Why is a proxy server required

Set up a proxy server under Windows

Messages of this type can have various causes. The consequence is usually one disrupted internet connection. Websites outside the local network can only be accessed to a limited extent or not at all.

To eliminate the problem, users should first check whether a proxy use is intended. Sometimes proxy settings are made without user intervention Adware, Malware or Browser plug-ins changed. Especially those who normally surf without a proxy should pay attention to error messages of this kind. A detailed system scan is recommended to check whether viruses and Trojans are responsible for the redirection to the proxy server. If new browser plug-ins were recently installed, they should also be checked and deactivated if necessary.

If users intentionally use proxy services, connection errors can usually be traced back to one of the following causes.

  • Proxy server is overloaded: In particular, proxies, which are available free of charge on the Internet, are very popular with users for anonymizing online activities and circumventing geo-targeting. If the demand exceeds the capacity of such a server, overload-related failures occur. In this case, the browser shows the message "Proxy server is not responding". Users now have the choice of waiting or using a different server. It may be possible to ask the administrator when the service is likely to be available again.
  • Proxy server is offline: If a server is permanently removed from the network, it will no longer offer any proxy services. Reasons for leaving can be a technical problem or bankruptcy of the provider. In this case, users have no choice but to choose a different forward proxy or surf the Internet without a proxy.
  • The proxy server's IP has been changed: If the IP address of the proxy server has changed, this also leads to connection errors. Users solve this problem by finding the current address of the proxy server and adapting the configuration in the system settings or in the browser accordingly.
  • Connection data were transferred incorrectly: The most common causes of errors are incorrect proxy settings. Before users contact the respective provider or consider an alternative proxy service, it is therefore advisable to check all settings for typing errors in the IP addresses or port numbers used.

When using a private proxy, you can usually remedy proxy-related Internet problems by selecting the system's standard setting "Detect settings automatically". In corporate networks, the use of a proxy is often mandatory in order to establish external connections. In this case, you should contact the administrator responsible for solving problems with the respective proxy server.