Is Elon Musk stupid

Tesla boss for quick easing : Elon Musk calls corona curfews "fascist"

Tesla boss Elon Musk has criticized the corona curfews in the US state of California as "fascist". In a conference call on the quarterly figures, Musk said on Wednesday that he did not know when the electric car maker could restart production in California. The government order to stay at home is a "serious risk" to business. Then he added: "To say that you cannot leave your house and that you will be arrested if you do is fascist. That is not democratic, this is not freedom".

People have to be given back their freedom. He later reiterated this on Twitter. On March 6, Musk had already tweeted that "the corona panic was stupid". He later offered to equip hospitals with ventilators.

In the US, where there are more than one million corona infected people and already more than 60,000 deaths, a debate is raging over the question of when the US states will lift the restrictions on public life again. US President Donald Trump has also repeatedly called for easing.

Musk calls the German approach "very sensible"

Almost at the same time as Musk, Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg painted a completely different picture in a conversation with journalists: he worries that reopening too quickly would lead to further outbreaks in the future and thus the health system and the economy would be even more affected. Both Facebook and Tesla are based in the San Francisco area.

Musk indicated that he supports the path of gradual openings in Germany and the EU. He described a media report on the German approach as "very sensible". Tesla is currently building a new plant in Brandenburg.

Tesla is in the black for the third quarter in a row

Despite the coronavirus epidemic, Tesla was in the black for the third quarter in a row. Earnings excluding special items were $ 1.24 per share, while analysts had assumed a loss of 36 cents. Revenue rose to nearly $ 6 billion from $ 4.5 billion in the same period last year.

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According to refinitive data, experts had reckoned with 5.9 billion dollars. However, the electric car pioneer does not want to dare to make a forecast for the year as a whole until the business figures for the current quarter are presented in three months' time. It cannot be predicted how quickly the global supply chains would normalize.

Tesla expects to slowly ramp up production at its factories in California and China in the coming weeks. The share of the US group was eight percent in after-hours trading. (Reuters)

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