Have you ever accidentally kissed someone

I kissed someone else

I went to a party yesterday and was pretty drunk. And then I probably kissed a guy. I just don't know anymore. A friend told me this this morning and asked why I did it, but I couldn't remember it at all.

Well and now I have a totally guilty conscience because I'm actually very happy with my boyfriend and didn't want to cheat on him, but it was just a kiss ...
What am I supposed to do now? Should I tell him or should I keep silent about the matter? I can't even explain to him how it came about.

the kiss is taken. Not excessive alcohol consumption! ;)
Be silent, if you can live with it, if not tell your friend exactly as you wrote it here and apologize.

maybe she's kidding you too u it's not true ?? I've never been so full. I always know everything

I also advise you to tell! You'll find out anyway and then it'll only get worse ...
but make sure you check with your girlfriend again beforehand, maybe PenelopeSun is right

yes, talk to your girlfriend again beforehand. maybe it was just a kiss on the cheek .. I don't find that so bad now

"That was just a kiss" yes, if you only knew what a kiss could do. I would advise you to tell him - before someone else does! and drink less the next, otherwise worse things will happen.

Tell him before it makes the big round and someone else tells him about it.

It's really a mystery to me how you can get so full that you don't know anything ... Luckily it was "just" a kiss, could have been worse.
Well now you know what kind of things you do when you are so full and hopefully you won't overdo it in the future.
If it was at a party where everyone could notice, I would tell him too, in the end he'll find out from someone else and that would be even worse.

tell him that your girlfriend said it was so, but you don't know if it's true
I forgive you, besides, it can be that she is just kidding you, right ?!
do you have a gap in your memory? do you know that there is an hour or so missing? then it can be, but otherwise I wouldn't give much up.
ask someone else or the guy you supposedly kissed

"Actually, I'm very happy with my boyfriend" ... then you probably wouldn't kiss anyone else, no matter if drunk or not. Don't drink so much next time.

It's all harmless. Better tell him before he hears it from someone else

tell him and tell him how sorry you are ..
and don't drink so much from now on ^^

"just a kiss......
for me there would be an immediate separation.
no matter if he tells me, if he was drunk or what I know.
cheap excuses are those!

even if you're really drunk, you know what you're doing ..... my opinion
or do you forget all the people you love at once .... ??? I think less.

alcohol makes you more uninhibited but you don't get any memory loss, girl! you knew what you were doing.

don't be so cowardly and stand by it. tell him the truth!
maybe you are lucky and

he forgives you ... what I would never! unbelievably such women ...
and then the men are always the assholes because they look at others or flirt a bit! tzzzzzz

maybe she's really kidding ... I once had a fake snake that tried to talk me into something like that.
The only strange thing was that the guy also said that he had never kissed me. you should question him and make sure you only drink enough so that you don't forget anything the next day. you can regret that badly: / in any case, atone for getting drunk ... should it really be true, confess it to your friend

ehm guys, by the way, there are really cracks in the film! That is so that at a party you look at the clock at 1 and 2 seconds later you wake up, there are 10 hours in between and you have no idea ... and if you had one and then don't take a break, but on the weekend then continue, you get it again and again. the solution is: just drink little or better nothing for a few weeks / months !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everything else is dangerous

Kissing is not cheating and some things happen under alcohol, but be honest and tell him if it comes from other people, it's much, much worse. Maybe he gets it and doesn't make a big scene. Just drink less when you go to a party without your loved one.

mmh depends on what kind of kiss it was just a bussi on the mouth or right? definitely talk to your friend tell aba that you don't remember it either

well, I don't know if there are such cracks in the film ... was never really drunk.
but when I was 18 I drank a lot and could hardly walk but I knew what I was doing!
I already said my opinion on that before!

I think kissing is almost as intense as sex.
that's kind of cheating .....
I mean how can you drink so much when you know that you have a friend at home .. I don't understand

kissing is not cheating..tzzzzzzz
that I don't laugh. even with flirting and cheating in your mind starts ...

so no ... i would forgive my friend a lot but kiss strangers, never.

I would never be so stupid to put my relationship at risk because of another man.

if there really are such film tears ... apparently ...
then you should never drink again !!!!!!!!!!
what can happen there ....... and then you know it ned times.
So as a woman and as a man, I would really be ashamed of myself.

is my opinion.

and above all ... honesty lasts the longest ...
tell him ..... but whether he will ever trust you again afterwards is questionable.

I do not understand why some say here that this is not bad or kissing is not cheating. Kissing is very much cheating and if my boyfriend kisses someone else when he is drunk, then he can resign!
I think you should know where you belong even when you're drunk. And don't use alcohol as an excuse for weakness of character.

if my friend would kiss someone else and then say "that was just a kiss" he would definitely be single !!!!!
so what a shit! you went out on a stranger if what your girlfriend is telling you is true and you apparently don't even feel very sorry. So I don't understand how you can drink so much that you don't know anything about a situation. just shit the whole thing!

First of all, alcohol is not an excuse or an excuse.
Better be careful next time;)

To the kiss ... what kind of kiss?
For example, I find a kiss on the mouth, it's something else like a wild smooching ...
That happened to me once too, I hugged someone, he kissed me, kind of replied ... but that was it ...
I would forgive my boyfriend for something like that, if you snog wildly with someone now, in my opinion there is really more to it ...

But still, mistakes happen, think about whether everything is really right in your relationship.

I forgive you!

i used to be stupid enough to cheat on my boyfriend while under the influence of alcohol, even if "only" with a kiss. i don't drink alcohol anymore and i don't even have to make an effort. it's much nicer that way. :)
I would definitely talk to my girlfriend again, and if you are sure that it won't happen again and won't come out, then be silent. otherwise you should be honest.

If you've moved around with friends, ask the others. If there is no evidence or witnesses, then I'd assume she's playing a trick on you. If only she saw the next time I'd say she snogged with someone and waited for her reaction. Maybe she'll tell you that she made it up ...
I wouldn't tell my friend anything about it. It is the presumption of innocence. Everyone can say you did whatever with whoever knows. Yes and drink less so that she can't say you were full. Stay in control! :-)

always this alcohol ...
let the alcohol out of your head then you won't forget that either ...

kiss is kiss. no matter whether with alcohol or not. is my opinion.
confess it to him and then you will know whether he will forgive you or not.

What would you do if he came and told you yes I was so drunk and kissed someone else ?!

Oh people, you and your alcohol ... I think it's shit, definitely tell him because it'll come out at some point

But I don't know if I wouldn't even be silent because that one kiss that definitely didn't mean anything to you, right ?! It could have serious consequences for your relationship.

So reason would tell him now. but if I put myself in your friend's shoes & consider that the kiss meant NOTHING ... I wouldn't want to know. I really wouldn't want to know this slip, because I couldn't live with it. Feelings or not. & now realistically; you weren't quite together. it had nothing to do with it. why put the relationship at risk. but that is only possible1) if you can live with it. 2) when you can be sure that he won't find out.
by the way; you can't seem to remember it. there must be more witnesses. find out.

better tell him yourself before someone else does!