Which is the highest point in Delhi

This mountain of rubbish in India will soon be higher than the Taj Mahal

Anyone on vacation in India experiences a rush of senses - and emotions. On the one hand, travelers are amazed at the magnificent colonial buildings and modern architecture, on the other hand they are shocked by the huge slums. They love the bewitching scent of exotic spices and plants and are appalled by the stench of rubbish.

Disgusting garbage mountain in New Delhi is 65 meters high

In the big cities in particular, the waste problem literally grows over their heads. According to the United Nations, New Delhi is the dirtiest city in the world. And here is also the highest mountain of rubbish in the country.

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The Ghazipur rubbish dump in the east of the Indian capital takes up the area of ​​the equivalent of 40 football fields and is already 65 meters high. And the mountain keeps growing. Projections show that it could have overtaken the 73-meter-high Taj Mahal as early as 2020. This is reported by the "Economic Times" in India.

Ghazipur was opened in 1984 and already reached the limits of its capacity in 2002. Therefore, the dump should be closed. But hundreds of garbage trucks still arrive every day. According to the city administration, they dump 2,000 tons (!) Of rubbish there every day.

The mountain of rubbish not only stinks terribly, it apparently also endangers health: residents say that it is sometimes very difficult for them to breathe. Environmental activists and medical professionals warn that methane gases are being released, which are also more likely to catch fire. In addition, toxic liquids seep into the soil and get into the groundwater.