I could have pulled an adult tooth

Pulling a molar - this is how it works

The place where the molar was located can later be fitted with a dental prosthesis, for example a dental bridge or a dental implant. In some cases, e.g. B. after an accident, the dentist can also insert an artificial tooth root instead of the original one immediately after extracting the molar tooth. After a few months, the implant grows firmly into the bone and, after the healing phase, can be fitted with an artificial tooth crown, the implant abutment.

It looks different when a wisdom tooth is extracted. The place then remains free, because wisdom teeth are considered relics from the Stone Age, for which the jaw often does not offer enough space and which can be dispensed with for normal chewing function. That is why the “figure eight” are usually not replaced after they have been pulled or operated on - and a set of teeth with 28 instead of 32 teeth is therefore considered complete.

What exactly happens when pulling molars?

To pull a molar, the dentist first removes it with special instruments Gums and the periodontal membrane of the tooth from. This is quick and ensures that no more material is removed or damaged than necessary. Then the molar tooth with the dental forceps relaxedso that it does not break when you pull it out, and then pulled out of the jawbone.

The loosening of the tooth is usually more noticeable for the patient than the tooth pulling itself, because the associated pulling, jerking and tilting movements are transferred to the body and the treatment chair. The noises that arise are also amplified by the jaw and skull bones and are therefore very clearly perceived.

If the molar is pulled, the wound becomes supplied with a lint-free cotton ball to protect it from saliva and the bacteria it contains and to prevent re-bleeding. The cotton tampon also promotes the rapid formation of a blood clot (med. Coagulum), which closes the wound so that no more germs can penetrate and the healing process runs smoothly from the start. After the tooth extraction, the cotton ball must remain in the mouth for a while. Applying pressure by biting on it is also recommended.