How is the Colombian national dish made

Typical dishes from Colombia

When traveling to a new country one of the most important questions to ask is what to eat, well, let's see what it is like in Colombia. The first thing you should know is that Colombian cuisine is very tasty and varied. There is an enormous variety of foods in Colombia, which is also a reason to visit.

As we pointed out at the beginning of this article, Colombian gastronomy is very tasty and valued. Depending on the region you are visiting, there are a number of dishes to try if you want to fully immerse yourself in the full flavors of the region. But let's talk about the typical dishes of Colombia, how they are and why they are so tasty.

Dishes in which meat plays the main role.

The saucepan

The casseroles can be very different, but generally they are made with beans. It is a typical mountain dish made of chicharron, banana and avocado on a bean base. Minced meat and potatoes are added and served with rice and salad. Quite a hearty dish that can also be prepared with seafood.


Tamales are the main meal of the day in many places. They are made from potato pieces, carrots and boiled peas as well as marinated meat wrapped in corn dough. This corn dough is then wrapped in a banana leaf, which is used for presentation. Another quite common variant is the use of rice as a substitute for corn dough.


Patacones are actually fried green plantains that are served with meat or poultry, along with guacamole. Since the bananas are still green, they are very crunchy when fried, which gives the dish a special touch.


Another typical Colombian dish is sancocho, a broth made from potatoes, yucca, bananas and beef. This broth or stew is mostly served with rice.

Ajiaco from Santa Fe

Ajiaco is a typical Bogotá dish that contains three types of potatoes, a corn on the cob, and chicken. A broth is prepared from these ingredients, which is accompanied with rice, a piece of avocado, cream and capers.

Paisa tray

If you want to try an authentic dish of the most traditional Colombian gastronomy, the paisa tray is for you. That large serving is a lot of carbohydrates and proteins. It consists of beans, rice, meat, black pudding, chorizo, chicharron, fried egg, mirrored banana, avocado and is accompanied by an arepa.


Although the name sounds a bit strange, this typical dish of Colombian gastronomy is nothing more than a soup. This soup is made from cow tripe, which expresses its specialty. You won't find it everywhere and it is advisable to choose a convenient place to try it. In addition to tripe or intestines, the broth also contains potatoes and cooked vegetables.

Fish dishes

Fish is one of the undisputed main players in Colombian cuisine. Bagre en salsa is one of the most popular freshwater fish. The seafood casserole is typical of the city of Riohacha, while in the Amazon, Pirarucú is served in fillet of fish.


The ceviche, while not an exclusive Colombian dish, is very famous in the country, especially the shrimp ceviche. It is served in a glass with tomato sauce, lemon, onion, chilli and spices, which gives it a very strong taste. To try it with a glass of typical Colombian aguardiente is perfect.

Dish is fried fish with rice

Another popular dish is fried fish with rice and patakon potatoes, typical of Baru Island. The rice is prepared with coconut, which gives it a special taste. The fresh fish is fried along with the fried patakon potatoes, all of which make a delicious and very nutritious dish. Although meat is plentiful in the country, vegetarians and vegans can live on arepas


Another typical Colombian dish that is not only available in this Latin American country. Arepas are corn tortillas that are filled with almost anything. They are served anytime, both for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In some areas of Colombia, arepas are served toasted with butter, salt and white cheese. It differs from Venezuelan arepas in that the latter are filled while the Colombian is open. In addition to many other delicacies such as pandequeso, almojábanas, buñuelos, waffles or alfajores. And all of this without going into the desserts: the arequipe (creamy sweet dish [dulce de leche]), the rice pudding, the mazamorra (corn kernels cooked with milk), the cocadas and the famous aguapanela. Colombian cuisine is so spectacular that it would take a lot more items to adequately name all of the dishes.