Some people are born to die

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growth of population

More and more people

There are currently over 7.5 billion people on earth. By the year 2100, it is expected to be nearly 11 billion people. To calculate population growth, one has to know how many people die and how many are born in the same period. Nobody can predict this exactly.

The poor countries are growing faster

If the development of recent years continues, then the population in Africa will grow the most, from 1.1 billion people in 2012 to probably 4.2 billion in 2100. In the poorest countries of the world there will be almost four billion people to be added. In contrast, in the western industrialized countries the birth rate is rather low and there is almost no population growth.

Big problem

44 percent of the world's population are under 25 years old. 70 percent of these people live in developing countries. These countries cannot raise the money to feed, train and provide health care to more and more people. A lower birth rate would leave more money for health and education. The international community has therefore set itself the goal of helping poor countries through education and financial aid so that population growth can be limited.

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