Why does my iPad switch off suddenly?

My iPad turns off on its own: how to fix it


When the iPad shuts down on a battery

This is one of the most common cases. Regardless of whether the battery is 2% or 100%, it is not normal for an iPad to turn itself off without pressing the button. Maybe the problem could be that The battery is not properly calibrated . What if a battery is in this situation? Well, it shows a non-real percentage on the screen, although that doesn't mean its deterioration is important. To calibrate the battery you need to do the following steps:

If the previous calibration process didn't help you fix the problem, it is very likely that the battery is dead worsened . This is normal over time as it is one of the components that suffers the most with use. The battery may even be defective if it is new. Hence, the best advice we can give you regarding this is to contact Apple Technical Support or one of their authorized partners. The repair could be free If it's a factory defect, or if you've signed up AppleCare +, you'll have to pay a price of 109 euros . In the event that you cannot physically go to technical support, you can pick up the iPad at your home, but the shipping costs are 12.10 euros.

Is the iPad overheating?

There are several factors that can affect an iPad overheating. If you perform complex processes When you need the full power of the processor (see advanced video editing), the device usually gets warm. Temperatures A value higher than the recommended one can also be decisive.

Overheating of the device can adversely affect certain components and the device in general, and even render it unusable. However, like iPhones, iPads have one Protection system This will turn them off when a very high internal temperature is detected. This can also be the reason why your iPad shuts down unexpectedly, although there is usually a message on the screen letting you know the reason.

Check the iPad software

The operating system of the iPad, although fully optimized for these, can cause a certain error. The first is to tell you that If you're in a beta, The reason for restarting the device and apps could be related to this. So it is recommended that you delete this trial version and revert to the latest stable version from Apple in order to eliminate the bugs caused by this type of beta software.

Although you are not testing a beta version of iPadOS, the software cannot yet be excluded as the cause of these errors. It is recommended to check under Settings> General> Software update whether one is available newer version of the operating system and if so, download and install it.

Another possible problem that arises from the software is the so-called Junk files These are items that are not visible but are present on your iPad and cause errors that prevent the device from working properly. Well the way to get rid of these problems completely is to a clean restoration of the software You can only do this by connecting the device to a computer. Either through on macOS Catalina and later, or with iTunes on macOS Mojave and earlier and Windows, these computers must be running a full system format. Once you complete it, you have to Configure the iPad without a backup.

RAM problems? Other mistakes?

Once the previous issues have been ruled out, there is little reason why your device should fail. RAM is a component that can cause unexpected restarts even on an iPad. It is true that it is more common to find them in computers, but it is not for this reason that the tablet is exempt from problems resulting from the fact that this component is defective.

Knowing whether the memory is actually failing is not an easy task at first glance. Hence, Apple technicians need to run diagnostics to see if this is the problem or not. All others related to hardware is also recognized by the company's experts or these authorized technicians. So go to the Apple Support website and try to make an appointment so they can figure out the problem once and for all and offer you a workable solution.