the Irish with them. Ireland is so Catholic, so religiously bound, that despite its national opposition to England, the church has kept it calm and neutralized, so that we cannot use it. - Now for the first time an opportunity arises. You can rest assured that we will not miss it.

Tasks as Reich Minister of the Interior

In addition to all that we have achieved during this time, I cannot hide the fact that I became Reich Minister of the Interior. I have a little more work to do with it. I see my tasks in the following individual large complexes: 1. Restoration of the often lost imperial authority. 2. Decentralization of tasks that are not important to the rich. In order to keep the Reich in hand, to bind all creative forces slumbering in the German people in the German people Self-management. 3. Radical cleaning up of corruption or bad behavior in this whole apparatus and in every case. I will go ahead with mercy. Whoever has committed something and whom I catch comes before the khadi, big or small, because such a case - exercised and announced to the public in one area - does not damage the reputation of the state and the party, but strengthens it, because then everyone says: All kinds of respect. Decent. If someone is a scoundrel, they kick him out. - That is exactly the same for us within the SS. I will come to a few things that I will, as I am used to, express them clearly. It is very clear that human inadequacies occur everywhere. The organizations differ only in the following: One organization hushes up and thinks that - in order not to damage its reputation - the famous blanket of Christian charity must be thrown over it. The other organization is brutally cleaning itself. She says: "He was a pig, we shot him" or "we locked him up" or in any case "we threw him out". Then she says: "So, now deal with it, chat about it or do something else." This gives you the right to say: If one of you is a pig, then that’s exactly what happens. As Reichsführer-SS, as chief of the German police and now as Reich Minister of the Interior, I would not have the moral right to take action against any comrade, nor could we muster the strength to do so if we did not brutally ensure cleanliness in our own ranks . You can be assured that I will do the same as Reich Minister of the Interior. You can of course also be assured that I am not starting any crazy course and now, for example, pull the curb so hard in the horse's mouth that he sits on his hindquarters, but the reins are slowly tightened and gradually the horse is already back in one decent pace should be brought.

SS business enterprises

I now come to a few other large areas of responsibility, about which it is important for all of you to learn. We have huge armaments factories in the concentration camps. That is the task of our friend SS-Obergruppenführer Pohl. We work many millions of hours on armaments every month. We approach the most ungrateful things and - I have to acknowledge this - whether it is in the concentration camps, in the business operations of Pohl, whether it is outside with the higher SS and police leaders or whether it is in the workshops of the SS Leadership Main Office is, it shows one thing: we are SS men everywhere. Wherever something is wrong, there is something to do. Educate every subordinate to me in this direction. We want to help unhindered through competencies, because we want to win the war. What we do, we do for Germany. Whether it is the construction of a road, whether a tunnel is not going somewhere, whether it is an invention that is not born out of sheer bureaucracy, or something else: where we can touch, we touch. What we do in our armaments factories will be a remarkable and remarkable achievement if we can only calculate and demonstrate it at the end of the war.

The Evacuation of Jews

I would also like to mention a very difficult chapter here in all frankness. It should be openly expressed between us, and yet we will never talk about it in public. Just as little as we do on June 30, 1934 hesitated to do the duty ordered and to stand up against the wall and shoot comrades who missed each other, just as little have we ever talked about it and never will talk about it. It was a matter of course, thank God, that we never talked to one another about it, never talked about it. Everyone shuddered and yet everyone knew that they would do it again the next time when it was ordered and when it was necessary.

I mean now the evacuation of Jews Extermination of the Jewish people. It's one of those things that is easy to pronounce. - "The Jewish people will be exterminated," everyone says Party member, "It is very clear in our program, elimination of the Jews, extermination, we do." And then they all arrive, the good 80 million Germans, and everyone has their decent Jew. Obviously the others are pigs, but this one is great Jew. Of all those who talk like that, none of them watched, none of them got through it. Most of you will know what it means when 100 corpses are lying together, when 500 are lying there, or when 1000 are lying there. To have endured this and - apart from exceptions due to human weaknesses - to have remained decent, that made us hard. This is a glorious page of glory in our history that has never been written and never to be written, because we know how difficult we would be if we still had the Jews as secret saboteurs in every city - during the bombing, the burdens and the privations of war , Agitators and agitators. We would probably have reached the stage of 1916/17 by now, if the Jews were still in German Folk body would sit.

We have stolen the riches they had from them. I gave a strict order, which SS-Obergruppenführer Pohl carried out, that these riches were of course completely transferred to the Reich. We didn't take any of it. Individuals who have made a mistake will be punished according to an order I gave at the beginning, which threatened: Whoever takes even a mark from it is death. A number of SS men - there are not very many - have failed against it and they will be dead, no mercy. We had the moral right, we had a duty to our people, to kill this people who wanted to kill us. But we do not have the right to enrich ourselves with a fur with a watch, with a mark or with a cigarette or anything else. We don't want to end up because we eradicated a bacillus from which bacillus get sick and die. I will never see that even a small spot of rot develops or becomes lodged here. Where it should form, we will burn it out together. Overall, however, we can say that we performed this most difficult task with love for our people. And we have not suffered any damage in our inner being, in our soul, in our character.

The attitude of the SS man