Can Hong Kong residents drive cars in China?

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Driving license in China

Driving vehicles in the People's Republic of China without a Chinese driver's license is not permitted. An international driver's license is also not sufficient as it is not recognized in the People's Republic of China.

A provisional driving license can be obtained for a stay in China of up to 3 months.

A regular Chinese driver's license is required for longer stays. The Chinese driving license is only issued upon application. When applying, originals and copies of identity papers, photos, a health certificate and the German driving license with translation must be submitted. In addition, a computer-based test with general questions as well as questions specifically tailored to the Chinese traffic situation must be passed.

You can obtain the necessary forms and binding information on this subject from the responsible Chinese authorities.

Please note that driving without an appropriate driver's license constitutes a violation of public safety and can be punished with a fine, administrative detention, deportation and a re-entry ban.

The Foreign Affairs Department of Beijing Motor Vehicle Administration

No. 18 Southeast 4th ring, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100023 (Southeast corner of Shi Ba Li Dian Nan Qiao, South 4th ring)

Phone: + 86-10-87625150
(Beijing Public Security Bureau website - Chinese only)

You can also get help with obtaining a Chinese driver's license from

German Center for Industry and Trade Beijing

Landmark Tower2, Unit 1111

8 North Dongsanhuan Road

100004 Beijing

Tel. +86 10 6590 6919/20/21, Fax. +86 10 6590 7768

Email: [email protected]

Driving license procedure for foreigners in Chengdu:

Chengdu Motor Vehicle Administration
Guoning Cun, Xipu Zhen, Pixian, Chengdu 611731
Phone: + 86-28-8200 1010

Driver's License Office at the Guangzhou City Public Security Bureau,

1732 Hua Guan Road, Cencun, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

Tel: 8722-0001

Driving license office Shanghai

Qin Chun Lu 179, Minhang District

Phone: 64987070

Opening times: Monday to Friday: 8.30 a.m. - 11.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. - 4 p.m.

Driving license procedure for foreigners in Shenyang:

Shenyang Motor Vehicle Administration

Xinjia Cun, Yingda Xiang, Shenping Gonglu, Shenyang

Telephone: 024- 88010956

International driving licence

The international driver's license is a translation of the national driver's license and allowed in a number of countries, however not in the People's Republic of China, driving a vehicle. Which countries are included can be inquired about e.g. via automobile clubs, tour operators or the respective diplomatic mission. To apply for an international driving license, please contact the driving license office at your (possibly last) main German residence or the office that issued your current German driving license.

Loss of the German driving license

If you lose your driving license, diplomatic missions abroad cannot issue a new driving license. Only the national driving license authorities can help you with the issue of a replacement driving license / international driving license. The diplomatic missions abroad also do not have any application forms, as they do not perform the duties of a driver's license office.

If you are still registered in Germany, please contact the driving license office of your German registered place of residence.

If you are no longer registered in Germany, you can, in accordance with Section 73 (3) of the Driving License Ordinance, as the holder of a German driving license, contact any driving license authority, provided you are resident in a third country (outside Germany and the EU / EEA zone) . The wording of the regulation: "If the person concerned has no place of residence or abode in Germany, every lower administrative authority (driver's license authority) is responsible for measures that affect the right to drive motor vehicles."

For practical reasons, it is advisable to contact the driver's license office of your last German registered place of residence or the driver's license office that issued the lost driver's license.

As soon as the responsible driver's license office has sent you the application forms etc., the responsible diplomatic mission abroad can certify your signature if necessary.

Chinese driving license in Germany

Holders of a Chinese driving license who do not establish a permanent place of residence in Germany are allowed to drive vehicles of the classes for which the driving license is issued in the Federal Republic of Germany. Requirements and restrictions on driving licenses must be observed.

Mandatory exchange of German driving licenses

Previous German driving licenses must be exchanged for a new German driving license according to a standard model by a certain deadline. You can find more information and the deadlines for exchanges in our leaflet.

If you live in a third country (outside the EU / EEA), the exchange of your driving license takes place with the involvement of the diplomatic missions abroad and thus enables

- the necessary identity verification
- the obligation, based on European requirements, to ensure that one person is only in possession of one driver's license document.

Responsible authority for the exchange in case of residence in a third country (e.g. VR China) is in principle responsible according to § 73 paragraph 3 Driving License Ordinance (FeV) every lower administrative authority in Germany. It is recommended to contact the authority that issued the driver's license.

The procedure is as follows:

1. You contact the responsible German driving license authority directly (recommended: issuing authority). The necessary documents are provided by the respective state authorities. Note: The costs for the exchange amount to around 25 euros plus shipping.

2. You have the application documents sent to you directly by the competent authority.

3. You send the completed and signed application documents - including a biometric passport photo - back to the competent authority and indicate to which diplomatic mission the new driver's license should be sent.

4. The new driver's license is produced and sent to the diplomatic mission abroad.

5. The diplomatic mission abroad
a) verifies your identity (on the basis of an identification document presented)
b) hands over the new driver's license, provided there are no concerns about identity
c) withdraws the old driver's license and
d) sends the old driver's license to the German authorities.

If you no longer have your old driver's license, contact your driving license authority. If the driving license authority requires an oath or a declaration according to § 5 StVG, a prepared form with the new driving license will be sent to the diplomatic mission abroad. A uniform fee of 50.00 euros, payable in RMB, is charged for the authentication of the signature on the form.

Mandatory exchange of German driving licenses PDF / 135 KB