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Donald Trump: "Princess Diana wanted sex with me"

An old interview by Donald Trump caused a sensation because of a slippery remark about Princess Diana - the President was once after the courted Briton

This interview will leave Royal fans speechless: In a conversation with radio presenter Howard Stern, Donald Trump once expressed himself disrespectfully about Princess Diana († 37), who died in 1997.

Donald Trump brags about his sex appeal

In a radio recording from November 1997, which was recorded only a few months after Diana's tragic accident and has now been published by an unknown person on the "Facebase" website, the US President makes lewd remarks about the Queen of Hearts. The interview was conducted by radio presenter Howard Stern. He's also not known to mince his words. "Why do people think it's selfish to say you could have Lady Di? You could have had her, you could have had sex with her," he flatters the real estate mogul's ego.

"I think I could have done that," replies Trump in typical macho fashion. "She was really beautiful. I think Lady Di had the beauty of a supermodel." But the then 51-year-old overestimated his charm, as a Diana confidante reveals.

The princess felt harassed by the future US president

As the "Daily Mail" reported in August 2015, Trump's affection for Lady Diana has taken on obsessive traits. In the mistaken assumption that she was interested in him, he "bombarded her with flowers" after the separation from Charles and wanted to collect her as a "trophy wife". "As the roses and orchids piled up in her apartment, she became increasingly concerned. It began to feel like Trump was stalking her," says TV presenter and Diana friend Selina Scott of the American's intrusive behavior.

Diana was not interested in Trump

Diana shuddered at Trump and threw his expensive bouquets in the trash can. On August 31, 1997, the billionaire's advertising came to an end: Diana died in a traffic accident in Paris. Trump's comment, according to Scott: His biggest regret was that he and the princess had never met on a date.

Neither was Mr. Right Princess Diana's admirer and romances

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