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Fishermen in Law / Bribery: Down with the doctors corruption!


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This even applies, albeit with some drawbacks, to the central figure of light in this system: our doctor. Or why do you think thousands of high school graduates are studying medicine? Seriously, do you think the guys and gals can't wait to cure your ingrown toenails or the uncomfortably rubbing eczema in your ear? Do you think you have to be particularly good at memorization to understand you, your life and your death?

Please don't worry about riotous romantic thoughts about greedy pharmaceutical companies and glittering medical centers. Because that's how you want it to be. If the gynecologists came to us like employees of Russian sausage kitchens and the practice you trusted looked like the cellar of the Saloniki city hospital, you wouldn't be happy either. Put yourself in the position of product management at Pfizer, Hoffmann la Roche, Hoechst and others, in other words, at the point where your children will soon have a career. Or into the dreams of your specialist in ophthalmology, who was given nothing but a high school diploma with a single point zero, i.e. the guaranteed hereditary disposition for healing, comfort and care. What does someone like that, 45 years old, married, three children from two marriages, do in the 200 square meter practice in downtown Bensheim an der Bergstrasse or elsewhere? How many smart helpers can he offer you? How many indoor fountains should splash around so that you feel completely looked after? How should he ever pay off the equipment?

Profit is the oxygen of the capitalist system. This is because the system is based on interest. The interest must be earned, no matter what the cost. Standstill is decline; Life is growth. Sounds complicated, it's easy. And the interest does not arise by money somewhere "works" but by you work, dear early retirees in spe. Or seamstresses in Bangladesh and miners in the Congo.

The beauty of the disease industry, from the point of view of the providers, is that any large-scale monitoring of success is practically impossible. Or do you know whether the German population has gotten healthier or sicker in the last year? Nobody knows. The one that taught extremely well Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung added the following analysis to the specialist discussion a few days ago: "Today's healthy seventy-year-olds are as productive as the fifty-year-olds twenty years ago." Even the sleepy breakfast reader is taken aback: Could it be that a tireless medical professor invented the standstill of time? Can today's sixty-year-olds expect to be as fit in twenty years as today's sixty-year-olds? As you can see, even the greatest nonsense goes unnoticed when it comes to the fight against our inevitable death. We just know that more money is being pumped into the system every year.


This is where corruption comes in. As everywhere, where there is a lot of money on and under the table, which is paid by a so-called "solidarity community" - more precisely: the largest possible mass of individually unconnected people who pay into a common fund. Because then a little shrinkage is not noticeable, because each individual thinks that sheer cunning will get him off a little better than the average. Remember your glass breakage insurance: Instead of looking forward to ten years of damage-free life, a third of the insured instigates their brother-in-law to break up grandma’s old crystal vase in an adventurous way. There's a bit of waste everywhere, says the accountant, and he stuffs his home office utensils into his rucksack at the company. In the construction industry, the specialist reckons with 5 percent, in plant construction with 4 percent bribery payments. For armaments projects in the Middle East, it can even be 150 percent. In the case of laboratory services for large blood counts, one can guess.

Where large amounts of money are moved in solidarity systems, a large bureaucratic apparatus is required to keep the system moving and to distribute the flows. With us, this is the system of statutory health insurances, flanked by so-called "private" insurances for the better off and a special bureaucracy called "self-administration" (so-called "Kassenärztliche Vereinigungen"), which separates parts of the providers (doctors), the financing systems (health insurances) and the Inquirers (patients) are located. Everything and everyone is - and that is the main thing! - extremely important, moreover completely indispensable and self-supporting. AOK board of directors: € 250,000 per year so that he is on an equal footing. The chief radiologist smiles because he has that every month.

Where the cake is big, the competition is also big. How many pharmacies per hectare does a small German town feed? How many dermatologists can make a living from the annual check of the delicate membrane between you and the outside world? How many high blood pressure drugs is the market swallowing? Where the sacred principles of the free market fade in the twilight, the secret life of corruption begins; This is the case with civil engineering and with the airport, with test strips for urine samples and with cardiac catheters.

For a hundred years, pharmaceutical companies bribe doctors to prescribe certain drugs. Medical device manufacturers bribe doctors to lease their machines. Hospitals bribe doctors to refer their patients. Pharmacists bribe doctors to send the patients over with the prescriptions. Physiotherapists bribe orthopedists. Radiologists bribe cardiologists. Endocrinologists bribe internists. Internists bribe family doctors. Drug manufacturers bribe family doctors, specialists, hospitals, everyone. Crutch manufacturers and alternative practitioners bribe orthopedists. Orthopedists bribe ski hotels. And thats just the beginning. You may know who is the leader in car rims, or in eyeliner pencils. Do you also know who is the leader in hospital beds? And how do you sell those things? Pharmacies no longer just rent their walls, but even their floors to pharmaceutical companies. They place advertising-printed floor mats on a square meter rented for € 2,000 a year, so that the headache and constipation are combated with the preparations on the shelf right behind the cash register, including trustworthy advice.

The forms of corruption are as varied as the imagination. Almost all conceivable strategies have been devised to extract special advantages for minorities of the we-are-something better from the seemingly immeasurable ocean of collectively collected money and individual stupidity. For the market rulers, the manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, these are peanuts. You invest large sums in the development of individual products. Then the money must be earned, which ensures the return on sales and the survival of the board of directors.

60 years ago, when my father was a country doctor in the Sauerland, the pharmaceutical consultants drove across the country and handed out pens, writing pads and one or the other hundred to the doctors - plus sparkling wine for the honored wife. For bulk buyers it was allowed to be a bit more even then: a congress in Bingen am Rhein maybe, a first trip to Nice.