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American food culture is certainly shaped by “fast food chains” that offer little more in culinary terms than high-calorie, fatty and, above all, low-vitamin food. Many Europeans believe that American food is all fast food and that the population is obese and unhealthy. But that is a common misconception.

American cuisine is shaped by culinary dishes that have brought immigrants to the United States over the centuries. In the course of time, however, their own American cuisine developed with many delicacies and specialties that are also known far beyond the country's borders.

If you ever travel to the USA and want to get to know the American food culture, you should definitely get to know the following specialties:

The typical American breakfast

If you compare the American with the European breakfast, you will quickly come to the conclusion that this is probably the most unhealthy American meal of the day. Unlike in Central Europe, breakfast is a must in America.

There are two types of breakfast.

The sweet breakfast:

Americans love everything that is cute. So the sweet breakfast consists mainly of Donuts, muffins, brownis or waffles. This also often includes the pancake (Pancakes) or the cinnamon bun (Cinnamo Rolls) as well as the sweet toast (Poptarts). For the little ones there are sweetened corn flakes and a large bowl of milk, not exactly the healthiest.

The hearty breakfast:

Americans love a hearty breakfast in the morning. These include bacon, small sausages, beans, ham, bacon, and scrambled eggs. In many hotels and accommodations in the USA you will be served this variation of breakfast. If you want a “normal” breakfast, you should find out when booking the hotel what kind of breakfast is offered and where you can get one in town.

The most important thing about an American breakfast is the coffee. Breakfast without a large cup of coffee is simply impossible. In most breakfast restaurants you can get free refills. This means that you can have your coffee cup refilled as often as you want. So don't be afraid to ask, it's normal in America.

If you ever travel to the USA and want to get to know the American food culture, you should definitely get to know the following specialties:

The American lunch

Contrary to popular belief, Americans tend to be reluctant to eat lunch. If you are not having a business meal, Americans are content with a rather small meal. So don't be surprised if you run into people at lunchtime who are just having their sandwiches on the street or on the park bench, or if you run into a long line in front of a fast food restaurant, a common sight in America at lunchtime.

The reason why the lunchtime masses in America are usually sparse and often seem very hectic is down to the American sense of family. At lunchtime the children are at school, the parents at work and so everyone goes about their own life, differently than in the evening.

The American dinner

The evening and dinner with the family are sacred to Americans. Whenever possible, they eat together in the evening. If both parents are at work, dinner is quickly moved outside to the restaurant. The most popular evening meal is still the burger. The Americans enjoy it in all possible variations and sizes.

There is then nice, greasy fried "french fries", that is french fries or "backed potato". If you have an appetite for anything other than America's favorite food, the burger, you can have a pizza or something Mexican. At dinner you will find salads on the menu of the Americans again.

Specifics of America that you should know

The barbecue:

Americans love to grill and so the smell of freshly grilled food is in the air everywhere, especially on the weekends. Barbecue is the hottest pastime in America. If you are on vacation in America or visiting friends there, be sure to attend a typical American barbecue.

An experience that you will not soon forget. Unlike with us, where the bratwurst usually ends up on the grill, steak and baked potatoes are popular with the Americans.


America is also called the land of snacks. In hardly any other country in the world will you find such a choice Cookies (Biscuits), as is the case in the US. The snack for in between is simply part of the American way of life. The most popular of these is the Oreo biscuit, which is now also available in Germany.

A bar made from chocolate, peanuts and caramel is also very popular. Americans have a particularly good relationship with peanuts, so good that they have turned it into butter, which can be found on breakfast toast.

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