Cuts itself haram

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Nail care is a recommended [mustahab] act in Islam.

This includes, above all, the regular cutting or shortening [taqsir] of the fingernails. Imam Ali Ridha (a.) Even linked regular fingernail cutting on Thursday with healing eye pain. There is also a tradition [hadith] from Imam Baqir (a.), Who said: "Whoever cuts his fingernails every Thursday will never have eye pain."

The following procedure is recommended for the order in which the nails are cut: Start with the little finger of the left hand and continue cutting until you end with the little finger of the right hand.

The same procedure is used for the toenails.

In a narration from Imam Sadiq (a.) About a conversation with Mufaddhal ibn Umar he says: "O Mufaddhal, think about how perfectly ALLAH made nails and hair so that both would grow and need to be cut. ALLAH did not give them sensation so that they do not cause pain when cut." Mufaddhal asked: "Why didn't ALLAH make them so that they don't have to be cut?" Imam Sadiq (a.) Replied: "ALLAH has something secret behind this matter that nobody knows, so that we can be grateful to Him. The reason for growing nails and hair is that the ailments in the body escape as the nails and hair grow. This is why humans depend to remove their body hair and keep their hair and nails short so they grow faster each time. By growing faster, disease and pain occur more quickly. If cutting is neglected or prolonged, pain and disease remain on the body and can lead to other diseases to lead ..."