How do I negotiate an offer letter

Customer acquisition and new customer acquisitionNegotiate the offer and conclude the purchase

The High Probability Selling method is not about necessarily getting the deal. It inevitably results from the process of disqualification and the commitment of the customer. During the entire sales process, the customer had to decide whether to follow the seller and commit to the sale if the respective conditions of the corresponding phase are met.

Other methods of selling work very differently at this point. This phase is about convincing the customer that he has to make a decision now. Using different conversation techniques and skillful negotiation tactics, the conclusion, the purchase decision, is to be enforced now, so to speak. The prerequisite is that the customer sends out buy signals. This could be, for example: he asks about the price, he touches the product, he asks when it can be delivered.

Many salespeople have deficits in the closing technique. Basically everything has been settled, but the order is a long time coming. A job that was believed to be safe goes through the rags through persuasion or obtrusiveness. The conclusion is the logical consequence that the customer wants in the sales process. Helpful elements are:

  • Proposal that promises the customer an advantage if they buy now.
  • Show alternatives that support a decision in terms of an order; work out a solution with the customer that meets his requirements.
  • Set a clear goal and tell the customer what it's about.
  • Be patient and remain silent: this gives the customer time to say yes to the purchase.

It is important: After the purchase decision and the order placement by the customer - thank you! Good salespeople also thank them for the time that the customer invested in placing the order.