How does a morgue smell

Corpse odor, the


If the putrefaction continues, the putrefactive bacteria form foul-smelling gases such as ammonia gas and hydrogen sulfide. They inflate the body, penetrate the skin, form blisters and give off a disgusting corpse odor. [Neue Zürcher Zeitung, 04/10/2005]

As we drove into town, I smelled the smell I had only read about before: corpse odor, disgusting and sweet. Black body bags lined the roadsides. […] [Die Zeit, 02.15.2016, No. 08]

When the two paramedics enter the house, they perceive this curiously sweet smell at the door - the smell of corpses. [Picture, 02/23/1998]

Sometimes a disgusting bog mist rises from the drain basin of the water pipe, sweetish and dull like the smell of corpses, and combines with the blowing lime dust, so that the residents have to hold wet cloths in front of their nose and mouth [...]. [Die Zeit, 08.08.1946]

Especially in summer, the putrefaction of some of the corpses predisposed to this due to the previous illness is extremely rapid and intense, so that after 24 hours an extremely unpleasant odor is often noticeable. [Weyl, Theodor (ed.): Handbuch der Hygiene. Vol. 2, Section 2. Leipzig: Barth 1912, p. 162]