Firefighters are paid well

What firefighters earn

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Professional firefighters extinguish fires, provide technical assistance, are deployed in civil and disaster control and rescue endangered people and animals. During use, they are exposed to the weather and unpleasant odors from smoke, smoke or gases. Repair work on the devices and vehicles is carried out in the workshop, and organizational work is carried out in the office.

What you have to be able to do

A firefighter needs very good physical fitness, especially physical strength and a good sense of balance, and quick reactions. Technical talent is also in demand. The job can also be psychologically stressful because firefighters are repeatedly confronted with people in emergency situations. A high level of helpfulness is therefore very important. Shifts, Sundays and public holidays are also the rule.

Mostly volunteers

The Austrian fire service is largely based on voluntariness. There are professional fire departments only in Vienna, Graz, Linz, Innsbruck, Salzburg and Klagenfurt. In the armed forces there is the NBC defense school, which partially takes on tasks similar to fire brigades. Private security services offer training to become fire protection officers or fire protection officers.

Fire department in the company

Some companies, such as OMV, also have to employ a company fire brigade on their factory premises. In addition, there are certain special forms, such as in the Vienna General Hospital, where the company fire brigade is part of the MA68 but is only on duty in the hospital.

Admission criteria different

The training takes place in-house. The individual professional fire brigades in Austria have different criteria for admission and training, for example with regard to age or driving license. In Vienna, the requirements for employment are a minimum age of 20 years, EU citizenship, an impeccable certificate of repute, completed vocational training and the completion of physical aptitude tests and written technical comprehension tests.

An exam every year

The basic training is divided into three parts - fire service, technical support service and pollutant service - and lasts 100 days. Training to become a senior firefighter takes up to six years, with an examination being passed every year. A common training line for all professional fire departments across Austria is currently being drawn up.

Different payment depending on the state

Salaries differ from state to state. The average starting basic salary is EUR 28,500 gross per year. The basic salary increases every two years and after ten years of service averages 32,700 euros, after 40 years of service it is 41,000 euros gross per year.

Depending on the progression of the career, the highly function-related allowances make a big difference in this profession. After completing the basic training, it is possible to earn a salary up to 25 percent higher with allowances.