How are the streets of San Diego

In the streets of San Diego

Raquel Byrnes

When her ex-boyfriend Tom literally fell at her feet one night in the San Diego ghetto, the young doctor Ruby McKinney had no inkling that the drug investigator would turn her life upside down again. Not only their shared past catches up with them - the present also becomes life-threatening when Tom stabs a wasp's nest of treason, murder and fraud.

As a teenager, Ruby's deep faith helped her get her life under control. Now she is left with nothing: her professional existence, her love for Tom, her faith in Jesus are broken. Can Tom convince her that there are second chances?

384 pages (paper edition)
Format: ePUB
Order number: 331891
ISBN: 978-3-86827-891-0
Released in July 2014

Paper edition out of print.

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Raquel Byrnes
Raquel Byrnes writes a lot and enjoys writing - from romantic, suspenseful stories to thrillers. She lives in Southern California with her husband and six children. "In the Streets of San Diego" is her first book to be published in German.

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12.07.2019Manuela Pfleger  
I didn't have great expectations of the book, as I had ordered it from my bookseller because it was on sale, but I was pleasantly surprised because I hadn't expected such a great story.

The writing style is understandable, quick, easy, brisk, fluent and read with full tension. The tension is from start to finish
given and the flow of reading is just great.
It is partly told in two epochs, but the main part is told in the present. Sometimes you get reviews of Ruby's life as a teenager.

I also think the setting was very successful, because I felt absolutely at home in the streets of San Diego and was able to visualize actions and locations very well.

The protagonists are expressive characters who have to live with their past, present and future. We have Ruby, she is a doctor and takes care of an ambulance where the homeless and people from the underground and Co get help. Tom, drug investigator who meets Ruby again after many years. Then there would be Antonio, Blaine and many more, who should definitely not be missing from this story, because the overall package is just great.

The topics in the book include: drug trafficking, drug trafficking, threats, death, grief, loss, murder, blackmail, hope and faith, love and trust, and forgiveness.

My conclusion: a very exciting, captivating and interesting novel that can compete with a crime novel and thriller. Wonderful, light, brisk writing style and very well built suspense, as well as wonderful and expressive characters. Interesting topics and trust God. Absolutely worth reading.
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"I should rather avoid dark corners because nothing good came out of it if I put myself in danger. But it is part of my job not to look away, and it was good that I looked. Because I met a ghost that night from my past. "

Ruby and Tom had anything but a sheltered childhood - raised by foster parents, von
pushed one to the other foster family until they finally end up in the juvenile detention center because there is no longer a foster family for them, the two lonely teenagers become friends. A deep friendship develops from which the first tender love soon grows. But then Tom disappears overnight without a word of farewell. Ruby's belief has always been able to strengthen her, but now she has lost it.

Ten years later they are suddenly facing each other again and the old feelings rise again. Tom is now a drug investigator and not only upset the life of the doctor Ruby with his unexpected appearance. When someone goes out of his way to harm Ruby and one after another attack after another is perpetrated on her, Tom is the only one who can protect her. Is there a second chance for both of them?


"In the Streets of San Diego" is the second volume in the Shades of Hope series and the first novel by Raquel Byrnes to be published in Germany. But you can read the novels regardless of the order in which they were published, as they seem to have no connections in terms of content.

The book is definitely in the Romantic Thriller category. Byrnes creates a fast-paced, dramatic and romantic story about two wonderfully drawn protagonists. Through occasional flashbacks, Byrnes also tells the story of the teenagers Ruby and Tom, who met and fell in love at the Dresden Heights juvenile detention center. These occasional flashbacks in particular were a highlight for me and only gradually revealed the common history of the two to the reader. Two parallel stories seem to develop - the story of her time as a teenager in the juvenile detention center, which ended in a gruesome accident that changed their lives forever. And the story of the illegal drug deals Ruby and Tom are suddenly confronted with.

Byrne's writing style is fluid and engaging, so that the reader flies through the pages and finds it difficult to put the book down again. I devoured it in one day and felt very well entertained by the coherent and exciting plot.

Regarding the fact that this is a book published by Francke-Verlag, which is labeled "Christian", one or the other reader may be disappointed by the rather sparse Christian content. God and faith only play a marginal role. Both protagonists have / had to struggle with their faith, were shaken in it and finally found their way back to God. But the thriller plot clearly dominates, so that the Christian theme goes a little under. For me, however, it wasn't too bad and I was able to understand the feelings of the two protagonists regarding their beliefs.

Despite everything, the book was a wonderful reading experience for me and gave me many enjoyable reading hours.

Highly Recommended!
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Action-packed love story from the dark district of a city

Despite her difficult youth, the young doctor Ruby McKinney has made a small living with her ambulance on the streets of San Diego. But suddenly, with the appearance of her ex-boyfriend, everything seems to be in danger and Ruby not only has to deal with the past, but also faces new, life-threatening problems
In her teenage years, her deep faith brought her through difficult times, but she has long since lost not only Tom, but also her faith in Jesus. Is Ruby finding new hope for love and her faith?

I started reading and immediately found myself right in the middle of the story. The author grabbed me and the pages flew by. There was tension and action as well as emotions and love. It didn't take me long to take Ruby into my heart and not only experienced the present with her, but also accompanied her, through flashbacks, into the past. The different perspectives of the narration, also from Tom's point of view, brought the story even closer to me. Ruby shows us the good in people and stands out from the crowd through selflessness and charity. I experienced strong strokes of fate with her and was able to understand her doubts about her faith. The religious background of this story is, in my opinion, well-dosed and very well adapted to the subject. It does not come across as swollen in any way, it is absolutely authentic. Something of faith is conveyed to the reader, albeit not in an overloaded form. It is, in my opinion, a modern way of bringing the Christian faith closer.
In the end, there were still small questions unanswered for me, but the essentials were clarified. The end is coherent.

Unfortunately, the book finishes faster than you would like, but it still contains everything you could hope for. Here I am happy to give all five stars!
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