Why is dating so confusing and complicated

You would have liked to have had this knowledge about love ten years ago

All you need is love already knew the Beatles. Still, no one has really seen through love so far. There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for a happy relationship and the question of what you imagine a happy relationship to mean would probably be answered differently by everyone. Only in retrospect do you notice that you may have already learned a thing or two about love.

We asked you what knowledge you would have liked to have learned about love ten years ago. You answered by tellonym - and give hope. Because even if it is obvious that everyone has had to accept a disappointment, the certainty remains that the future can be beautiful again, that you don't just love once, that it doesn't have to be complicated. And that such insights can sound a bit cheesy.

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"That she's coming soon."

“That it is okay and normal to have doubts about the relationship. That you don't always have to find everything great about your partner and that you can be annoyed from time to time. I really thought that if you love someone, you will undoubtedly love your partner. And if not, then you don't love the other either. "

"Less is more."

"You can love several people."

"You need a good relationship with yourself to be able to have a good partnership."

"Being in love is a temporary, physical attraction - love is an unconditional, emotional connection."

“If it hurts more than good, but you still can't get away, then it's not love, it's addiction. Run, you deserve better. "

“At 17 I would have liked to know that the pain of an unfulfilled or failed love is not something to be ashamed of, but it also passes and you can learn a lot from it, especially about yourself. And that it doesn't make sense to find a substitute partner to search while one is still attached to someone else, no matter how well it flatters one's self-confidence. "

If it doesn't fit really well, you can leave it.

"That the exaggerated fear of losing your partner tends to drive him away."

“That love is more than a traditional monogamous relationship and is definitely not black and white. The boundaries are fluid and for me today love is a summary of the valuable connection that I have with myself and my surroundings. "

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“That it is none of the business of other people how you lead your relationship, provided you are happy with it. Every couple has to find their own method. "

“Just because someone doesn't want you doesn't mean you're not good enough. It just means that it doesn't fit. "

“That it becomes more and more difficult to find someone who suits you and who gets involved with you the older you get. In the 20s everything was so easy and very superficial. But from their mid-30s, many are frustrated or have high expectations of each other. That makes it difficult. "

“Jealousy is pointless. Should my partner actually leave me for someone else, then it didn't fit well enough between us and it is good that I am free from this person again. "

“Enjoy the single life. At some point you will miss it. "

“Sex and love are not the same. Just because someone wants sex with me doesn't mean they love me. Nobody will love me ONLY because I sleep with them. "

"I would have liked to know that the partner will not change and will always fall back into old patterns, no matter how long you fight."

"Difference Between Passion and Love"

That I'll have found her in ten years.

"That love alone is sometimes not enough."

"The realization that even in a relationship I am the only one who is allowed to control my body."

"Love doesn't wait around every corner."

"That it is sometimes good not to get the one you wanted so badly."

“Real love is easy. Don't break it just because society tells you love has to be complicated. Have trust and enjoy! "

Two people don't always love each other equally. And that's okay.

"That I don't have to justify myself for what I'm doing and that my insecurity is obvious."

"In general, the honest and good-natured are mostly the idiots (regardless of gender), as they are mostly shot for some asshole."

"It comes when you need it."

“You don't think women are bad either, and that's okay. Most of the people around you are actually a bit to very gay. "

“That it can also be that you have a man for everyday life, one for sex and one for the child together. Although you never wanted that. "

“The love of your life usually doesn't last long. Do not hesitate and enjoy every second and never forget it. This memory will carry you through life. Keep it in your heart. "

You can fall in love with anyone if you spend enough time together.

"That there is no knowledge, no secret, no truth that lasts longer than a relationship."

"Keeping love for decades means work."

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"Love is the answer to everything."

"That you can easily get burned on it."

"Love is exercise."

"That you can truly love each other with all your heart, but unfortunately there is still no happy ending."

“Don't freak yourself out when you're 15 and haven't been in a relationship yet. Don't drive yourself crazy until you are 25, like me now, because you've still never had a crush. Of course not. Love cannot be forced. If it fits, it happens, not before. "

"If he doesn't notice that you smell of lavender, he's not the one for you."

There is not just one love in life.

“That it can be worth it to get through bad days together and not to flee from the conflict. Maybe the first one would have become love. "

"More head, less stomach!"

"That it remains just as confusing as it was back then."