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Carpet cleaner comparison 2021

  • Carpet cleaners come in different forms: Carpet cleaner foam, powder, shampoo and spray. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses. Shampoos, for example, are often intended for use with cleaning equipment and sprays are primarily suitable for selective use.
  • There are big differences in application and exposure time. Powders have to be worked in by hand or a brush and sometimes act for several hours, while a spray is already done after 5 minutes.
  • Not all carpets tolerate chemical cleaning agents. While synthetic fiber carpets are safe, you should exercise caution with carpets made with silk or vegetable fibers.

No matter how careful you are: sooner or later there will be a stain on every carpet. And it's not that easy to get into that A jungle of carpet cleaner foam, spray and shampoo to find your way around.

What type of carpet cleaner is good for?? Which carpet cleaner manufacturers are there besides Sapur and Kärcher? How good are Vanish carpet cleaners really? In our carpet cleaner comparison 2021 at Computerbild we answer these questions and many more.

We have put together a clear purchase guide that gives you all the important information at hand. In the end you know which carpet cleaner to buyto fight the dirt in your carpets!

1. Which means between powder, foam and shampoo can deeply clean the carpet despite a short drying time?

No matter how hard you try, sooner or later the beautiful new carpet gets its first stain. And while muddy shoe prints are comparatively easy to remove, an overturned red wine glass is a completely different topic.

We at Computerbild have them different types of carpet cleaners listed and their strengths and weaknesses compared:

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Carpet cleaner typeproperties
Carpet powder

  • short exposure time
  • large-area application possible
  • laborious application and incorporation
  • usable without special devices; Brush recommended
  • not recommended for asthmatics
Carpet foam

  • longer exposure time
  • easy to use, especially for smaller carpets
  • can be used without additional devices
  • Training necessary
liquid carpet cleaner / carpet shampoo

  • absorbs quickly, but may take a long time to take effect
  • simple application
  • only for use with additional devices
  • Spotting possible if used incorrectly
Carpet spray

  • short exposure time
  • easy and targeted application thanks to the spray bottle
  • not suitable for large areas
  • can also be used on upholstery

2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of chemical carpet cleaners?

Not everyone is a fan of carpet cleaners because they are considered aggressive chemical bombs that tend to damage the carpet rather than clean it. However, that is an outdated reputation that luckily most cleaners no longer live up to today. You can't wash every carpet and professional carpet cleaning can be very expensive.

Where other household cleaning tips fail and a simple vacuum cleaner no longer helps, a chemical cleaner can work wonders - provided you use the right product and follow the application description.

We have the Advantages and disadvantages of chemical carpet cleaners juxtaposed

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  • large selection of products for different degrees of soiling and areas of application
  • thorough cleaning, both selectively and over the entire area
  • cheaper to use than professional cleaning or even buying a new carpet
  • time-consuming application
  • Use of unsuitable products or incorrect application can damage the carpet
  • not every carpet can handle chemical cleaning agents

3. Carpet cleaner tests: What special properties does the best carpet cleaner have?

3.1. Contents - to save money, pay attention to the price per liter

The content is given in ml and can vary widely. While sprays often only contain around 500 ml, powder and shampoo are available in large packs weighing several kilos. Especially with mixable products, it is important to look at the mixing ratios.

If you fluctuate between two similar detergents, a look at the price per liter can help to find out which of the two products is ultimately cheaper. Because a cheap carpet cleaner is not always bad. There is also good quality for little money, as you can see in our comparison table.

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3.2. Carpet cleaner type - different types require different uses

As already presented, there is different types of carpet cleaners, including powder, shampoo, foam and spray. Above all, you should make sure that you do not choose a product that requires a carpet cleaning device if you do not have one.

Conversely, it is important that the cleaning agent has been approved for use with a deviceif you plan to. The use of the wrong product with the carpet cleaning device can damage your cleaning device or your vacuum cleaner.

3.3. Cleaning effect - shampoo and powder provide the greatest effect

There are carpet cleaners z. B. as a spray, powder, foam or shampoo.

The more serious the pollution, the more intensive the cleaning effect must be. Quickly absorbed, easy-to-use products are suitable for cleaning light soiling. Stronger agents may take longer to work in and take time to get rid of the dirt.

Shampoos and cleaning powders are particularly suitable for heavier stains. However, certain foam variants or intensive sprays can also shine with a great cleaning effect. That's why we have one in our comparison table at Computerbild Evaluation of the cleaning effectthat works across all products.

3.4. The longer the exposure time, the deeper the cleaning

The exposure time is usually given in hours, but there are fast-acting intensive productswhose exposure time can also be measured in minutes. In our comparison table, the exposure time is in h. Most carpet cleaners take between an hour and two to soak in properly.

3.5. Other - smell, lightening and upholstery suitability

The smell in particular can be an issue with chemical cleaners. If it is very biting and lasts a long time in the carpets used, hardly anyone will enjoy the stains that have disappeared. Most carpet cleaners today only have a very subtle smell or are even provided with a fresh scent. So not only is everything clean afterwards, it also smells good.

In addition, some cleaners lighten the carpets, can also be used on upholstery and tiles or make the carpet bristles softer. In our comparison table, we have also listed the individual advantages of each cleaner for the products compared.

4. Can home carpet cleaning remedies like vinegar, salt, and baking soda compete?

Borrow carpet cleaner from DM

DM has a wide range of carpet cleaners, from Vanish to the in-house brand. Not only can you buy carpet cleaner powder on site, but you can also borrow a professional carpet cleaner from DM. If your carpet has a few annoying stains for which it is not worth buying a carpet cleaning device, DM offers a quick and uncomplicated solution.

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There are numerous home remedies that are purported to help clean carpets. In particular, the following little helpers are available in many households and are said to be useful in removing stains:

While many of these agents actually have a cleaning and brightening effect on dirty textiles, the application force is limited. With really deep stains, a proper carpet cleaner will always help best.

5. Do vacuum cleaners need special cleaning agents?

Depending on what you prefer as a carpet cleaner, training can be very time-consuming and exhausting. There are certain brushes that are designed to help distribute the product evenly, as well as spray bottles with different attachments for liquid cleaning agents.

If you want to save yourself the hassle of crawling on all fours, there are excellent vacuum cleaners that do the same for deep cleaning of carpets can be used. Make sure you choose a suitable carpet cleaner for vacuum cleaners so as not to damage the device with the carpet cleaner.

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6. What are major carpet cleaner manufacturers and brands?

Well-known manufacturers of carpet cleaners are Sapur, Kärcher, Vanish and Hotrega. Everyone has also heard names like Hagen and Tuba Rasant. Wilpeg, PGV and Solution can also convince with their quality. In our comparison table you will find other manufacturers and brands that keep your carpets first-class clean.

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7. Important questions and answers about the best carpet cleaner

7.1. Is there a carpet cleaner test winner at Stiftung Warentest?

If you only want to remove a small stain, a carpet cleaner spray may be sufficient.

There are no current carpet cleaner test by Stiftung Warentest. In 2000 Ökotest subjected 13 carpet cleaners to a test. Four products, including those from Henkel and Sapur, were rated “recommended” at the time.

Unfortunately, such old test results are no longer representative today, both due to formula changes by manufacturers and by a range of new dirt removal productsthat were not included. We hope that Stiftung Warentest or Ökotest will carry out an updated carpet cleaner test in the future.

7.2. What good is the Vanish Carpet Cleaner?

As with many other products, Vanish carpet cleaners are all about using them correctly. Some foam has to be worked in with the brush and act for several hours before you can vacuum it off. Other sprays work much faster, but only selectively.

Tip: Before buying a carpet cleaner, find out which cleaning agents are tailored for your location. For example, if you have pets, there are special carpet and upholstery cleaners that are particularly effective against animal hair.

7.3. How do you use a carpet cleaner?

The various carpet cleaners can take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to take effect.

There are different variants of carpet cleaners: some powders have to be mixed in the proportions indicated on the packaging; liquid carpet cleaners can be used directly; Sprays are only suitable for spot treatments.

Before using your new product, you should vacuum your carpet thoroughly to pull loose dirt and lint from the fibers. After that you can work the cleaner into your carpet. After an exposure time, the product is sucked off. Do not forget to ventilate the carpet well when the carpet is dry to draw the moisture out of the room.

Always pay attention to the Recommended use on the packaging of your carpet cleaner! There you will find possible mixing ratios as well as correct application and exposure times.

Tip: If you have a large number of individual carpets or a carpet that covers the entire area and you want to save yourself the trouble of incorporating powder carpet cleaners, a carpet cleaning device is worth a look for you. Carpet cleaning devices as well as vacuum cleaners or carpet shampooers make carpet cleaning a lot easier. But be careful: There are special carpet cleaners for vacuum cleaners. Not every carpet cleaning powder or shampoo is suitable for all carpet cleaning devices.

Tuba Rasant carpet foam
Currently available for € 20.97
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Base price
3 x 600 ml
approx. € 11.65 per liter
Carpet cleaner typeCleaning foam
spray on & rub in
The emsal tuba carpet foam rasant 600 ml is offered here as a three-pack. How many square meters of carpet can you clean with one can?It depends on how dirty your carpet is. In the case of light soiling and a single use, a carpet foam can is sufficient for cleaning approximately five square meters.
Kärcher Carpet cleaner liquid RM 519
Customer favorite: the best-rated product in comparison on Amazon
Currently available from € 8.00
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
Base price
1,000 ml
approx. € 8.00 per liter
Carpet cleaner typeCleaning shampoo
mix & rub in, carpet cleaning device required
Is the Kärcher Carpet Cleaner Liquid RM 519 harmful or even poisonous for pets?On the one hand, the cleaner doesn't smell tempting. On the other hand, the carpet cleaner is almost completely removed again. However, if your pet comes into contact with the Kärcher carpet cleaner during carpet cleaning, it will not have any negative effects on your pet.
Easymaxx carpet shampoo
Currently available for € 7.67
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
Base price
500 ml
approx. € 15.34 per liter
Carpet cleaner typeCleaning shampoo
mix & rub in, carpet cleaning device required
Can I use EASYmaxx carpet shampoo for small areas without using an electric cleaning machine?In principle, this is possible. However, the cleaning effect is then not quite as intense. It must also be taken into account that the carpet is wet after being treated with the EASYmaxx carpet shampoo. A vacuum cleaner can only be used when the carpet is dry again.
Vanish GOLD Oxi Action Powerspray
Currently available from € 4.49
»Now to Amazon» Now to Ebay
Base price
660 ml
approx € 6.80 per liter
Carpet cleaner typeCleaning spray
spray on & rub in
What type of carpet cleaner is the Vanish GOLD Oxi Action Powerspray?The Vanish GOLD Oxi Action Powerspray is a cleaning spray. Spray it on the areas to be cleaned and rub it in.

Which are the best carpet cleaners from our carpet cleaner test or comparison 2021?

Choose your personal carpet cleaner test winner from the following list:

  • 1st place - very good (comparison winner): Kärcher Carpet Cleaner liquid RM 519 - from 8.00 euros
  • 2nd place - very good: Vanish Gold Carpet Care - from 3.99 euros
  • 3rd place - very good: Dr. Beckmann carpet stain brush - from 3.95 euros
  • 4th place - good: Tuba Rasant carpet foam - from 20.97 euros
  • 5th place - good: Vanish GOLD Oxi Action Powerspray - from 4.49 euros
  • 6th place - good: Vanish Power Foam - from 3.99 euros
  • 7th place - good: Aresgo Carpet Cleaning Powder - from 8.29 euros
  • 8th place - good: Easymaxx carpet shampoo - from 7.67 euros
  • 9th place - good: Hagen Grote Fresh - from 18.95 euros
  • 10th place - good: Sil Sapur carpet & upholstery foam - from 13.74 euros
  • 11th place - good: tuba stain spray - from 15.80 euros

In the carpet cleaner comparison, the products score with particularly high quality, because 3 "very good" carpet cleaners and 8 "good" carpet cleaners could be identified among the 11 carpet cleaner models. None of the products in the product table for the carpet cleaner comparison was rated worse than "good".

3 of the 11 products in the carpet cleaner comparison come from one manufacturer - Vanish can differentiate itself from the competition due to the increased number of different "good" and "very good" carpet cleaners.

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Which manufacturers are included in the product comparison?

We compare carpet cleaners from 8 different manufacturers. More precisely, the experts have models from Kärcher, Vanish, Dr. Beckmann, Tuba, Aresgo, EASYmaxx, Hagen Grote or Sil compared and rated. More information "

How much do the recommended models on this page cost?

The cheapest carpet cleaner currently costs 3.95 euros - if you have more budget, you can get the most expensive product for 20.97 euros. On average, the products presented here in the carpet cleaner comparison cost around 9.99 euros. More information under carpet cleaner test. More information "

Which carpet cleaner is rated best by customers?

The most common so far has been the Dr. Beckmann Carpet Stain Brush rated by Amazon customers - a total of 3384 times. The Kärcher RM 519 liquid carpet cleaner received the best average reviews - an average of 4.6 stars. More information "

How many carpet cleaners are there that have been rated “VERY GOOD”?

A total of 3 pieces, more precisely the:

  • Kärcher Carpet cleaner liquid RM 519
  • Vanish Gold Carpet Care
  • Dr. Beckmann carpet stain brush
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Which carpet cleaners were compared or tested?

A total of 11 pieces, more precisely the:

  • Tuba stain spray
  • Sil Sapur carpet & upholstery foam
  • Hagen Grote Fresh
  • Easymaxx carpet shampoo
  • Aresgo Carpet Cleaning Powder
  • Vanish Power foam
  • Vanish GOLD Oxi Action Powerspray
  • Tuba Rasant carpet foam
  • Dr. Beckmann carpet stain brush
  • Vanish Gold Carpet Care
  • Kärcher Carpet cleaner liquid RM 519
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What are customers looking for carpet cleaners looking for?

The most searched alternative term for carpet cleaner is carpet cleaning, followed by synonyms such as Sapur carpet cleaner and Vanish carpet cleaner. More information "