Why do people like fashion

"Oversize is terrible!" Fashion that women like - and hate men

Our author has a favorite sweater for which she gets a lot of compliments. But only by women. She recently found out from a friend why ...

"This is a really great sweater, Viola!" Shouted my friend Hanna, delighted. "This is one of the models that all women love - and men hate," she added with a laugh. In fact, I had been approached many times about my sweater, twice even by complete strangers. All female, I suddenly noticed. Personally, I always find myself very chic in the said item of clothingbecause it looks kind of special. It is raspberry-colored, coarse-knit, and oversized.

In the evening I asked my husband if he thought my sweater was ugly. His answer was sobering. "Totally," was all he said. Before I could turn to a lawyer, he added with a quick laugh: "But you can wear anything. I like you best without a sweater". With that he just saved himself. "But why do you think he's ugly?" I asked almost desperately because it just didn't make sense to me. "It's too far, it's fluffing, and I don't understand the color. Is that salmon?" He replied blankly. "Why didn't you tell me that?" I squealed. "Because it doesn't matter," he replied and went into the bathroom to brush his teeth. He'd forgotten the subject about a minute later.

"Oversize just looks ridiculous"

It didn't let go of me, however. Not only did I only wear the sweater in question when my husband wasn't there. I began to do some research in secret. So I found out that 32 percent of all men stop having fun when they wear leggings. They just find them terrible. Especially when they are colorful. I also started to do surveys in my community. "What clothes do you find bad in women?" I asked every male present at every opportunity I got. The answers were amazing. For me at least. I heard "Ugg Boots" more than ten times because they "make your feet lumpy and short legs". "I hate those oversized sweaters" came about as often. A lot of men don't like chunky knits, I learned from my unofficial studies. "It reminds me of my organic bio teacher from the 80s," said one of the interviewees.

I also found out that ballerinas, three-quarter trousers and seven-eighth trousers were very unpopular. I was also given headbands to protect ears from the cold. "I don't like all this fashion stuff. Even those big earrings," replied an acquaintance to my investigative research. "Overall, I think oversize is a problem. What's that supposed to be?" He said with an irritated look. "It just looks ridiculous. Like the wrong size and it also makes it totally misshapen". This observation is of course not entirely wrong. I still love my giant sweaters, nothing will change that.

"I don't want to know how he thinks my maxi skirt"

Of course, these are all isolated cases (quite a lot, though), but the men I spoke to were amazingly in agreement. Especially oversize and chunky - paired in the worst case - and Uggs caused downright disgusted faces and reactions. However, I don't think everything my husband wears is beautiful either. By the way, when I put on my maxi skirt yesterday, I only saw his look, decided to ignore him and above all to avoid the topic. I suspect he thinks it's ugly, but if we don't talk about it, I'll never find out. So I definitely won't ask. I dont want to know it. After all, for months I thought my raspberry-colored sweater would be just as beautiful as I did. And that was definitely better for both of us.