How much are brand ambassadors paid

Brand ambassadors and their importance for online marketing

In order to become a brand ambassador at Instagram, one should have similar skills as in the corresponding analogue fields of activity. That means, above all, you have to be able to sell yourself well, be self-confident and have specialized in a certain scene, industry or product group or on a narrowly defined topic. In this area one should be in the social networks as a luminary or as an important opinion leader and ideally already have an interesting following for advertising companies. In doing so, your own interests and those of the followers should match the focus of the advertising company as closely as possible.

If you want to become a brand ambassador, you should always have your following respectful and never treat them condescendingly or even offend them. Instead, it is important to answer questions friendly and trustworthy to answer, give tips and make a name for yourself with know-how. Reputation in the scene is crucial: after all, no company wants to work with people who are unpopular in the scene or in the industry.

Anyone who also creates good content and is well networked increases the chance that advertising companies will become aware of the profile. With luck, an initial request for an influencer campaign may come up. If the cooperation between influencer and company turns out to be particularly fruitful, the loose partnership may even grow into one official employment as Brand Ambassador for Instagram.

In this function, you present products for the advertising company and receive the test products in exchange for free, possibly even a fee. This ideally results in a win-win situation for ambassadors and companies alike. The followers of the profile in turn benefit from exclusive vouchers, discount campaigns or promo articles that the brand ambassador presents on Instagram - thanks to the cooperation with the brand.