What is the reason you got married young?

Criticism of people who marry young

6. "I just don't want you to give up all your dreams."

What century are we living in that marriage means I have to give up my dreams? Work, travel, party - just imagine, I still do it all. And sometimes even in pairs. If I want to.

7. “I wouldn't have thought about you. You were always such a strong woman. "

Was? Today women are allowed to shape their lives the way they want. Getting married young is just as much a part of this as never getting married. The freedom to shape one's life relates to all areas and none of it is automatically worse or better.

8. “Do you have enough money for a nice wedding? Well, I don't want to get married until I can afford a real dream wedding! "

Maybe you'd better start saving then. Or find yourself a really rich guy. But who says that a nice party can only be had for a chunk of money? Ever heard of mood? Great friends and good music? Isn't that enough to be happy? Despite a small budget, we danced the whole night with our favorite people. And that's exactly how we imagined our dream wedding.

9. "Are you not afraid that you will still totally change and not last?"

Well, the risk is probably always there. So after the divorce, I'm still young and crisp enough to find someone new.

10. "What did your parents say?"

Were you hoping they wanted to stop me? But it wasn't like that. You blinked Gut once in astonishment, but that's about it. And imagine, afterwards you were just happy that I was happy.