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Kana:大蛇 丸
Ninja ID:Unknown
Age:50 years
52-53 years
Gender:Male ♂
Birthday:October 27th
Size:172 cm
Weight:57.3 kg
Blood type:B.
Jiraiya, Tsunade, Sarutobi
Jiraiya, Tsunade, Sarutobi
Place of residence:
To find in:Manga and Anime
First appearance:Volume 5
Chapter 45 (As Kusanin)
Episode 21
German speaker:Erik Schäffler

Orochimaru is one of the three Densetsu no Sannin (伝 説 の 三 忍, Legendary Three Ninja) from Konoha and was therefore also Tsunades and Jiraiya's team partner. However, unlike the other two, his power rose over his head and he tried to achieve eternal life. In the course of time a technique developed that did not give him eternal life, but made it possible for him to extend his life span again and again. This technique is called Fushi Tensei (不 屍 転 生, life renewal).

Orochimaru's Ninja ID is 002300. Source: Naruto: The Writings of Rin


At first glance, Orochimaru seems like a calm person. But whoever gets to know the real person behind the, in the initial moment, calm mind knows that Orochimaru is a cold, selfish and power-striving personality. One of his skills is to cast a spell over other people. He also succeeded in seducing Kabuto, Kimimaro or Sasuke and pulling them over to his side. While Kabuto and Kimimaro are loyal followers of Orochimaru who admire his plans and goals, Sasuke has only defected to Orochimaru to get more power from him for his revenge. The goal of Orochimaru is to become immortal and to master all ninjutsu in order to rule the world.

Orochimaru's childhood

Orochimaru was born in Konohagakure Village and was known from early childhood for his tremendous skill in the ninja arts. The third Hokage, also known as the Professor of Jutsus from Konoha, was the teacher Orochimaru and was therefore responsible for the boy's well-being. The third Hokage, whose real name was Sarutobi and who also had two other students, apparently developed the strongest feelings for Orochimaru and saw him as something like his son. The other two students of Sarutobi were Jiraiya, later also known as the perverted hermit, and Tsunade, the princess and future fifth Hokage. Both Jiraiya and Tsunade were Orochimaru's only friends in childhood and, together with Sarutobi, replaced his deceased family. During his childhood, Orochimaru was always a very calm and thoughtful person, who preferred to remain silent and not show off his great talent as a ninja. Orochimaru took on the role of the talented cool in his team and had to smile a little disparagingly at Jiraiya every now and then when he made another mistake. However, it was mostly just a smile and did not go into mockery.
Orochimaru smiles at the thought of seeing his parents again.
During his childhood, Orochimaru would often sit in Konohagakure's mourning meadow and look at his parents' tombstone. One evening, while Orochimaru was thinking again about his deceased parents, he found the old skin of a white snake on their tombstone. Sarutobi, the sensei Orochimaru, suddenly stepped up from behind, whereupon the boy had to speak to his teacher about the skin.

Orochimaru:What kind of thing is that?

Sarutobi:Oh good eye, that's the sloughing skin of a white snake.

Orochimaru:I've never seen one before.

Sarutobi:Hehe, neither do I. They are extremely rare and difficult to find.

Orochimaru:How does she get white?

Sarutobi:I don't know, no one has ever tried to find out. But years ago it was considered a symbol of happiness and rebirth.

Orochimaru:* Stroke your finger over the skin and look thoughtfully * Happiness ... and rebirth ...


Sarutobi:The reason you found her at your parents' grave must be a sign. Maybe they have been reborn in other bodies. That they'll be able to see you again sometime when you've grown up.

Orochimaru:When will that be?

Sarutobi:I'm not afraid I even know that.

Orochimaru:* Look at the skin with a happy smile *

This, and many other conversations, confirmed Sarutobi's opinion that Orochimaru was a good person and that he might one day have what it takes to be a Hokage. Unlike Sarutobi, there were also people like Ibiki Morino who claimed that they had always seen something nonhuman, something absolutely evil, in Orochimaru. That Sarutobi was wrong about Orochimaru he would only realize many years later.

The era of the Sannin

War broke out around the time Orochimaru and his other two teammates were earning the rank of jounin. Since the three students of Sarutobi, the third Hokage, were considered direct contenders for the Hokage title and the best young ninjas of Konoha-Gakure, they were also increasingly used in the war. One of the three missions was to travel to Amegakure and kill the local ruler of the village, whose name was Hanzou. While the three were on their way to the hidden village of Ame no Kuni, the rainy kingdom, they stopped in a small farming village to rest there. They met three little orphans.
Yahiko as he asks the three to eat.
So it came about that one of the three children dared to speak to the eating ninja:

Jiraiya:Who are you, then?

Yahiko:Ka ... can I have some of it ... please.

Jiraiya:Where are your parents?

Yahiko:They were killed in the war.

Jiraiya:Here are a few of those. * Holds bread to him *

The boy, who seemed to be alone, had two other friends with him who were also orphans. One child was Konan, a later Akatsuki member who thinks he is the angel of God, and Nagato, who later calls himself Pain and, as a self-proclaimed god, becomes the boss of the Akatsuki and Amegakure. The three children asked Jiraiya, who kindly presented them, to teach him ninjutsu.
Orochimaru, cold and merciless from a young age.
Tsunade was outraged that the children wanted more than just eat and Orochimaru even went so far as to say the following to Jiraiya:

Orochimaru:Why don't we just kill her?

Yahiko:Wh ... !!!

Orochimaru:You have nothing in front of you but pain and agony, wouldn't it be better for you?

Jiraiya:Do you still have them all, Orochimaru? Okay, you and Tsunade go first, I'll take care of the kids here for a while.


Orochimaru slowly began to develop into what everyone else in Konohagakure was afraid of from the start. Even though Orochimaru had a ruthless manner about him that no normal person had, his friends still held him in high regard. Jiraiya stayed with the three children as announced, while Tsunade marched with Orochimaru towards Amegakure. Shortly after the two students of the third Hokage arrived in the village, Jiraiya also returned to both of them to rebel against the forces of Amegakure and their ruler Hanzou, together with his friends and numerous Shinobis from Konohagakure. Many people died that day. When only Hanzou, Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru stood on the battlefield, the ruler of Amegakure said to them in a firm voice:

Hanzou:You three are strong. You were the only one who survived.

Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru:...

Hanzou:I, Hanzou, give you the title of Sannin of Konohagakure

Jiraiya, Tsunade, Orochimaru:* Astonished faces *

Hanzou:In exchange for your life you should call yourself that.

So the three students of Sandaime Hokage got the title Sannin and became famous as the three strongest ninja in Konohagakure. However, this was just the beginning. During their time in the war, the Sannin experienced many other incidents. After they returned to Konohagakure from Amegakure, they were able to rest for a while and recharge their batteries. However, only a short time later, Tsunade received the news that her younger brother had died in the war. Tsunade, who had given her brother the chain of the first Hokage one day before, hurried with Jiraiya to the room where her brother's body was lying, which Tsunade had to identify first.
Orochimaru ruthlessly explains to Tsunade what her fault was.
Orochimaru was waiting for them at the entrance to the door.

Jiraiya:You better not see the body.


Orochimaru:That shouldn't be a problem, she won't recognize her brother anyway.

Jiraiya:Orochimaru, stop it !!!

Orochimaru:A shinobi's life ends early in war. The battlefield is far from the hospital. Speaking of which, children sometimes try too hard. Especially the day after they got a gift.

Again, Orochimaru showed himself cold and disrespect for other life. Orochimaru didn't even stop at his friends and their feelings and so fell deeper and deeper into the hole of darkness. Sarutobi, the sensei of the three sannin, continued to believe firmly in Orochimaru, even if he could clearly feel the evil in him.

The time after the war

After the war, Orochimaru was assigned a student to whom he should pass on his knowledge and skills. Unlike e.g. Jiraiya, who had already trained three students, Orochimaru only trained one student. One could say that Orochimaru got a pupil quite late, because even the apprentice Jiraiyas, who could be called by the name Minato Namikaze, had already had pupils. Orochimaru's student was called Anko Mitarashi and was loyal to her sensei from the start. Over the years, Orochimaru taught Anko many of his secret techniques and showed her what death means. What not even the student Orochimaru knew, however, was that he carried out experiments on people behind her back and in addition to the joint training. When Sarutobi, the former sensei Orochimarus, announced his resignation as Hokage, Orochimaru hoped that he would appoint him as the new Hokage, but this wish was not granted.
Orochimaru puts the mark of the curse on Anko
Sarutobi, who had thought about it for a long time, did not pass his position on to Orochimaru but to Minato Namikazeden Hokage of the fourth generation, a former student of Jiraiya and Sensei of Kakashi Hatake.
Orochimaru developed terrifying techniques that were later known as kinjutsu.
The reason for this was that Sarutobi saw too much evil in Orochimaru and he wasn't sure whether he would have been the right Hokage. Orochimaru then decided to leave Konohagakure. He put the Cursed Seal, also known as Juin, on Anko Mitarashi, his student, and left her alone. The Juin was a new acquisition Orochimaru obtained after experiments on a boy who called himself Juugo. After leaving Anko behind, Orochimaru went back to the village, where he holed up in his laboratory to continue his experiments. But before Orochimaru could really start working, Anbu and his former Sensei Sarutobi stormed the laboratory to arrest Orochimaru. With no problem, Orochimaru killed the ANBU and ended up standing in front of his sensei. But this one could not attack Orochimaru because he had too strong fatherly feelings for him and let him escape.
Jiraiya stands in the way of Orochimaru.
When Orochimaru fled the village, Jiraiya suddenly stood in his way. A battle of words followed by a fight broke out.

JiraiyaWhy? Why Orochimaru? We're Sannin, we've been buddies since childhood.

OrochimaruKihihihi, you are really stupid Jiraiya. You always see things wrong, that's why you never noticed what I was doing.

JiraiyaCan't you change your mind

OrochimaruRidiculous! Don't be so naive!

So Orochimaru attacked his former friend and defeated him in battle. Jiraiya tried everything, but in the end gave up hope in Orochimaru and let him flee. He himself went into exile and started writing books. Since that day, Orochimaru has been set to criminal level S in Konoha and is next to Itachi Uchiha as the most wanted convict of Konohagakure.

Akatsuki and the new beginning

Orochimaru left the village of Konohagakure and then joined the Akatsuki. An organization that aims to capture the Biju, the Nine Tailed Monsters, and to abuse them for their own purposes. As one of the strongest Nukenin, Orochimaru was almost perfect to become a member of that crime syndicate. So it wasn't really surprising that he joined the Akatsuki, even if there was basically just another deeper reason.
Orochimaru's hand is cut off by Itachi.
The ring Sora as he later stands in Otogakure in Orochimaru's hall.
The Akatsuki always works in teams of two. So Orochimaru got a partner with whom he was supposed to find Jinchuuriki, people in which the demons were locked, and Bijuu. The partner Orochimaru was a Nukenin from Sunagakure who killed the third Kazekage and made him a doll. His name was Akasuna no Sasori. The real reason Orochimaru entered the Akatsuki was because he wanted Itachi UchihasSharingan by ingesting his body with one of his forbidden arts. When he decided to challenge Itachi Uchiha to battle and claim his Sharingan for himself, the latter prevented the takeover by cutting off Orochimaru's hand and proving that his Sharingan was too powerful to be defeated by Orochimaru. After this defeat against the Uchiha, Orochimaru left the Akatsuki and took the ring with which he was wearing around his finger so that the Akatsuki could no longer accept a new member. That ring, which had the name Sora, which means something like heaven, was one of 10 that were used to serve the statue that was needed to extract the bijuus. After Orochimaru left the Akatsuki, he traveled to the land of the rice fields, also known as Ta no Kuni, in order to take that empire almost single-handedly and to build his own hidden village, Otogakure. Due to the connections he was able to make in recent years, he soon had a following that was large enough to be able to set up several secret bases spread all over the world. Sasori, who got wind of Orochimaru's takeover in Ta no Kuni, sent a spy, who was still a child at the time, to shed light on Orochimaru. This spy was called Kabuto Yakushi and was known to have exceptional medical skills despite his very young age. Orochimaru preferred to take young people into his village, as they were much easier to shape according to his will than people who had already passed the age of 18. Kabuto, who was still 15 years old at the time, fitted exactly into Orochimaru's scheme. However, when he noticed that Kabuto was under hypnosis from Sasori, he released it from the boy, whereupon this Orochimaru joined. The boy was a godsend for Orochimaru, because Kabuto had the ability to resuscitate dead people for a short time. As a result, Orochimaru's corpse wear was no longer so high and he was able to continue his experiments much more easily. Kabuto developed a great interest in Orochimaru's plans at an early stage and strongly sympathized with his plans. As a result, over the years he became Orochimaru's right-hand man and perhaps the only person he trusted. However, as the only follower of Orochimaru, Kabuto always had a special gift. He didn't let himself look at the cards. Orochimaru never knew for sure what was going on in the boy's head.

The structure of Otogakures

since Orochimaru, who had left Akatsuki and started building his own empire, had passed many years.
Zaku in younger years
During this time, the ruler Otogakures collected many new and interesting subjects who he could abuse for his own purposes. Among the - notably - children were people like the three Otonin Zaku, Kin and Dosu, but also the Sound Four or sometimes called the Sound Five elite unit, found Orochimaru during these years of development and was also trained by that. The boy Zaku, who at that time grew up in a small village in Ta no Kuni - the land of rice fields - Orochimaru took out of his poverty and promised to give him the strength he needed to stop being pushed around . Zaku listened to what Orochimauru promised him and followed him to Otogakure to be trained by him there.It is unknown how exactly Orochimaru took the other two children - Dosu and Kin - with him. However, it can be assumed that both Dosu and Kin both went to Orochimaru through desperation. Before these three, however, as already mentioned, there were other children that Orochimaru had picked up.
Kimimaro the child who chose Orochimaru as a dream vessel.

Kimimaro, who later became the leader of the Sound Five, was found and taken away by Orochimaru in the land of Mizu no Kuni. The boy from the land of water -Kimimaro- was originally supposed to be the new body Orochimarus become. So he trained him and took him with him on many of his assignments. It turned out, however, when one day Kimimaro was on a mission that he was suffering from a serious illness that even Kabuto, Orochimaru's closest confidante, could not cure. From that day on, Orochimaru was looking for a new host. What Orochimaru planned to collect the children was an attack on the village of Konohagakure, which he swore revenge after leaving. The goal of Orochimaru was to destroy Konohagakure and to master all ninjutsu there is. Another reason why he wanted Itachi Uchiha's Sharingan. However, after Kimimaro was deemed unusable, Orochimaru had a new dream body in sight.

The mark of the curse in the forest of horror

How much time passed is unclear, but Orochimaru had big plans. After Kimimaro was considered unusable and basically had no more use for Orochimaru, the Sannin decided to get a new dream body, namely Itachi Uchiha's younger brother - Sasuke Uchiha.

During the second round of the Chunin selection exams, Orochimaru set about sneaking into the exams, along with two other Otonin. For this, the snake man killed a group of Kusanin and stole their faces in order to lurk hidden in the forest of death for Team 7.

When Orochimaru, who had taken the form of a Kusanin, found the team, he faced Sasuke and Sakura, who at the time were separated from Naruto, who had to fight a giant snake, to fight. Both Sakura and Sasuke had no chance against Orochimaru. It was only through the intervention of Naruto, who called the Uchiha a fearful rabbit, that Sasuke Orochimaru faced with full commitment. Before Sasuke could muster the courage to face Mr. Otogakures, Naruto was put on a seal by Orochimaru which should prevent the Kyuubi chakra from gaining the upper hand. With full commitment to his friends, Sasuke even managed to destroy Orochimaru's fake face after a hard fight, so that it showed the Uchiha his true face. However, since Orochimaru did not fight with the Uchiha for the fun of joy, he put the Juin on him and fled with the words:

Orochimaru:Sasuke will definitely be looking for me! After me, the power!

Sasuke:Urgh! W..What is that ?! That hurts .. hell!

Sakura:You! What did you do to him ?!

Orochimaru:My parting present!

The new Juin Sasukes.
Sasuke now had to endure hours of pain due to the dark power that the mark possessed. At the same time, however, Orochimaru, far from Team 7, was waiting for his old student to approach and challenge him to a fight. Anko Mitarashi, who was once dropped by Orochimaru, bitterly tried to hold out against her former sensei. She doesn't care if she has to give her life during the fight for her goal, which is why she used a forbidden technique called Ninpō: Soja Sosai no Jutsu - but failed miserably. Orochimaru said the following to his former student:

Orochimaru:Please do not interrupt this exam. There are also three children from my village. So let me have some fun!

Anko Mitarashi:Argh! (Moans in pain because of the juin)

Orochimaru:If you take my pleasure, Konoha won't be around for long.

So Orochimaru disappeared, and initially pursued other plans that were of great importance for the destruction of Konohagakure. As a disguised Jounin from Otogakure, however, he appeared from time to time so that he could observe the development of Sasuke during the course of the examination. The actual execution of his plan would not be revealed until a month after the little elimination match in the forest of death.

Dream vessels

Orochimaru takes over all the jutsus in his vessels in order to learn all the jutsus in the world. However, some Jutsus only work with certain Kekkei Genkai (e.g. Amaterasu) and so he looks for dream vessels that have a high level of strength and many techniques. His first dream vessel is an unknown boy and the next one was supposed to be Kimimaro, whose life he had apparently given new meaning. However, when it turned out that Kimimaro had a deadly disease, Orochimaru sent him on a mission and looked for a new dream vessel to represent Sasuke. However, this comes too late, which is why Orochimaru is forced to take over a new body and to wait three years for Sasuke's body to be able to take it over. This is where the time leap for Orochimaru and Sasuke begins.

Familiar spirit

Orochimaru's familiar spirit is Manda, a purple giant snake. For the first time he fights with her against Jiraiya and Tsunade. However, it requires 100 people as victims for every person killed.

Orochimaru in Shippūden


Orochimaru appears from the mouth of one of the snakes
Orochimaru's true form.

In the Shippūden episodes, Orochimaru tries to penetrate Sasuke's body after having trained Sasuke for two and a half years. However, when he tried to bring Sasuke's body into a dimension he had developed himself, he was absorbed by Sasuke.

Then Kabuto integrated the remains of Orochimaru in order to become even stronger. However, the piece by Orochimaru that Kabuto inserts spreads into his body.

However, Orochimaru does not seem to be dead, because in the fight between Sasuke and Itachi, Sasuke uses up his entire chakra and therefore no longer has the power to suppress Orochimaru. He offers Sasuke his power to kill Itachi. Sasuke initially defends himself against it, which does not help him and Orochimaru appears with his Hydra-Technique from Sasuke. But when Orochimaru finally wants to kill Itachi, he is defeated by Itachis Totsuka.

Orochimaru's hydra technique

Completed missions

332C rank
521B rank
491A rank
108S rank


  • Orochimaru's rank is at least Genin, as he was a member of a team and fulfilled a mission with this.

Hiru Bansho: Boka no Jutsu
Using this technology, the user can merge with his environment. Good knowledge of element-based jutsu is an asset for this art.
Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Manda
Kuchiyose no Jutsu (口 寄 せ の 術, Jutsu of the Familiar Spirit) is a technique used to summon animals to help you in battle. Before you can summon an animal, you must first sign a contract with your own blood. In this way, depending on how much chakra you use, you can call up different creatures of an animal species by smearing some of your blood on your hand, making the finger signs boar, dog, bird, monkey and sheep and then putting your hand in place, on which the animal is supposed to appear (usually with the hand on the ground so that the creature appears on the earth).
Kawarimi no jutsu
Kawarimi no Jutsu (roughly translated as "body replacement technique") is a technique in which one's own body is exchanged for that of an animal or an object. So the opponent is offered a fake target and this is tricked into so that he shows a nakedness and can be attacked.
Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei
With Kuchiyose: Edo Tensei it is possible for the user to revive the dead. The only one who has ever used this jutsu is Orochimaru. During the fight with the third Hokage, he used this technique to revive the first and second Hokage. Through Jutsu Sho, Sarutobi was able to stop the revival of the fourth Hokage.

The German translation is "rebirth from dirty earth".

Fushi Tensei
Fushi Tensei (literally translated: "Living corpse rebirth") is a jutsu that Orochimaru created. This technique prevents death as the user's soul leaves the body and lives in another body. This enables one to attain immortality. However, part of the abandoned body always remains in the soul.

However, this jutsu also has its disadvantages: If the soul does not pass into a new living body after three years, it is lost and the user dies. The reason for this is that after three years the host body slowly begins to displace the soul, because it cannot cope with the enormous strength of Orochimaru and therefore cannot withstand this pressure.

Gogyō Fuin
With this jutsu, Orochimaru seals the seal of Naruto so that he can no longer control the Kyuubi's chakra properly.

The signs wood, fire, earth, metal and water are on his 5 fingers.

Kanashibari no Jutsu
Kanashibari no Jutsu (金 縛 り の 術, literally "art of body paralysis") is a jutsu in which the opponent is paralyzed. A fundamental art, the effect of which depends on the skill of the user.
Kusanagi no Tsurugi: Kū no Tachi
Kusanagi no Tsurugi: Kū no Tachi is a jutsu that allows the user to float the sword Kusanagi. After the required finger signals have been made, the sword is activated, which then glows blue, looks for an opponent in the immediate vicinity and pierces him.
Nan no Kaizo
This technique can only be used after performing some surgical procedures on your body.

Both of them were able to stretch and stretch their bodies with this technique, to the surprise of their opponents.

Kuchiyose: rashomon
This appears to be a defense technique that involves summoning three huge gates that appear indestructible.

It is interesting that the gates are called as in Kuchiyose no Jutsu, but with both hands.

Sen'ei Jashu
Sen'ei Jashu (潜 影 蛇 手, literally "snake hand hidden in the shadow") is a jutsu in which the user lets some snakes come out of his sleeve. The snakes bite and choke the enemy. This jutsu varies depending on the user, so can Orochimaru