Why are the Social Justice Warriors losing

A 14-year-old Youtuber is the right-wing extremist's new "child star"

In one video, "Soph" wears a black robe, in the background a landscape flight over a desert can be seen, accompanied by music with Arabic singing. Islam is of course a totally peaceful religion, there is also no devaluation or abuse against women, says the 14-year-old girl. And out of this conviction she had "become a devoted follower of the Prophet Mohammed". Of course, she is "raped by her 40-year-old uncle every now and then" and has to "worship a black dice," but she is allowed to go to the "crypto caliphate" of California and stone homosexuals in San Francisco.

A 14-year-old girl is developing into the new internet sensation for right-wing extremists, reports Buzzfeed. Her channel currently has almost 900,000 followers. And in her videos she often addresses relevant topics and images of the enemy such as "Social Justice Warriors" or George Soros with the spin of the alt-right. It is also popular on other channels. 117,000 have subscribed to it on Twitter.

Performances for alt-right personalities

She officially declares that her clips are just entertainment. Extreme statements are also documented from other platforms. Via the Discord chat platform, for example, she noted that there were two things that could contribute to her happiness in life: the destruction of pedophile rings in Hollywood and the killing of a "substantial proportion" of the "pedophile Muslim population" - or in in other words: a "Hitler for Muslims".

Scene personalities, such as Nick Fuentes, also get appearances in their videos, for example when they play Minecraft together. The format is not surprising, because she started her online career at the age of nine under the pseudonym "Lt. Corbis" as an insulting games streamer before she began to devote herself full-time to political issues.

Reluctant response

Only recently, after some hesitation, YouTube blocked the clip "Be Not Afraid" described at the beginning, before the young video maker was also turned off the upload function. In the meantime, however, there are re-uploads, both on other platforms and on YouTube itself. She is now uploading her videos to other sites and asking for donations.

Other clips were also deleted, such as one in which she threatened the head of the video portal, Susan Wojcicki, to visit her with a gun because she had nothing to lose anyway. According to her own statements, "Soph" is repeatedly unable to go to school for long periods of time for health reasons.

Not the first "child star" of the right-wing scene

It is unclear to what extent others are involved in their work. Another Youtuber, "Vaporub Boy", works with her on a regular basis and has scripted several of her appearances. It is also not known whether her parents even know that their daughter has become an "Internet personality".

"Soph" is reminiscent of former child stars of the right-wing extremist milieu. For example Jonathan Krohn, who auditioned at the Conservative Political Action Conference at the age of 13, today rejects his views at the time and writes about extremism for progressive media. Lamb and Lynx Gaede are also mentioned, who once formed the singing duo "Prussian Blue" and played concerts for neo-Nazis. Today they distance themselves from racist views and advocate the legalization of marijuana.

Youtube hesitant

The popularity of "Soph" once again brings YouTube's handling of toxic content up for discussion. The group is accused of allowing conspiracy channels and video makers with extreme views to grow largely unhindered for the benefit of profits. Measures are now being taken in response to pressure from advertisers who do not want to see their ads next to such videos.

Sometimes one just seems to ignore one's own guidelines. In the USA, the age of 13 is required for a Google account, which is required to appear on YouTube. However, Sophs Channel has existed since 2015, so since she was around ten years old. The first video went online in early 2016. It shows her playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The multiplayer shooter is rated from 16 or 18 years of age in most countries. (red, May 15, 2019)