Why do people pursue a failing relationship

The 10 most common reasons for separation & 10 tips to counteract them

Once the rose-tinted glasses are gone from the beginning of the relationship and you are in a phase of your relationship in which you may be confronted with problems, these must be overcome. When this is not possible, problems often turn into reasons for separation.
Here we have them Top 10 reasons for separation listed for you and 10 tips on how to prevent these reasons.

These are the top 10 Reasons for separation and causes

1. Infidelity as a reason for separation

Infidelity can easily become an issue, especially in longer relationships. If in your own relationship Routine returned is and possibly also there is a lull in bed is a Fling happened quickly. For many couples that is Breach of trust too big and the Cheating ultimately leads to separation.

What do I do if I have been betrayed?

If you've broken up after your partner broke up, you should make sure after the breakup: Don't continue to hold grudges against your partner or to mourn after him for a long time. You have been hurt and should take time for anger and sadness, but this phase should not last forever. Start to distract yourself, talk a lot with friends and look to the future strengthened and full of optimism!

2. No time for the partner

In the beginning you spent every free minute together and experienced a lot together. But be it a new, exhausting job, a hobby that is very time-consuming or stress in other areas of life. Not spending any "quality time" together and just living next to each other can lead to separation at some point.

How can I prevent this reason for separation?

Even if you both have a stressful everyday life, it is important to Spending enough time with your partner without disruptive factors such as cell phones or work. How about you one fixed evening a week take that you only have for yourself? So you know when you have time for each other and can concentrate fully on yourself and your relationship.

3. Everyday quarrels are rampant

At first you could smile over the little quirks of your partner, but the longer you are together, the more often you drive the bad habits of the other person into white heat. Regardless of whether they have different views on personal hygiene or order in the home, countless points of friction hide in everyday life. If it is not possible to find compromises, the dishes that have not been washed can also mean the separation in the end.

What shall we do now?

If you have different views of okay it might help to arrange fixed tasks. So you get more structure and the chaotic of both knows exactly what to do. In case you have a different understanding of personal hygiene, your partner should do not criticize. You better do it proposals such as a wellness day together or nicely point out to your partner what is bothering them.

4. Different ideas about the future

If one partner has a firm desire to have children and the other is sure that they do not want to have children, this can quickly lead to a separation. It becomes difficult to find compromises, especially when both have very established ideas. Because ideas like a certain number of children influence the future immensely - if it is impossible to come together here, So a breakup can really be the better way.

Perhaps the worst of all reasons for separation?

If the different ideas about the future were a reason for separation for you, it was for sure not an easy decision. Because in this situation the love for the partner is usually still very strong. Now it is important to have one clear view of the situation to keep in mind that the relationship literally had no future. This is why you shouldn't go back to your partner carelessly - because in the end the different visions of the future remain.

5. Lies and breaches of trust

One or the other lie has already been exposed in your relationship and has damaged mutual trust. Especially when little lies keep coming back The relationship can be permanently damaged and in the end even lead to a separation.

Can you prevent this behavior pattern?

Often it is jealousy one partner a reason for that the other partner for fear of quarrels better not tell the whole truth in the first place. In such a situation it is important to recognize one's own and the other's behavior patterns and to speak openly about them. This can prevent falling into certain patterns that ultimately count among the reasons for separation.

6. Lack of communication

For example, if it often happens in your relationship that after an argument it is not discussed and the two of you can just wait for the matter to grow a lack of communication can quickly become one of the reasons for separation.

How do I improve communication with my partner?

The be-all and end-all here is: talk! It is of course important to use an appropriate tone of voice. But you should always share your thoughts and feelings with your partner, even if it seems difficult at times. Solutions and compromises can be found together, without negative feelings piling up.

7. Lack of tenderness

In a long-term relationship in which routine has gradually returned, Issues such as tenderness and romance often fall by the wayside. In the evening on the couch everyone lies comfortably in a corner instead of cuddling with each other and the sex also falls by the wayside. If at some point any tenderness falls by the wayside, this can quickly become a reason for separation.

How do I reinvigorate tenderness in my relationship?

Take your partner in your arms or snuggle up to him on the sofa, take his hand when you are out and look deep into your eyes again. Little gestures like this may not be part of your routine at first, but in the long run they can definitely make a difference and bring the tenderness back into your relationship.

8. Lack of space

Feeling constricted is not good for any partnership. Be it through the shared apartment, a shared circle of friends or a different need for closeness, when one feels constrained in the relationship, this is quickly becoming one of the most common reasons for separation.

How do I give my partner more freedom?

In order to give the partner more freedom or to get more freedom yourself, it is advisable to To arrange 1-2 fixed days a week, on which everyone has time for themselves. So at this point the potential for conflict is eliminated and the necessary freedom is granted.

9. Jealousy as one of the top reasons to break up

If a bar evening with your best friend becomes a problem or if you look critically at your partner's cell phone and this ends in an argument, jealousy can quickly spell the end of a relationship. Often are low self-confidence or bad past experience Trigger for it.

What helps against excessive jealousy?

Here, too, the keyword is: communication. Especially if the partner has had bad experiences in the past, it is important to talk openly about fears, feelings and wishes. It is also important Find compromisesso that both feel good and can approach each other.

10. Sadness in the bedroom

After a few years of relationship or possibly after the first child there can often be a lull in bed. But often one partner has a more alert libido than the other and frustration arises. Even in long relationships at a younger age, a lull in bed can lead to the end of the relationship if one partner gets the feeling of being sexually speaking missing out on something.

How can we counteract the doldrums in bed?

Talk to each other as often as possible about what you like, what you feel like doing and what you have always wanted to try. Whether workshops, books or your own imagination, There are many ways to get your own libido and that of your partner back on track.

Avoid reasons for separation - communication is essential

What ultimately leads to separation can be very different. However, what is indispensable to prevent most reasons for separation, is open and honest communication with the partner. As soon as something is bothering you in your relationship, you should seek conversation and openly communicate your wishes, fears and feelings. So you can work together on solutions and prevent the most common reasons for separation.

What if it came to a breakup?

Then you should definitely try to keep a cool head. Don't blame yourself and try to distract yourself as best you can. Do a lot with friends and pursue your hobbies. So should you Look back on your failed relationship, around to be able to learn from it and to be able to prevent similar situations in the future. After the relationship has ended, it's time to to concentrate fully on yourselfto emerge stronger from the situation and personal goals undisturbed to be able to follow.