Why am I slightly blotchy while breastfeeding?

Skin spots in pregnancy

This is how the doctor treats melasma

For more severe spots, the dermatologist can prescribe creams with a higher concentration of active ingredients. Another way of removing melasma - especially large ones - is chemical peelings with fruit, glycolic or salicylic acid. "The top layer of skin and the excessive melanin are peeled off," explains Bayerl. Several treatments are often necessary at intervals of two to four weeks. "You need patience here too," says the dermatologist.

In stubborn cases, brightening hydroquinone in combination with vitamin A acid and hydrocortisone can help. The skin can react irritated to this. "Since the lower layers of the skin are particularly sensitive to light, the therapies should only be carried out in winter," says Bayerl. Meanwhile, sun protection is important. "Otherwise there will be a ping-pong effect and new melasma will form." Often, dermatologists wait to start treatment until the end of breastfeeding.

Pigment disorders can also be treated with the laser. Short, intense light impulses destroy melanins. Bayerl advises against lasers for dark skin types: "The treatment often intensifies the pigmentation and causes the spots to become darker." Laser therapy is also expensive. Side effects such as red, inflamed skin are common.

This prevents hyperpigmentation

Since melasma form when exposed to direct sunlight, consistent protection from light makes sense during pregnancy. "Sensitive people should also wear sunscreen with a high sun protection factor in autumn and winter," says Bayerl. Some hormonal contraceptives also favor pigment spots. It's best to talk to your gynecologist about it.

The easiest way to deal with the stains is with masking creams. So-called camouflage make-up covers particularly well. "You should take time to try out which shade suits your skin type. A test on the back of your hand is ideal," advises Nercissian. Sometimes it is better to mix your own clay from two products. Important: Make-up must be removed in the evening. Then apply a moisturizer.