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Donald Trump: Australian Prime Minister comments on controversial phone call

The Australian Prime Minister and US President Trump are said to have made a controversial phone call. Morrison contradicts the allegations that the conversation was nothing special for him.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has described his controversial phone call with US President Donald Trump as "pretty uneventful". It was "not unusual" to promise a US president to cooperate in ongoing investigations, said Morrison to Sky News. Trump only asked him for a "contact person" in the Australian government for inquiries from the US government about the investigation of Russia special investigator Robert Mueller, Morrison said.

Australia's prime minister said it was natural for him to comply with Trump's request. The Australian ambassador to the USA, Joe Hockey, offered to support Australia back in May. The US is Australia's most important ally, stressed Morrison. Both countries are used to "exchanging a lot of information". "Honestly, it would have been more surprising if we had decided not to cooperate," said Morrison. But Australia would never do anything that goes against its national interests.

Copy of the phone call under lock and key

The close ties with the United States are usually supported across party lines in Australia. However, this consensus has faltered since Trump took office. Opposition leader Anthony Albanese described the Trump-Morrison phone call as "exceptional" and called on the Prime Minister to publish the transcript of the conversation. The government in Canberra has so far been silent on whether and what information has been passed on to the US government.

According to a report in the New York Times, Trump asked Morrison to help US Attorney General Bill Barr investigate the Mueller report. According to the newspaper report, Trump was hoping for information that would weaken the credibility of the Mueller investigation into Russian campaign aid for Trump. The copy of the phone call was therefore kept under lock and key by the White House, similar to Trump's phone call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Selenskyj.

Trump is currently under massive pressure because of his explosive phone call with Selenskyj, in which the US President urged his Ukrainian counterpart to investigate the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and his son Hunter. The opposition Democrats are seeking impeachment proceedings against Trump.

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