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Offshore Bank Seychelles

Since 2015 there is no longer an offshore bank in the Seychelles that offers an offshore bank account for the established Seychelles offshore company. You have to rethink this.

If you read offers on the net like: "Offshore company + offshore bank account", then you better stay away from these offers. Most of the time - no always - it is overpriced and only serves as bait.
The aim here is to try to make the start-up “palatable” and to sell it to you as a simple, overpriced complete package.

That means that for the pure mediation of a possible bank you either have to pay an optional fee of 300.00 to 1,000.00 € to the founding agencies, or they are banks that no one else wants, or they are far away and insecure. On top of that, there are banks that often require a high cash deposit as a minimum deposit / minimum balance for opening an offshore bank account.

The actual service of these founding agencies is then limited to building a bridge to the bank, possibly sending you the first bank documents in advance and nothing more. Ultimately, you have to do most of the work yourself, appear at the bank in person if necessary, or be activated in a video review.

But don't worry, unlike years ago, there is now a new generation of banks, so-called fintech banks. Specialized in online banking including VISA and / or Mastercard prepaid cards. One bank account for one Seychelles offshore company to open is comparatively easy. Because, unlike in the past, you can legitimize yourself via video apps, Skype, etc. and no longer even have to appear in person at the bank.

Do you still want a European bank account for your offshore company?

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