What does the Green Lantern Symbol mean

Symbology in the emblems of the lantern corps?

I am curious about the symbology and meaning of the various emblems of the Lantern Corps.

As I understand it, the green is by far the oldest (both inside and outside the universe) while the others are relatively new. Unless I'm mistaken, most were created during the arc, with the exception of the star sapphires, the organization of which bears the symbol of the older individual character, Star Sapphire.

Some of these emblems seem to be basic representations (e.g. the Orange Lantern Corps symbol feels like putting things together in one central location that suits greed, and the Black Lantern Corps is pointing down, a direction that is generally associated with death), but others seem more abstract. Almost all of them have central circles, and four (yellow, green, blue, and indigo) refer to the basic Green Lantern design with horizontal bars at the top and / or bottom.

The green lantern symbol itself is obviously a representation of a lantern, and I've also heard arguments that it represents an exercise of will (a circle forcing two lines apart, or two lines containing a circle).

Have there been official comments from the artists who designed these icons about what the various designs are supposed to indicate? Are they supposed to be representations of the emotions they represent (and if so, how), or are they just supposed to be abstract symbols that are supposed to look like equivalents of the older Green Lantern symbol?

Patrick Wynne

The artist Ethan Van Sciver gave an interview about this very thing a few years ago.

  • red: based on the Manhunters chest design
  • Indigo: Circle is like a lantern and the arrows pointing outwards represent giving
  • Orange: back of indigo, with lines pointing inward and a vaguely humanoid shape to indicate "me" and selfishness
  • yellow: inspired by Parallax 'costume
  • blue: kind of the opposite of yellow
  • black: inspired by Black Hand's costume badges

David Hoffman

  • Indigo: looks similar to a vertical eye, a symbol usually associated with spiritual enlightenment, something the monk like the indigo tribe seems to have (well, pseudo-enlightenment).
  • Red: Has a shape similar to the head of a bull, a creature often associated with anger (and is also the shape of its entity).
  • Yellow: A perversion of the original Green Lantern symbol intended to induce some form of fear.
  • Green: It's a lantern ... that's it.
  • Blue: Resembles a bird, or more precisely the entity of the Blue Lantern Corps.
  • Purple: A crystal that makes sense as the star sapphires (the bearers of this light) have more crystalline constructs than the other corps.
  • Orange: Two theories here; it's either a perversion of the symbol of the Indigo tribe (look long enough and it starts to look like a wide open round eye); or it represents a mouth or other similar consuming opening (after all, one of the symptoms of wielding the orange light is an insatiable hunger.)
  • Schwarz: Your theory seems to have the most water in it, although it's also another perversion (here are some) of a lantern corps. This time the White Lantern Corp, who represent life. BONUS!
  • White: seven Rays of light shooting out of a prism, representing the fact that the seven colors of the lantern, excluding black, all originally came from white light.

I hope this was helpful to you and I haven't spoiled anything.