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FinTech: business ideas in the field of financial technologies

Good ideas for setting up a business in the FinTech sector

The term FinTech unites all business ideas in the field of financial technologies. FinTech start-ups bring a breath of fresh air to the long-established banking landscape by making it their business to make dealing with dear money even easier. Regardless of whether banking on the web or via app, paying with a smartphone or mobile device, organizing financial investments and investments, controlling your own income and expenses or even comparing leasing offers - FinTech business ideas have customers who like you Collect, observe, invest, spend, lend or give away money. In addition, various crowdfunding portals and crowd investing platforms also belong to the FinTech sector.

Below you will find innovative examples of FinTech business ideas that are establishing themselves as modern financial service providers and helping customers to invest their money correctly, to control their own income and expenses and to transfer them securely. Let yourself be inspired by FinTech business ideas.

FinTech ideas for new and mobile payment methods

    The integration of different payment providers in an online shop requires a web programmer and is expensive. In addition, VISA, PayPal and Co. charge monthly fees that prevent small online shops in particular from offering their customers modern payment methods. PAYMILL developed a payment solution that is easy to integrate and relies on a transparent fee model with no fixed costs.
  • figo 
    figo is an interface for software developers. It offers connections to the data centers of almost all German credit institutions, credit card providers and PayPal. This enables developers to incorporate functions that are familiar from online banking, such as account balance display, transfers and direct debit, into their app. Other FinTech start-ups such as Lendstar, billomat and fastbill are currently working with the API.
  • Payfriendz 
    With the app, money can be conveniently moved back and forth between contacts using a mobile phone. With the additional messaging function, paying drinking debts is no longer an embarrassing affair, but a social happening.
  • Number26
    The FinTech start-up is planning to set up a complete current account including a company credit card on the smartphone. Here, too, transfers to friends from the cell phone address book or Facebook are possible. Number26 wants to earn money primarily by receiving part of the interest spread that the partner bank earns with the deposits of Number26 customers from the bank as commission.
  • LaterPay
    LaterPay makes it possible for Internet users to read web articles first and then pay for them later. Here, various small amounts are collected until a value of 5 euros is reached. Only then will the user be asked to pay. LaterPay charges 15% commission from the content providers for the aggregation and processing of the payment.

FinTech business ideas for everything to do with payment

  • payleven
    The FinTech start-up enables companies to accept card payments flexibly with a smartphone or tablet. The Chip & PIN device is one of the few mobile solutions for accepting all common debit and credit cards. The mobile payment method offers a safe alternative, especially for small companies. The transaction fee is only paid if the company actually uses the payleven devices.
  • barzahlen.de
    The FinTech business idea sees itself as an alternative to current payment methods on the Internet. After shopping online, the customer selects barzahlen.de as the payment method and receives a transaction code. With this he goes to a retail partner and pays in cash. The system then reports the incoming payment to the online shop. There are no bank runtimes of several days compared to prepayment.

FinTech business ideas on the topic of banking 2.0

  • Numbrs 
    Numbrs is a smartphone app that gives users access to all of their bank accounts via one interface. The Future Timeline is offered to forecast future account balances based on previous income and expenses. You will be informed by message when the salary has been received or a direct debit has taken place. In addition, an algorithm enables the analysis of your own output behavior.
  • GoBank 
    The FinTech business idea GoBank calls itself "the mobile bank account". The mobile checking account is actually a smartphone app and offers less bureaucracy: an account is set up within four minutes. Similar to Numbrs, the user has full control and receives one Overview of your expenses with the help of various analysis tools.

We have put together a general overview of the FinTech industry and the start-ups in Germany in a detailed article in our GründerDaily.

To the contribution

FinTech business ideas all about giving

  • Leetchi.com
    Leetchi.com is a group payment and gift sharing service. Groups can collect money online - by credit card or direct debit - and organize a joint gift on the website. The organizer then has the option of transferring the amount to an account or spending it at a partner shop. The service is available in four languages ​​and in 150 countries.
  • givve 
    The FinTech business idea givve, formerly BonaYou, is a flexible gift voucher. Thanks to givve, the recipient does not have to exchange unpopular vouchers. In addition, the idea solves the problem that the recipients are tied to a certain provider or a certain product with their gift vouchers. Givve gives givve a secure grip on the selection of gifts.

FinTech business ideas for everything to do with credit and leasing

  • Compeaon
    Compeon is a portal on which medium-sized companies can place their financial needs such as financing or investments and obtain offers from banks, savings banks and leasing companies.
  • Zencap 
    This is a crowdlending platform for SMEs. Companies can take out a loan of between EUR 10,000 and EUR 150,000 via Zencap. This is financed by the crowd, i.e. private investors.
  • Credit tech 
    Up to 15,000 data from surfing behavior on the Internet are used by an algorithm to determine a person's creditworthiness. This trust-building approach is particularly popular in Russia and Brazil.
  • leasinGo 
    With the leasing brokerage platform, the needs of a customer are compared with the offers of the provider. In this way, lessees receive the best offer from the best leasing company.

FinTech business ideas for everything to do with investments

  • easyfolio
    The FinTech start-up takes care of financial investments. The philosophy is based on the scientific knowledge that an investment is good when the money is made available to the manufacturing economy in a diversified manner. easyfolio invests in a basket of more than 5,000 stocks and bonds that represents the global economy. Easyfolio takes care of making the process as easy as possible for investors.
  • vaamo 
    Under the motto "Investment in Simple", the Frankfurt start-up vaamo Finanz AG wants to offer private customers easy access to the capital market. Everyone should be able to invest money sensibly and at the same time inexpensively. The customer should reach their goal in a maximum of three clicks When setting up an account, the customer chooses a savings goal (eg education of the children or home financing) and one of three risk levels, so that the focus is not only on simplicity but also on motivation.
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