Why am I so obsessed with myself?

Signs of Obsession: 14 Signs of Obsessive Love You Can't Ignore

Maybe you are the one obsessed or maybe they are obsessed with you. Unless you know the signs of obsession, you will not know it.

Sometimes love and obsession get blurry. You have to understand the signs of obsession in order to know what you are feeling. Of course, when you say you love Justin Bieber, well, that's more of an obsession * Sorry, everyone * and it's pretty easy to figure out. You can't be in love with someone you don't know. Unless you met Justin and had dinner with him - then I apologize.

But sometimes when we get to know someone and start liking them, our feelings start to get a little ... intense ... a little bit Edward Cullen too, if you catch me. Obsessing or having owned someone is dramatic. It's like living in a teenage drama. But is that really love? Of course it isn't.

Signs of obsession to look out for

Maybe you don't think you're acting obsessively, maybe you think it calls 50 times a day to be normal - it's not. If you think you're getting credit for what you're wearing tonight, then they're practicing their styling techniques - it's not. So, whether you're the obsessed or someone obsessed with you, you need to know the signs.

Obsession is a picture perfect ... in the beginning. Look out for these signs of obsession and take care of your heart.

# 1 You feel like something is wrong. By the time you're reading this, you already know something is wrong. You feel a little bit with the whole relationship, which is great. If you feel it, then you know it is happening. Now all you have to do is rid yourself of it because that feeling will not go away.

# 2 They don't have a personal space. In healthy relationships, you don't have to see this person every day. Sometimes you just want to spend a day on the beach or read a book in the bathtub. But they have to be with you all the time. You need to know everything you are doing and make sure it isn't against your plan.

# 3 data protection? What privacy? You have your social media and email passwords because they need to know what you are doing at all times. You have to make sure that you are not cheating on them. They no longer have privacy, they own you. If you're lucky, your privacy goes in the bathroom alone.

# 4 Jealousy to the max. Jealousy is an understatement in how they feel. They don't like it when people look at you, they don't like it when you dress too sexy. In all honesty, they just want you locked up in a potato sack at home. If you have friends of the opposite sex, this won't work for them. You are insecure and cannot handle threats.

# 5 They pull you away from friends and family. At first they are cool around your friends and family, but after a while they start to pull you away from them. They don't like your friends, they get annoyed by your family, or they feel that your parents don't like them. All of this an act. You are just playing the victim, making you feel bad and by their side. That means giving up your friendships for them.

# 6 They assume you are cheating on them. If you don't answer after 15 minutes, you're cheating on them. If you call her back an hour after work, you are cheating. They really don't trust anyone what you say.

In the beginning they are cool. Everything is fine, but after a while they start asking you for your passwords, start asking who you are talking to. They don't trust you.

# 7 They say "I love you" too soon. Oh yeah sure you are in love. It was a day but you know You feel that this is true love. You don't even know how they like their eggs in the morning, but they love you.

If they get that phrase out like it's nothing, that's a problem. Some people actually feel love. But if you're nervous, then it probably isn't true love.

# 8 It's all about protecting yourself. All they want to do is protect you. They don't want you to go out with your boyfriend tonight because they want to keep you safe. They have to go to the mall with you because they don't want you to be molested. It's all sounding cute, but it's bullshit. You can do anything you want and you don't need to be protected if you don't ask for help.

# 9 You're perfect ... but. There is always a but. They're telling you how perfect you are all the time, but they'll also criticize you for little things. Maybe you are beautiful, but you should lose ten pounds. These types of people look for your weaknesses. In finding them, they use them against you to control you and make you insecure so that you don't leave them.

# 10 You feel like you're going crazy. This shows you that they want to manipulate you and control you. If you feel that you are no longer yourself, it is because you are not. They try to lure everything out of you and turn you into their personal slave.

# 11 They will "never let you go." A guy sent me this text when I first met him. He said, "I'll never let you go." I met him twenty minutes earlier, he was completely obsessed with me after a date. You may think sentences like this are cute, and sure, they can, but not after a date. Trust me.

# 12 Your dating history is blurry. Usually when you ask them about their dating history they always talk about how their exs were crazy. Don't fall for it. I mean, they were probably insane because this person literally drove them insane with their manipulative behavior. If that is the only word they use to describe their partner, it is a huge red flag. In other words ... run.

# 13 They stalk you. They know all about you on social media. They know who commented on your profile picture, who likes your pictures the most, what you post, when you post things - they know everything. This is one of those big signs of obsession that you can't ignore.

In person, they go to the classes you are in, eat in the places where they know you will be. You kind of see them everywhere, even if you've never told them.

# 14 They are putting you or yourself at risk. Because they are insecure, they feel like they can't do anything without you. If you try to break up with this person instead of saying, "Okay, I see," they switch and talk about how they want to kill themselves or they will never allow you to break up with them. This is not love. Of course, if it did they would be sad and confused, but they would let you go.

Now you know the signs of obsession, are you obsessed or in love? Is your partner obsessed or in love? When you or your partner is obsessed, you need to take the steps to get out of the relationship because it won't end well for anyone.