The world is facing drastic overpopulation

Coronavirus pandemic: “An experiment with the entire world population. Everything is possible"

Experts had warned against it. Again and again for years. Now it is here, the next global disease pathogen. And with such power that many heads of state speak of a “war”. The novel coronavirus has been spreading for about three months - and we are still at the beginning of the pandemic. "We are in the pandemic marathon at kilometer two out of 42," says the virologist Jonas Schmidt-Chanasit from the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine (BNITM) in Hamburg. "China is around ten kilometer."

The beginning:

At the beginning of December, perhaps as early as November, the first cases of a previously unknown lung disease will occur in the Chinese metropolis of Wuhan. Those affected previously stayed at an animal market, which has since been considered the origin of the novel corona virus. Only on December 31, the cases from China will be officially reported to the World Health Organization (WHO).

On January 9, China reported: The lung disease is due to a new type of corona virus. On the same day, a 61-year-old infected with the virus dies - the first officially recorded fatality from the pandemic. The new pathogen belongs to the same type of virus as the Sars virus, it is just a different variant, says virologist Christian Drosten from the Berlin Charité in mid-January - at that time only few people knew the man who was quickly becoming the dominant expert voice in Germany.

Many still find it hard to believe that a tiny particle can undermine human societies. "Epidemics are historically the normal state," emphasizes Karl-Heinz Leven from the Institute for the History and Ethics of Medicine at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.

From regional epidemics to pandemic:

In mid-January, the virus was first detected outside of China - in a woman in Thailand who had visited Wuhan. Hundreds of people are infected on the “Diamond Princess” cruise ship in Japan. In South Korea, the Shincheonji Church of Jesus sect becomes a main driver of the outbreak.