Will malls survive

Comment: Politics and shopping centers - survival at all costs

The mall is blowing to attack the last three stores in town. This is stupid for the merchants concerned, but at least understandable. After all, the center operator has invested a few million and would like to rent out his space. If necessary at any cost.

The party is to blame for the misery. Not only because the party is always to blame for all misery. Mainly because decades ago it failed to develop a concept for the city that was still viable after the late 1970s. Instead, for years she fought at great expense against anyone who wanted to save the burnt soup without having the party's blessing. Last against us.

As a reminder: a good five years ago we offered to draw up a concept with the capital of an investor and to set up an agency to market the city. The party prevented that and it wasn't even too stupid to let their fellow campaigners write a letter to the editor in the newspaper against this project. Instead, years later, the party decided to raise public funds in the six-figure (!) Range in order to do roughly what was supposed to be free at the time. Nothing has happened to this day.

Ok, of course something has changed. We have an old people's home on every corner and service providers, church limited liability companies and even a funeral home bustle in the main shopping street. In any other city that would be reason enough for all political forces to be thrown out.


Now more than ever

Some might believe that it is too late to start something anyway, because there are no longer any shops that could be saved and the mostly bleak-looking city center has nothing left to market.

We think that this starting position can also be a basis for a fresh start. Now that the last fans have understood that there is no flower pot to be won with these politicians, you could just do something yourself.

Start your own political organization and go up to your grandparents or parents and explain to them that a ballot paper has multiple places to make crosses for and for good reason.

A first political citizens' initiative has already been formed. We'll introduce the people in the next few days.


Make a mark and buy from cool people

The center operator's idea of ​​renting out to a book delivery company, of all places, puts one of the city's particularly committed merchants in trouble. For almost 40 years, Hans-Günter Draht's “book room” has been making sure that practically every customer request is fulfilled overnight.

If a competitor moves in directly opposite, it will definitely cost sales. In an otherwise poorly frequented city, however, nobody can afford to lose revenue.

If "Hansi", as his customers often call him, actually stopped, the city would lose a committed fighter. A man who has always been committed to new ideas and has initiated cool projects such as the after-work market. One of the last owner-managed shops would be lost and at the same time probably the last merchant who believed that something could still be saved in Wetter would get out.

We take this as an opportunity to openly advertise the remaining merchants. Perhaps you, dear readers, will take this as an opportunity to think about where to shop. 😉



Image: When things are at their best, you should stop, history teaches us: The heads of state of the Eastern Bloc countries are celebrating 40 years of the GDR. A few months later, the GDR is history and the dictators end up in prison or are immediately hanged. (Photo: Federal Archives)